OpManager MSP: ManageEngine's new MSP focused network monitoring solution

Are you a managed service provider (MSP) who monitors the networks of multiple customers from a central location? ManageEngine launches OpManager MSP, tailored for MSPs with customer-centered network monitoring and seamless management of different customer networks over multiple locations.


Planning for a Post-Pandemic World as an IT Leader

As COVID-19 cases began to rise around the world in March 2020, governments and businesses had no choice but to take extraordinary measures to flatten the curve. As an IT leader, you were likely tasked with helping entire companies transition to remote work all at once. Cubicles were replaced by home offices. Face-to-face meetings were replaced by video calls. Work performance was measured by tasks completed instead of hours worked. Digital connectivity became more important than ever before.


Remote Support Software for MSPs

As MSPs work to support customers in 2020, they face a unique set of challenges—which is why they need dependable and robust remote support software designed specifically for their requirements. As the workforce becomes increasingly remote, it is crucial that managed service providers (MSPs) adapt their business practices to accommodate this change and properly support their customers.


Find the Correct MSSP or Build an Efficient SOC? (Part 2)

Many organizations don’t rely on outsourced security solutions such as MSSP. Rather, they prefer building their own SOC to combat nefarious cybersecurity threats and attacks. However, it is vital to know how an effective SOC is built and what should be its essential security ingredients.


What Is an MSP and What Makes It Unique in the IT World?

MSPs use a variety of powerful IT tools to offer services to their customers and help small businesses compete against larger industry players. When considering whether a business should outsource its IT department to a managed services provider (MSP), the first step is understanding exactly what an MSP is and what it can do. This guide will explain how MSPs support small businesses, the many benefits of enlisting their services, and why they’re important for economic growth.


Cloud Native, You Keep Using Those Words

Ask a hundred IT pros and their managers what “cloud native” is, and you’ll get as many different definitions. In part it’s because public cloud providers (PCPs) seek to provide all things to all IT teams, but it’s also because each organization has different goals for cloud. If I could get away with it, I’d enclose cloud native in quotes whenever it’s unclear what business expectations are for PCPs.


IDC MarketScape Names AT&T a Leader in Worldwide Managed Security Services

IDC recently published the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Security Services 2020 Vendor Assessment, in which primary author Martha Vazquez and team studied 17 organizations that offer MSS globally. The report provides a comprehensive look at the top MSSP vendors, including AT&T Cybersecurity, and how managed security services are evolving to meet the needs of customers today.


How MSPs Can Future-Proof Their Business in the Era of Remote Work

The new era of remote work has accelerated the need for businesses to adopt digital transformation strategies faster than ever to ensure their relevance and longevity in the marketplace. As priorities shift in this direction, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are quickly adapting to better serve their customers. Recently, LogicMonitor commissioned a research study of 500 IT decision-makers around the globe to understand how organizations are evolving in the face of unexpected crises.