The MSP's competitive edge: a new standard of incident response

In the effort to streamline operations and enhance cost efficiencies, organizations large and small are turning to managed services providers (MSPs) to outsource key IT activities. In fact, this shift is so broad reaching that the global MSP market is expected to exceed $375 billion by 2025! Indeed, outsourcing to MSPs brings many advantages.

What Current Network Hardware Trends Mean for MSPs

networks because SD-WAN is rendering them obsolete.
  • The switch market is the most fragmented because stagnant switch technology has levelled the playing field.
  • Access points have overtaken switches as the most popular network device on client sites because of growing businesses demand for wireless connectivity. How will these trends affect your MSP business in the year ahead? In this one-hour webinar, Auvik CPO Alex Hoff, channel consultant Erick Simpson, ChannelPro reporter Rich Freeman, and two MSP execs discuss what the crowded network hardware market means for MSPs and the channel.
  • Unlock Business Productivity with Outstanding Documentation

    What are the top-performing 20% of MSPs doing differently than the competition? A recent IT Glue guest post on the Auvik blog revealed that the best MSPs document and automate as much of their operational processes as possible, to free up critical work cycles from repetitive and manual tasks. Join Auvik and IT Glue for a free webinar on how MSPs can accelerate their business productivity and process efficiency when they invest in outstanding documentation.

    MSP Risks and Rewards in Cloud Tech

    Your clients want the freedom of cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools. As an MSP, you want a business-grade solution to security and data governance. Where and how do these interests intersect? Join us as we chat with Ted Hulsy, global head of channel marketing at Dropbox, about the risks of cloud services for your clients and how addressing them can be a business opportunity for your MSP.

    Managed Service Providers Need to Ramp Up Now

    Given the burden of supporting a remote workforce while accelerating digital transformation, IT operations teams will lean more heavily on the expertise of their managed service providers to navigate the new normal. In a recent survey, more than 90 percent of technology leaders expect to use managed service providers for technical expertise and knowledge, enhanced security and cost optimisation.

    MSPs: Time To Reinvent

    Managed service providers (MSPs) have been around for more than 20 years, and my how things have changed since they grew out of the original application service provider (ASP) model. Until recently, MSPs have focused primarily on remote monitoring, security, network management and other routine IT tasks that CIOs would rather outsource for cheaper than they can run internally.


    Challenges Faced by MSPs in Light of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 crisis has proven to be a challenging time for IT support teams and managed service providers (MSPs). It hasn’t only left these organizations in a vulnerable position, but also in a state of uncertainty as to what may be in store for them. OnPage interacts with current and prospective clients ranging from large businesses to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


    How IT Pros Will Help the World Come Out Stronger After COVID-19

    In 2016, we wrote about the exponential value of computer networks and the importance of IT professionals as champions of the network, “doing their part to secure, maintain, and advance the engines that keep everything running.” Today, those words ring true in ways we could never have predicted four years ago.


    3 Marketing Activities to Keep Your MSP Healthy During COVID-19

    If you sit back and look at what you’ve actually achieved over the last couple of weeks, you should feel very proud of yourself and your team. With virtually no warning, you’ve supported your clients well through the greatest business upheaval in modern times. You’ve probably set up countless VPNs. And no doubt you’ve been hunting around for new laptops, just like everyone else. While the COVID-19 situation is changing daily, the dust is starting to settle a little.