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More Apps, More Problems: Is Your IT Team Suffering from Software Sprawl?

What is software sprawl, and why is it impacting more organizations than ever? Find out the top causes and how IT teams can regain control. In an effort to support evolving workforces and new technology, more organizations have recently implemented additional operational tools. These new tools often have a specialized purpose or were added to make processes more efficient. In most cases, however, it’s simply resulted in more management responsibility being added to an already stressed IT team.


November Product Updates: Mac / Linux Patching, Ticketing Enhancements

In November, NinjaOne continued to release updates at a rapid pace, with 5 releases and hotfixes delivering new functionality and greater stability to Ninja users. 5.3.7, this month's largest release, including major new functionality for patch management and ticketing. Please Note: 5.3.7 is currently available in OC and CA instances, with EU and NA instance updates coming soon.

MSSP Maturity Levels and Building Out Your Offering - Empower 2022 Panel

As an MSP you have a choice to make: Do I keep swimming in the shallow end of the security pool or make my way out to the deep end and become an MSSP? Every MSP needs to be thinking about and actioning a security-minded practice, but do you have to go all in? Of course not. In this MSSP-led partner panel, Joe Panettieri of MSSP Alert dives in on the details surrounding the make or break decision points MSPs face today around security and whether to become an MSSP, merge with or buy one, or simply partner to offer advanced managed security services. Whichever path your on or you choose, these panelists have insight you’ll want to hear.

NinjaOne wins 3 categories at the SDC Awards in London!

The SDC Awards focus on recognizing and rewarding success in the products and services that are the foundation for digital transformation! At the awards evening in London on November 24th 2022, NinjaOne were voted winners in 3 categories: Intelligent Automation Project of the Year (with customer We are Focus), Data Security/Compliance Project of the Year (with customer We are Focus), Excellence in Service Award for their MSP offering.


Microsoft Azure Pros & Cons: Active Directory

Active directory (AD) can be an essential component of an IT infrastructure. In fact, active directory is used by about 90% of Global Fortune 1000 companies. AD is a directory service that’s provided by Microsoft and runs on Windows servers. What makes Azure AD unique is that it’s a specific Microsoft product. Azure AD is not the only directory solution available, so how do you know if it will fit your business’s IT needs?


A Guide to Managing Hardware & Software Assets

Every IT asset provides value for a business. IT asset management (ITAM) allows businesses to maximize the value that is received from each asset, thus saving money, time, and other resources. Vision networks announced that an ITAM program helps businesses save around 30% per asset within the first year of implementing the system. Explore the world of ITAM by learning more about hardware and software asset management.


Why unmanaged Apple devices make your customers vulnerable

Let’s start with a simple but harsh fact: If you say you’re protecting your customers’ networks and you’re not managing their Apple devices, then you’re lying to them and yourself! Over the years hackers have targeted everything from HVAC machines (Target) to fish tank thermometers (an unnamed Las Vegas casino) and a whole host of devices in between in order to prise their way into company networks. Let’s stop for a minute to consider that fact.


Cybercrime Trends and the Economy

It’s no secret that there is a lot of money involved in cybercrime. With McAfee estimating the annual global cost of cybercrime at just under $1 trillion, the dark side of tech is big business. Clearly, those losses have an impact on the global economy. It’s also become a pressing question to see if macroeconomic/geopolitical trends impact cybercrime.


Getting started with IT automation-an executive view

Having returned from our N-able Empower event in Las Vegas about a month ago from writing this, I was surprised at just how many attendees felt like they were not doing enough to automate their IT processes. I spoke to several IT leaders, business owners, presidents, and other executives and all of them were looking to do more with automation—many were even still trying to get to grips with the concept from a business perspective and start out on their automation journey.