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Customer Service Management (Picking The Right Software)

Customer service management can make or break the growth of your organization. If you're failing to deliver incredible customer experiences that prioritize clear communication, your organization is vulnerable to low customer retention rates. According to Gartner, more than two-thirds of businesses are now competing primarily on the basis of customer experience. This is up from only 36% in 2010. Customer experience is critical to your organization's future success. If you're delivering exceptional customer experiences that result in high levels of customer satisfaction, this will naturally drive up your customer retention rate. You can only deliver incredible experiences with the right customer service management tools in place.

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Three Network Challenges Keeping CIOs Awake At Night

Networks aren’t just getting bigger, they’re also becoming more congested and more complex. There are a lot of new considerations for CIOs as they attempt to build fast, secure and reliable networks that can meet all the demands of their business. In this blog, we look at some of the common challenges facing enterprises and explore how a more agile networking model can help.


ServiceNow Integration

As some of you may already know, before joining Codefresh I was a Business Process Consultant (BPC) at ServiceNow for their DevOps application. So obviously on my to-do list from day 1 was to create an integration between Codefresh and ServiceNow. In case you’re not familiar with ServiceNow, they’re known for digitalizing enterprise processes and for their portfolio around IT Service Management. In their words, they “Make the world of work, work better for people”.


Comparing gRPC performance across different technologies

gRPC is an open-source Remote Procedure Call system focusing on high performance. There exist several gRPC benchmarks including an official one, yet we still wanted to create our own. Why would we torture ourselves doing such a thing? So with those points in mind, we created a completely open-source benchmark where everyone is welcome to contribute and which could be run with a single command, having only Docker as a prerequisite.


Using the Flux VS Code Extension for IoT Application Development

InfluxData prides itself on its effort to prioritize developer happiness. This included providing developers with a variety of tools to interact with InfluxDB v2 OSS or InfluxDB Cloud, so they can pick the development style that works best for them. This article assumes you’re using the InfluxDB Cloud Free tier, which is the easiest way to get started and maintain InfluxDB. You can use any of the following tools for your IoT application development.


ServiceNow: A Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management for Second Year

ServiceNow is proud to be named a Leader, for the second consecutive year, in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management (ITRM).1 We’re especially pleased that our ability to execute has been recognized with the highest rating of all vendors evaluated. Gartner also named ServiceNow a Leader in the August 2021 IT Vendor Risk Management Tools.

OpenSearch Clusters: Get Started with Install and Configuration

Our first tutorial gave a general introduction to OpenSearch installation and configuration. We recently also published a comparative introduction for OpenSearch queries (and how they parallel or contrast with Elasticsearch). Now, we’ll continue that series with an intro to OpenSearch clusters. This is a very simple tutorial with straight-forward examples, but we will try to cover some detail and common advanced settings.


The Complete Cloud Financial Management Guide

As companies migrate to the cloud, they often overlook costs, instead focusing on innovation, speed, and flexibility. They assume the cloud is inherently cost-effective and less costly than on-premise infrastructure. As they expand their cloud operations, though, organizations soon realize that the same things that make the cloud alluring and extensively flexible, can also potentially push usage bills way beyond budget.


5 Security Automation Myths Debunked

It has been argued that automation in the workplace tends to be misunderstood. Analysts are keen to point out that, despite myths to the contrary, automation isn’t going to put most people out of work, for instance. Nor is AI going to become a real substitute for actual human intelligence. These are compelling arguments for rethinking the way we think about automation in general.