Why ManageEngine PAM360 is the ultimate privileged access management solution

At ManageEngine, we‘re building one of the most comprehensive and tightly integrated IT management software suites on the market. We have over 90 products and free tools to manage all your IT needs, including Active Directory management, help desk management, desktop and mobile device management, network and server management, application management, IT security, and analytics.

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It's Time for Developer-Driven Reliability

Ten years on from, "software is eating the world," it's safe to say we live in a new digital age. Today's businesses, from banks, to hospitals, to transportation and telecommunications, rely upon digital services to power the infrastructure behind everyday modern life. This new world has been made possible by rapid advances in how developers build and deliver software. Continuous delivery and infrastructure as code (IaC) have helped developers deliver new features faster than ever before. Cloud native architectures have led to globally distributed services that scale near-instantaneously to meet user demand.


AWS Step Functions Input and Output Manipulation Handbook

In this handbook, we’ll explain the AWS Step Functions Input and Output manipulation. There’s plenty to talk about AWS Step Functions. There are numerous articles available online talking about AWS Step Functions ever since Step Functions were introduced in 2016. Most of these articles might make you think that Step Functions are actually an extension of the Lambda function, allowing you to combine several Lambda functions to call each other.


Five Tips to Effectively Use Bitrix24 CRM Web Forms

A web form (aka “webform” or “HTML form” if you’re picky) is a part of a web page that is designed for collecting specific information from users, which they have to enter and which is later sent to a server for processing. If you’ve been on the Internet for more than a few hours in your life, you must have seen at least one web form.

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Teramind vs Veriato: The Ultimate 2021 Comparison

Looking for a comprehensive Teramind vs Veriato comparison? Most businesses today have digitized almost all of their operations. Be it internal communication, filing, or even research — you can do everything on a computer. And since all the required data is available online, you can even manage remote work with ease. However, with an increasing number of employees or freelancers working from home, it becomes difficult to monitor their work.


Have a Cloud Transition you can be Proud Of

In the reliability era, many services are migrating from in-house servers to the cloud. The cloud model allows your service to capitalize on the benefits of large hosting providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. These servers can be more reliable than in-house servers for reasons including: However, as with all things, cloud providers present their own risks and challenges as well. Teams will want to take advantage of the benefits while accounting for these limitations.


VMware Management Pack Update Release (20.11.2156.0)

Our first release for 2021 of the OpsLogix VMware Management Pack for Operations Manager is now released. This version includes mostly fixes to issues reported since the previous release but also a new PowerShell function to manage your licenses. And once again, we fully support the new version of VMware vSphere 7 and vSAN.


Are you realizing the potential of your embedded analytics?

Yellowfin have done a lot of work with software vendors over the years, helping them to embed analytics into their applications and we've learned a lot through that process. One of the things we have learnt is that there are some recurring fundamental issues with how product managers bring analytics into their product, an approach which can prevent them from realizing the full potential of their embedded analytics.

The Central Source of Truth: Fall Guys and Mediatonic

Mediatonic is a sprawling video game studio based in the UK, with a number of successful titles to their name: Heavenstrike Rivals, Gears POP!, and Murder by Numbers among them. In 2020, they struck gold again with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. But this game would be special, and the need of handling these kinds of gaming logs at this kind of scale would be, too. This battle royal-style fighting game pits 60 players against each other until one reigns supreme.