Learn how to comply now before your next audit

Are you struggling to keep up with manual compliance across your infrastructure? In this 25-minute episode of the Pulling the Strings podcast, powered by Puppet, learn how Puppet Comply makes automating your configuration compliance easy -- with full view dashboards and the ability to assess, remediate and enforce all through the Puppet Enterprise solution. Listen in and discover:


Collect and monitor Microsoft 365 audit logs with Datadog

Microsoft 365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity and communication services that includes Microsoft Office applications (including OneNote and OneDrive) as well as other popular Microsoft tools like Skype and Teams. Microsoft 365 tools and services are at the core of many organizations’ data management and day-to-day workflows, so monitoring activity across your environment is key to making sure that these services remain secure and meet compliance standards.


FERC Releases Staff Report on Lessons Learned from CIP Audits

In October, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released its “2020 Staff Report Lessons Learned from Commission-Led CIP Reliability Audits.” The report summarizes the Commission’s observations from Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) audits performed in conjunction with staff from Regional Entities and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).


Getting the Most out of Your Website Performance Audit

A website performance audit is a full analysis of your marketing, usability, and search ranking. Audits are no sunny afternoon picnic. For your team, the task may be equivalent to getting sound-blasted with unexpected microphone feedback. Like feedback, a positive gain loop between a microphone and a loudspeaker, building up your site’s SEO with content, keywords, and ads increases your visibility to your audience.


Gearing Towards Your Next Audit - Understanding the Difference Between Best Practice Frameworks and Regulatory Compliance Standards

Security configuration management (SCM) can help organizations do much more than just harden their attack surfaces against intrusions. This fundamental control also has the ability to make your audits flow more smoothly. Indeed, it allows organizations to pull reports from any point in time and demonstrate how their configuration changes and alignments help to support their compliance efforts.


How to Pass an IT Compliance Audit

IT compliance requirements are designed to help companies enhance their cybersecurity and integrate top-level protection into their workflows. But passing an IT security audit can be challenging. Complex requirements, constant changes in standards and laws, and audit processes, and a high number of required security procedures are the key challenges of maintaining compliance. The way out is with careful preparation and smart planning.


ISO Audit Tips

During an internal International Organization for Standardization (ISO) audit, your company assesses its quality management system (QMS) to determine if it complies with ISO 9001. Companies use the ISO 9001 standard to demonstrate that they can consistently provide products and services that meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. Organizations also use ISO 9001 to demonstrate that they are continually improving their products, services, and processes.


Upping the Auditing Game for Correlation Searches Within Enterprise Security - Part 1: The Basics

One question I get asked frequently is “how can I get deeper insight and audit correlation searches running inside my environment?” The first step in understanding our correlation searches, is creating a baseline of what is expected and identify what is currently enabled and running today. Content Management inside Splunk Enterprise Security is a quick way to filter on what is enabled (and it’s built into the UI and works out of the box).