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End-user monitoring with Applications Manager

In today’s rapidly changing world, making a strong first impression can go a long way. If you’re a business owner, delivering flawless web experiences should be the norm. Making every website visit effortless not only keeps customers happy and engaged but also builds up your brand’s reputation. This is where the significance of end-user monitoring (EUM) comes in.

A Riddle, a Sale, and the Importance of Proactive End-User Monitoring

Finally, the days are getting longer, the sun is heating up, and I’m able to spend all my free time outside soaking it in here in Austin, Texas. As I was laying out this weekend, I came up with a riddle for you: what do sunscreen, a life vest, and SolarWinds® Pingdom® have in common? Whether it’s real or metaphorical crickets I’m hearing, here’s the answer: proactivity.

End-User Monitoring for IT Operations Monitoring

I’ll be the first to admit one of my weaknesses is public speaking. I spend hours before a training session, online seminar, or live event rehearsing exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it. But all my time spent practicing an engaging presentation only mildly prepares me for the moment I’m in front of others and it’s my time to speak.

End-User Monitoring: Best Practices and Tools

Poor application performance, besides being a sign of potential problems, is a strong predictor of unhappy users—and unhappy users are likely to become former customers. So software organizations are always searching for ways to improve the performance of their applications. One of the most effective of such ways to improve performance is obtaining visibility of your app’s behavior—which is something that can be achieved through monitoring.
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Even before the emergence of a global pandemic that disrupted and catalysed modern workplace IT, IT professionals were under pressure. In a few years, many have learned to deliver more new technologies and advanced services than perhaps in the previous decade. Today's hybrid, distributed tech environments already pressured even senior admins to equip themselves with new skills to adapt to these changes and manage systems confidently.

Best Practices for Monitoring Your End-User Experience - SolarWinds Lab Episode #94

Knowing if a server has high CPU is helpful, but does it really matter if your end users can still access their apps without performance issues? If you're only monitoring the server side, then you don't have a complete picture of your environment. End-user monitoring can be an extremely valuable tool—if you know how to you use it. Join Product Manager Katie Cole and Head Geek Patrick Hubbard as they dive deep into best practices for Pingdom®, the SaaS-based, end-user experience monitoring tool from SolarWinds.

What Is End User Monitoring?

For any business to succeed, it’s important for it to reach users effectively. Almost every business today is online and therefore reaches users through applications. If you run an online business, or if you are a part of such a business, it’s important for you to know what impact your application has on your users. One of the best ways for you to know what impact your application has on the user is through end user monitoring.