Five worthy reads: Preparing an incident response plan for the pandemic and beyond

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. With the rising concern over cyberattacks in the distributed workforce, this week we explore the concept of cybersecurity incident response during a pandemic.


Uptime monitoring: A boon for your business

A highly functional IT network is the basis of any successful modern business, and for effective operations, organizations must monitor the health and availability of all their IT infrastructure components and ensure they’re up and running 24×7. Uptime is the duration during which a network component is reachable and capable of operating efficiently. Typical networks use ICMP or TCP to communicate with devices and identify idle or inactive ones.


Lightstep Adds Complete System Context to PagerDuty Alerts

There is a lot of noise surrounding the term “Observability”. While vendors and pundits debate three pillars, Lightstep has partnered with PagerDuty, to ensure software teams can move from context within an incident to quickly understand and determine root cause. Together we’re augmenting incident response solutions for pre-production scenarios.


Must-Have Features of a Modern SIEM

Initially, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions were readily adopted because of their capability to provide actionable insights into the deep corners of an organization’s network. Legacy SIEM systems helped in understanding when and where security incidents are happening in real-time. Soon enough, these SIEM systems faced an avalanche of false positives, and they required a dedicated team to filter out irrelevant alerts.

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NSA list: what you need to know about the top vulnerabilities currently targeted by Chinese hackers Part 2

In our previous blog we covered the first 10 of the NSA vulnerabilities currently targeted by Chinese hackers, here the remaining ones, again demonstrating the predictive power of our risk based vulnerability management tool Farsight


The Holy Grail of Cherwell Service Request Automation

Companies are facing major difficulties as a result of the challenges posed by COVID-19, and many professionals cite automation as a key solution to business survival. However, when considering using automation to transform your service management, you need to consider how you leverage Cherwell Service Requests in partnership with automation to achieve the “holy grail” of service request automation.


What's new in Teamwork CRM

Over the past few months, the Teamwork CRM engineers have been dedicating most of their time to several significant features. Our new email integration that is currently in beta, our company and contact sync with Teamwork, and the introduction of notifications are just some of the features that you will soon be able to avail of! While those items have been our main focus, we have also released some really valuable features to Teamwork CRM. Here are three such items that we have recently added:.


Top 15 Best Website Performance Monitoring Tools of 2020

Website performance is important as it directly impacts your business bottom line, this is why picking the right website monitoring service crucial! They perform regular tests and alert you whenever your site is down, making it easier for you to spot track down issues and solve them. There are lots of options out there from simple uptime and transaction monitoring to complex web performance monitoring solutions.


Introducing Trends 2021 - "The great digital switch"

Many companies do them, and you will see them scattered everywhere. Our ambition around trends is different though. We want to contextualize and embed trends into a broader theme, capturing the zeitgeist. That way the strands become interwoven into a fabric, showing a structural pattern and hopefully also indicating where we are heading.


7 Customer success metrics you should be prioritizing (but probably aren't)

Net promoter score. Customer churn rate. Monthly recurring revenue. These are all high-profile customer success metrics, prominently featured in most posts on the topic. There’s no denying these metrics have value – but do they really tell the whole story? Key performance indicators (KPIs) like net promoter score and churn rate tell you if there’s a problem or if your company is doing well overall. But to figure out what to do next, you need to dig a little deeper.