Introducing Java SpecialAgent: Start Tracing without Writing Any Code

We’re excited to announce Java SpecialAgent! It’s an extensible OSS Java agent for OpenTracing that enables end-to-end tracing without having to write any code. With only a single command-line entry for installation, SpecialAgent seamlessly connects to OpenTracing-compliant tracers  —  such as the Jaeger and LightStep tracers  —  allowing you to immediately start observing and propagating distributed traces.


JMX monitoring + Java custom metrics.

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to instrument Java code to expose application metrics using JMX monitoring. Following the code examples, you can monitor the availability, health and performance of your Java application. Java 1.5 introduced JMX – Java Management eXtensions – which is a standard way to instrument code in the JRE world.


JBoss Performance Monitoring: The Complete Guide

Ensuring your apps work as designed and deliver a productive user experience starts with monitoring applications metrics. This helps you understand whether your software is performing at optimal levels. Many developers use JBoss (now called WildFly and maintained by Red Hat) to build, deploy, and host transactional applications written in Java.

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How to Troubleshoot Java Application Slowness Using Java Transaction Tracing

The performance of any application is measured by its availability and responsiveness. When an application is slow, IT operations staff must troubleshoot the cause of slowness, identify it and resolve it. While application performance problems may be caused by issues in the supporting infrastructure, often the issues are related to the application components themselves.

Java Garbage Collection Logging with the ELK Stack and

Java programs running on JVM create objects on the heap. At some stage, these objects are no longer used and can pile up as “garbage” needlessly taking up memory. Replacing the manual process of explicitly allocating and freeing memory, the Java Garbage Collection process was designed to take care of this problem automatically.


Java 12: New Features and Enhancements Developers Should Know

Oracle will soon roll out Java 12 in March 2019 and new releases will drop once every six months thereafter. The goal is to make new releases more frequent for the Java ecosystem, with certain releases earmarked as long-term support (LTS). And by support, we mean the allocation of update releases for bug fixes and critical security patches. This latest version offers a list of new features such as Switch Expressions, Default CDS Archives, Shenandoah, Microbenchmark Suite, among others.


A Cookbook for Contributing a Plugin to the Elastic APM Java Agent

Ideally, an APM agent would automatically instrument and trace any framework and library known to exist. In reality, what APM agents support reflect a combination of capacity and prioritization. Our list of supported technologies and frameworks is constantly growing according to prioritization based on our valued users' input. Still, if you are using Elastic APM Java agent and miss something not supported out of the box, there are several ways you can get it traced.