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A Day in the Life of an Ethical Hacker: Q&A With Professional Hacker Agne Marija Bucyte

Not all hackers are bad. No, really, it's true! We aren't the biggest fan of people who steal your information for nefarious purposes, but there are a ton of upstanding people out there using hacking skills for good. One such person is Agne Marija Bucyte, a Junior Ethical Hacker at Baltic Amadeus who has decided to turn her hacking skills and computer knowledge into her profession.

Fun Ways To Hack Your Favourite Video Games

Video games are more popular than ever. Both young and old people alike enjoy them. The technology behind video games is what's making them so popular. Some video games are so realistic in terms of graphics that they are almost indistinguishable from real life. No doubt in the years to come, video games will only get better, and will appeal to more people. A lot of gamers hack the games that they play. Hacking allows them to access hidden or exclusive features, skins, and maps. If hacking is something you are interested in, then here are a few tips.
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Are there good hackers?

Hello and welcome back to our “Mystery Jet Ski.” Much better than those programs about supernatural stuff and alien suppositions. Today we will continue with our exhaustive investigation on the hacker world, and we will delve a little more into the concept of “ethical hacker.” Is it true that there are good hackers? Who are the so-called “White hats”? Who will win this year’s Super Bowl?


Everything you need to know about the Malwarebytes hack

We’ve all become more conscious of the risk of online scammers and hackers, especially since we put more and more of our personal information into websites and apps on a daily basis. We’ve become more knowledgeable on the likes of data protection through EU regulations like GDPR and learned about how we “drop” cookies as we surf the web.


Hacked! Solve the Dreaded DevOps Problem With This

Hacks that make headlines are painful for everyone involved, but with some clever preparation and web monitoring at your side you can avoid the worst of this pain. Those who have been victimized face a steep uphill battle to reclaim trust and authority. Unwitting victims, like customers and end users, suffer downtime or leaks containing personally identifiable information. If your eye is not on security, your organization is inviting these kinds of attacks.

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What is actually a hacker?

If we lived in a fair and more appealing world, children would not want to be Cristiano Ronaldo or PewDiePie (popular Swedish youtuber that if you have a certain age, or dignity, you won’t know about). Children would like to be someone with values, like Immanuel Kant, She-Ra or, of course, a high-level hacker who, from the sewers of a suburban pavilion, controls the world with his killer laptop and his hoodie.


3 secrets of professional hackers your software team needs to know about

“My job here at Atlassian is to commit crimes and then write very, very detailed confession letters – metaphorically speaking.” Meet Alex: an engineer on our security intelligence team with a wry wit and a penchant for pop-color hair. Less metaphorically speaking, the team’s job (our red team, in particular) is to hack Atlassian’s systems exactly as real attackers would.


Ethical Hacking's Role in E-commerce Protection

We live in a high-tech society that has made many things possible. Today, small e-commerce businesses can sell to people wearing their pajamas half a world away. No longer does a business need a storefront to be successful. If you have an in-demand product, you can sell from anywhere with much less on-hand inventory and overhead than you would have needed not long ago. E-commerce has turned dreamers into successful entrepreneurs, and there's no looking back.