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Developers Call for Full-Stack Observability as Pressure Mounts to Accelerate Release Velocity and Deliver Seamless and Secure Digital Experiences

Cisco has unveiled findings from a survey that details how software developers are spending more than 57% of their time being dragged into 'war rooms' to solve application performance issues, rather than investing their time developing new, cutting-edge software applications as part of their organisation's innovation strategy.

PagerDuty Appoints Eduardo Crespo, Vice President of EMEA

PagerDuty, Inc announces the appointment of Eduardo Crespo as vice president of EMEA. Crespo will lead PagerDuty's next phase of growth in the EMEA region bringing the PagerDuty Operations Cloud to enterprise customers across EMEA to solve their biggest digital challenges.

Canonical releases Landscape 24.04 LTS

London, 30 April 2024. Today Canonical announced the availability of Landscape’s first LTS release. Landscape 24.04 LTS features a new versioned API, a new web portal with accessibility and performance in mind, and intuitive controls for software distribution. Landscape 24.04 LTS comprises Landscape Server and Landscape Client. With a modernised backend and web portal in place, engineering teams can work efficiently, focusing on patches and new features.
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The journey to observability delivers benefits for the entire the IT department

Across all industries, IT departments are moving from traditional application monitoring approaches towards full-stack observability. Rapid adoption of cloud native technologies has led to spiraling complexity and exposed the limitations of the Application Performance Management (APM) tools being deployed by IT teams.

Cisco announces standalone Secure Application, offering increased flexibility to security teams

Cisco's Secure Application is now available as an independent application on the Cisco Observability Platform and can be deployed with or without Cisco Cloud Observability. This announcement increases the flexibility offered to IT professionals and allows in house security teams to harness powerful security capabilities without committing to cloud native application performance monitoring.