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Don't Take the Bait: Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Phishing and Baiting

The old days of a hacker sitting alone in a basement typing feverishly to breach a database are over. That's just for the movies. In the real world, almost all cyberattacks are socially engineered, meaning we fall for scams. Of course, there are levels to creating a scam. It can range anywhere from getting an email from a Nigerian prince claiming you've won millions of dollars to an email from your bank asking for your personal information. With so many situations to look out for, here are some general tips so you don't take the bait.

Bad Guys and How They Hack It - Oliver Pinson Roxburgh | Civo Navigate NA 2023

Oliver Pinson Roxburgh from @defensedotcom gave attendees an insight into the world of hacking and taught them how to think like a hacker. Oliver shared stories that illustrated the challenges and techniques used by hackers before attendees were invited to participate in a hack challenge, where they could try to identify an "impossible hack" for a chance to win a prize.

How Hackers Can Hack Your Phone & How To Prevent It

Smartphones have become almost a necessity in this digital era we live in. You can use your phone for banking, online shopping, entertainment, or communicating with your loved ones. Unfortunately, the convenience they provide us also creates a huge disadvantage. Like a treasure chest, our phones hold lots of valuable data and information about us. You will receive a massive blow if someone manages to hack your phone. Therefore, you must learn how to protect your phone from hackers.

Tech Tips To Go The Extra Mile With Cyber Security

With more and more cybercrime incidents affecting businesses, the focus on cyber security is greater than ever. Not surprisingly, small businesses and large enterprises consider it an essential investment. After all, it does more than protect your organization from hacking attacks and data breaches in the long run. It safeguards your credibility, customer trust, and reputation. You can also prevent liabilities for data breaches and non-compliance by keeping security at the forefront.

Fun Ways To Hack Your Favourite Video Games

Video games are more popular than ever. Both young and old people alike enjoy them. The technology behind video games is what's making them so popular. Some video games are so realistic in terms of graphics that they are almost indistinguishable from real life. No doubt in the years to come, video games will only get better, and will appeal to more people. A lot of gamers hack the games that they play. Hacking allows them to access hidden or exclusive features, skins, and maps. If hacking is something you are interested in, then here are a few tips.

Are there good hackers?

Hello and welcome back to our “Mystery Jet Ski.” Much better than those programs about supernatural stuff and alien suppositions. Today we will continue with our exhaustive investigation on the hacker world, and we will delve a little more into the concept of “ethical hacker.” Is it true that there are good hackers? Who are the so-called “White hats”? Who will win this year’s Super Bowl?

Everything you need to know about the Malwarebytes hack

We’ve all become more conscious of the risk of online scammers and hackers, especially since we put more and more of our personal information into websites and apps on a daily basis. We’ve become more knowledgeable on the likes of data protection through EU regulations like GDPR and learned about how we “drop” cookies as we surf the web.