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Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by software, and how it gives people the ability to create something useful and interesting out of nothing. Fast forward to the mid-2000s and I developed a particular interest in operational monitoring tools that eventually transformed into a hobby (and perhaps even an obsession at times...).

Over the course of time I observed a number of surprising things:

  • In the last 10 years or so there has been an explosion in both the capability and complexity of operational tools.
  • During the same period, the ease of use (and configurability) of the tools has also increased by a similar factor.
  • As a result, users expect more than ever from their monitoring tools while knowing less and less about how they work (and in a lot of cases, what they even do).

opsmatterswants to change that perception.

The OpsMatters mission

The goal of the OpsMatters platform is to raise the profile of operational tools among users, developers, enthusiasts and decision-makers by providing a single source for news, reviews, events, blogs and other useful information dedicated to operational applications and tools.

It aims to provide a much-needed focal point for many areas in operational technology and software, featuring:

  • Quality news and events, updated daily
  • Information on new releases as they appear
  • Showcases on the best and brightest advancements in technology
  • A platform for thought leaders and rising stars to express their ideas
  • A platform for open source contributors and collaborators to share information about their projects
  • Last but not least, although we enjoy great support from many of the best companies in the industry, we remain both independent and impartial.

Thanks for your support!

Gerald Curley

Founder, OpsMatters

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With your help, we can create a platform that brings together the best products and innovation from the world of operational software and help to gain much needed exposure for the huge amount of creativity and ground-breaking technology that underlies this undervalued and sometimes overlooked field.

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