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Managed Cloud Services: when outsourcing your operations is the most cost-effective choice

Clouds, be they private or public, surprisingly remain one of the most DIY-favouring markets. Perhaps due to the nebulous and increasingly powerful technologies, a series of myths, or even unnecessary egos, the majority of non-tech-centric enterprises (meaning, companies whose primary business scope rests outside the realm of IT software and hardware) still try to build and nurture in-house cloud management teams, without considering outsourcing even part of their workload.

Ubuntu AI | S2E5 | All about Ops: DataOps, MLOps, DevOps, AIOps

The emergence of DevOps has changed the way enterprises handle software delivery processes, leading to faster and improved quality. After DevOps has been coined, other practices such as DataOps, MLOps, and AIOps have emerged. In the podcast, Michelle and Andreea, Data PM and AI Product Managers, respectively, will be discussing the significance of these Ops processes in streamlining and optimizing enterprise data, machine learning, and AI projects and use cases.

The role of secure data storage in fueling AI innovation

Artificial intelligence is the most exciting technology revolution of recent years. Nvidia, Intel, AMD and others continue to produce faster and faster GPU’s enabling larger models, and higher throughput in decision making processes. Outside of the immediate AI-hype, one area still remains somewhat overlooked: AI needs data (find out more here).

Introducing Netplan v1.0 - stable, declarative network management

As the maintainer and lead developer of Netplan, I’m proud to announce the general availability of Netplan v1.0 after more than 7 years of development efforts. Over the years, we’ve had approximately 80 individual contributors from around the globe. This includes many contributions from our Netplan core-team at Canonical as well as organisations like Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom.

OpenStack with Sunbeam as an on-prem extension of the OpenStack public cloud

One of the biggest challenges that cloud service providers (CSPs) face these days is to deliver an extension of the public cloud they host to a small-scale piece of infrastructure that runs on customers’ premises. While the world’s tech giants, such as Amazon or Azure, have developed their own solutions for this purpose, many smaller, regional CSPs rely on open source projects like OpenStack instead.=

AI on Public Cloud with Open Source

AI is at the heart of a revolution in the technology space. Organisations from all industries are looking for ways to put AI to work. Once they have finalised use case assessment, their next question is typically related to the environment they will use to develop and deploy their AI initiatives. They often prefer the public clouds as an initial environment, because of the computing power and ability to scale as projects mature. In addition to the infrastructure, enterprises need software where they can develop and deploy the machine learning models.