New Feature: Add Custom Metrics For Node.js in AppSignal

You can now monitor any metrics you’d like in your Node.js app with AppSignal. With custom metrics and minutely probes by your side, you’ll now have an excellent overview of your app. If you’ve ever thought “I wish we measured this specific thing so I could monitor better what is going on…”, then this feature is perfect for you.

Alexa Skills with Sigma IDE | Build an Alexa Skill in 5 minutes with NodeJS or Python

Using just a web browser you can develop Alexa skills, test them and debug them while they execute live on AWS Lambda, with the Sigma IDE. Follow through this demonstration where we create an Alexa Skill from its Voice User Interface (VUI) creation to the Lambda function development in NodeJS or Python.

Building an Alexa Skill with NodeJS in less than 5 minutes with only the web browser!

This is a live and unedited recording of a complete Alexa skill development including the VUI creation in the Alexa Developer Console, and a NodeJS Lambda backend integrating with a DynamoDB database to return data. The last 2 minutes thereafter shows how subsequent code changes can be updated to the Alexa skill in less than 3 seconds, and how the Lambda function could be stepped through and debugged live while it executes on AWS. There is no software to install on your local machine, and you only need a web browser.

Building an Alexa Skill in 5 minutes with NodeJS or Python without installing any software!

The Sigma IDE has added Alexa skill development support that makes skill development in NodeJS or Python a breeze! This post includes the tutorial walk-through for the YouTube video which you can find below.


Node.js Logging Guide-Best Tips and Tools to Use in 2020

When applications experience performance issues, developers may rely on heuristics and find the root cause of issues by directly looking into their code. However, in modern application environments, several services, third-party APIs, and cloud-based components can make it difficult to pinpoint the root cause of an issue. Application logs can help developers detect and resolve issues faster.


An Exploration of Runtime Metrics: Node's Event Loop

What Are Runtime Metrics? Runtime metrics can help us understand how an application is performing. SolarWinds® AppOptics™, a SaaS-based, full-stack infrastructure and application monitoring tool, now reports four categories of runtime metrics: CPU, memory, garbage collection times, and event loop times. Each metric category provides a view into how resources are used by an application.