What the Twitter Hack Says About Your Company

Cyber threats are a feature of our everyday digital life. Most of us have been the victim of one of these attacks, even if we are unaware. The larger hacks make it into the public consciousness, like Equifax, Ashley Madison, Capital One, and more, but we rarely hear from Silicon Valley tech companies. While not infallible, companies like Twitter or Facebook are still not held to strict standards for customer safety.


Attackers vs. Hackers - Two *Very* Different Animals

The cybersecurity industry is more well-informed than most, but even so, misconceptions arise and spread, helped along by the fact that the rise in cybersecurity incidents has led to substantial “pop culture” intrigue with all things cybersecurity. One of the more harmful of these misconceptions is the conflation of “hacker” and “attacker,” terms which are treated as interchangeable. They’re not.

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What is actually a hacker?

If we lived in a fair and more appealing world, children would not want to be Cristiano Ronaldo or PewDiePie (popular Swedish youtuber that if you have a certain age, or dignity, you won’t know about). Children would like to be someone with values, like Immanuel Kant, She-Ra or, of course, a high-level hacker who, from the sewers of a suburban pavilion, controls the world with his killer laptop and his hoodie.


Prilex Brazilian Threat Group

This blog summarizes the findings of an investigation into the current status of the Brazilian threat group known as 'Prilex' who came to prominence in late 2017 and early 2018 for their ATM jackpotting and point-of-sale (POS) terminal attacks. Whilst the group were believed to have been active since 2014, a distinct absence of 'chatter' and reporting of their activity since 2018 seemingly suggested that the group had ceased operations.


What Is Ethical Hacking & How It Can Secure Your Business?

The term "hacker" gets thrown around in a variety of contexts and in a multitude of different ways nowadays. While it's great that cybersecurity is gaining more and more awareness across the globe, the technical nature of cybersecurity means that terms are often used interchangeably, in different contexts, and sometimes incorrectly.


3 secrets of professional hackers your software team needs to know about

“My job here at Atlassian is to commit crimes and then write very, very detailed confession letters – metaphorically speaking.” Meet Alex: an engineer on our security intelligence team with a wry wit and a penchant for pop-color hair. Less metaphorically speaking, the team’s job (our red team, in particular) is to hack Atlassian’s systems exactly as real attackers would.


Undetected e.05: Cecilia Wik - A Lawyer's Take on Hacking

When is hacking legal? Host and security researcher Laura Kankaala delves into this topic with guest and Detectify General Counsel Cecilia Wik. NOTE: this episode does not give any official legal advice, but Laura picks Cecilia’s brain about the legalities of hacking with her area of expertise, the law. Their discussion covers different laws concerning the information security community such as copyright law, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Wire Fraud Act.


Ethical Hacking's Role in E-commerce Protection

We live in a high-tech society that has made many things possible. Today, small e-commerce businesses can sell to people wearing their pajamas half a world away. No longer does a business need a storefront to be successful. If you have an in-demand product, you can sell from anywhere with much less on-hand inventory and overhead than you would have needed not long ago. E-commerce has turned dreamers into successful entrepreneurs, and there's no looking back.


The Twitter mega-hack. What you need to know

What the heck has happened on Twitter? Twitter accounts, owned by politicians, celebrities, and large organisations suddenly started tweeting messages to their many millions of followers, at the behest of hackers. What did the messages say? Here is a typical one which appeared on the account of rapper, songwriter, and optimistic Presidential candidate Kanye West and was distributed to his almost 30 million followers.