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How To Know If You're Scoring A Good Deal On An Internet Transaction

Are you getting the best deal possible when you buy something online? It can be tough to tell, especially if you're unfamiliar with the product or the seller. But with a few tips, you can ensure that you're getting what you expect and that you're not being taken advantage of. Here are ways to ensure your next online purchase is a good deal.
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How to Build Your AIOps Business Case

The Great Resignation comes at an inconvenient time for IT leaders. Needing to accelerate plans for IT transformation because of the pandemic, organizations required more digital technology and services to support the shift to a hybrid workforce. Unfortunately, now organizations are struggling to find enough IT employees-with the right skill set-obstructing these digital transformation initiatives.

Understanding Middleware: What It Is and How It Works

Distributed systems are highly scalable and efficient — but only when integrated into a powerful network. A distributed system can only function if all its applications can communicate effectively with one another. However, this is often easier said than done due to the multi-layered nature of modern architectures. Modern architectures consist of applications written in various languages with different protocols, and they are spread across multi-cloud and multi-cluster environments.

Proactively monitor service performance with SLO alerts

Service level objectives (SLOs) state your team’s goals for maintaining the reliability of your services. Adopting SLOs is an SRE best practice because it can help you ensure that your services perform well and consistently deliver value to users. But to gain the greatest benefit from your SLOs, you need ongoing visibility into how well your services are performing relative to your objectives.

Great customer experience is easier than you think

Lionel Ritchie thinks Sunday morning is easy. Ella Fitzgerald thinks living is easy when it’s summertime. Loving is easy too, according to Rex Orange County. I haven’t heard anyone sing about customer experience just yet (Alexa?). But every time I preorder my Starbucks latte so it’s waiting for me at the store on my way to work, I’m reminded just how important easy is. If easy is the on/off switch for great experience, then speed controls the volume.

Django Performance Improvements - Part 2: Code Optimization

The following guest post addresses how to improve your services’s performance with Sentry and other application profilers for Python. Check out this post to learn more about application profiling and Sentry’s upcoming mobile application profiling offering. We’re making intentional investments in performance monitoring to make sure we give you all the context to help you solve what’s urgent faster.=

Classifying Severity Levels for Your Organization

Major outages are bound to occur in even the most well-maintained infrastructure and systems. Being able to quickly classify the severity level also allows your on-call team to respond more effectively. Imagine a scenario where your on-call team is getting critical alerts every 15 minutes, user complaints are piling up on social media, and since your platform is inoperative revenue losses are mounting every minute. How do you go about getting your application back on track?

Top Prometheus Interview Questions

If you are an engineer searching for a new role that involves a high level of knowledge on the monitoring stack Prometheus then you will likely wish to brush up on your knowledge of Prometheus ahead of your interview. In this guide, you will find a list of the most popular questions that are most likely to be asked to candidates looking to use Prometheus as part of their daily monitoring stack within their next role.

What I learned from leading my first incident

A few weeks ago we had a major incident. We were releasing our Practical Guide to Incident Management, and after posting about it online an incident.io employee noticed that the page wasn’t loading. Just to set the scene, I’ve been at incident.io for 3 months and don’t have any experience of incidents in my previous role. When the team got paged I expected this to be one of those “follow along and learn how the wizards work their magic” exercises.

The Cribl Packs Dispensary - A Place to Share and Care

Building Packs is good. Sharing Packs is better! The Cribl Pack Dispensary is the go-to place to find, install and share Cribl Packs. What are Packs? A Cribl Pack is a collection of pre-built routes, pipelines, data samples, and knowledge objects. Packs enable sharing of best-practice configurations that route, shape, reduce and enrich the log source, Palo Alto Networks logs for example. And it’s the quickest, easiest way to get started with Stream and Edge supports Packs too.