Datadog acquires Sqreen to strengthen application security

We began our security journey last year with the release of Datadog Security Monitoring, which provides runtime security visibility and detection capabilities for your environment. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Sqreen, an application security platform, is joining the Datadog team. Together, these products further integrate the work of security, development, and ops teams—and provide a robust, full-stack security monitoring solution for the cloud age.


Democratizing security: The next step in Sqreen's journey

Everything started in 2015, when Jb and I left Apple to co-found Sqreen, with a singular vision to democratize security. Our belief then, as it is now, is that a strong security posture can only exist when security is infused across the software development lifecycle; when it is not just the concern of security teams, but of developers and operations teams as well.


How behavioural personas drive business growth

One of the key areas to business growth is understanding your customers and delivering against their needs. Many businesses are now using behavioural based personas to design better customer journeys. Behavioural personas are based on research about how your customers interact with your organisation. They can provide you with insights on why customers do what they do. They help you identify the motivations behind customer’s decisions and the experiences they expect from your business.


Why Python cProfile is the Recommended Profiling Interface

Performance optimization is a basic need for software development. When it comes to optimizing app performance, tracking frequency, maintaining production, or perpetuation method calls, profilers play a vital role. Learn why Python cProfile is a recommended profiling interface and how it enhances your software performance.


What is External Monitoring and How does it Differ From Internal Monitoring?

You likely do not own your server, but you do have an interest in making sure the applications you run on your server remain responsive. You need to know the full story, and a combination of external and internal monitoring is how you get there. Marketers understand the word “responsive” to mean “capable of rendering on any screen”, but we can think about responsive in more fundamental terms.


Unleashing the "Power of Many" With Active Intelligence

From the Wright Brothers and Ada Lovelace, to Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, when we consider who is behind the most celebrated innovations and industry transformations, we often think about individual bright thinkers and disruptors. However, over the years, studies have shown that the greatest potential lies in the “power of many," fostered by a shift in how new generations work.


Python language support now beta in Snyk Code

Snyk Code now offers beta support for Python 2.x and 3.x projects. You do not have to install or update anything since we added the support to the backend engine and it is available instantly to be used. When a repository is scanned, you will see Python beta results showing up. If you cannot wait for a scheduled rescan, you can manually trigger a scan.


What is Hardware Asset Management (HAM)? Why is it Important?

Managing hardware assets, manually, from the time they are purchased to the time they are disposed of is a tedious, cumbersome task that is susceptible to many errors. These manual and scattered processes are often inaccurate and difficult to manage. Manual data keeping means that asset information is stored in silos, which raises the overhead expenses, increases the likelihood of asset theft and losses, and makes it hard to comply with the organization’s standards and regulations.