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AppSignal for Node.js 3.0 Introduces OpenTelemetry Support

After a period of beta testing, we're happy to announce the launch of our latest AppSignal for Node.js package. This package features six new integrations and uses the OpenTelemetry framework for reliable telemetry data collection. OpenTelemetry is an open standard that facilitates the instrumentation of standardized telemetry data collection. AppSignal is committed to using OpenTelemetry in new integrations, and our Node.js integration is the first to use the standard.


Solve code-level bottlenecks with Profiling for Node.js

Profiling is an important tool in every developer’s toolkit because it provides a granular view into the execution of your program from your production environment. This is an important concept, as performance bottlenecks can often be very hard or even impossible to reproduce locally due to external constraints or loads only seen in a production environment.


Winston Logger - Full tutorial with a sample Nodejs application

Winston Logger is one of the most popular logging libraries for Node.js. It is designed to be a simple and universal logging library supporting multiple modes of transport. A transport is essentially a storage device for the logs. Each logger can have multiple modes of transport configured at different levels. For example, one may want error logs stored in a database, but all logs output to the console or a local file. Some of the features of Winston logger are.


Monitor your Nodejs application with OpenTelemetry and SigNoz

OpenTelemetry can auto-instrument many common modules for a Javascript application. The telemetry data captured can then be sent to SigNoz for analysis and visualization. OpenTelemetry is a set of tools, APIs, and SDKs used to instrument applications to create and manage telemetry data(Logs, metrics, and traces). For any distributed system based on microservice architecture, it's an operational challenge to solve performance issues quickly.


Monitoring your Express application using OpenTelemetry

Nodejs is a popular Javascript runtime environment that executes Javascript code outside of a web browser. Express is the most popular web frameworks that sits on top of Nodejs and adds functionalities like middleware, routing, etc. to Nodejs. You can monitor your express application using OpenTelemetry and a tracing backend of your choice.


Nodejs Performance Monitoring | Monitor a full-stack Nodejs application with open-source tools

Nodejs tops the list of most widely used frameworks for server-side programming by developers. Powered by Google’s V8 engine, its performance is incredible. As a result, Nodejs has now become a critical part of the technology stack of large-scale enterprises and startups. And as nodejs is based on Javascript, it is also easier to learn and begin with. Nodejs is a dynamically typed single-threaded programming language.


Debugging Node.js HTTP Requests

HTTP is the backbone of all API-centric, modern web apps. APIs are the place where the core business logic of an application lives. As a result, developers spend a lot of time optimizing the API business logic. This article addresses a Node.js developer’s dilemma while debugging an HTTP API request. We take a sample Node.js/Express.js-based HTTP service to demonstrate a new way of debugging Node.js applications using the Lightrun observability platform.

Getting started with the Node.js client library in InfluxDB

If you use Node.js, then the Node.js client library allows you to interact with the InfluxDB platform quickly, using a familiar language. Here, Zoe Steinkamp discusses some of the features of the Node.js client library to help you get started building awesome applications with InfluxDB even faster.

Top Tips for NodeJS and Debugging on AWS Lambda (Part 2)

This is the second post in a 2 part blog series on debugging, monitoring and tracing NodeJS Lambda applications. If you haven’t yet seen part 1, check it out here (it’s a great read!) Now let’s get back into our post with one of the most commonly experienced issues when it comes to Lambda functions, Cold Starts.


Top Tips for NodeJS Tracing and Debugging on AWS Lambda (Part 1)

In this two post series, we are going to explore some ways to trace and debug NodeJS Lambda applications. Delving into some methods to look further into resources utilized to and some methods to optimize code. AWS Lambda, an event-driven compute service first introduced roughly eight years ago, changed how we build out cloud applications as an industry.