Monitor your cloud architecture and app dependencies with Datadog NPM

Migrating your on-prem infrastructure to the cloud offers a host of benefits, including scalability, mobility, security, and cost reduction. When it comes to cloud network monitoring, tracking the availability and performance of the cloud services your applications rely on becomes even more important. However, moving from self-managed infrastructure to third party–managed services introduces a number of challenges.


Five worthy reads: Confidential computing - The way forward in cloud security

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. In light of rising concerns over cloud cybersecurity, this week we explore the concept of confidential computing. The past year has seen strong adoption of cloud technologies due to accelerated digital transformation and a cloud-first approach in business.


SOA vs. Microservices

Most individuals who work in technology — and in particular, cloud computing — are likely aware of how service-oriented architecture (SOA) and microservices work. There is much discussion, however, regarding the best approaches for various situations. There are crucial differences in data governance, component sharing, and the architecture between SOA vs. microservices. In this article, you'll learn the basics of SOA vs.


How to create a consistent customer experience with your customer service strategy

Helpful, friendly customer service shouldn’t be seen as “optional” by your business. It has serious implications for whether customers will return to your company and spread the word about your products. According to a Qualtrics study, 95% of consumers who rate a company’s customer experience as “very good” are likely to recommend the company.


Get to Know the Github maintains a Github, which we update with important and useful resources for those seeking a command-line approach to We also house important files there for users of our private location probe servers. When you want to use our REST API, and you need help getting started, our Github is a good place to begin. Access our Github here. Today, we want to introduce you to our project, discuss why we chose Github, and share what we hope to accomplish in the future.


Interview With Scrum Master David Rutter

For our second specialist interview in our series speaking to technology and IT leaders around the world, we’ve welcomed Scrum Master David Rutter to share his thoughts on the topic of agile and Scrum as well as where he sees the future of work evolving in this area. David has over thirty years of experience working in IT and works as a Scrum Master across two teams, development and operations. He also blogs about teamwork and agile at the Art Of Team Work website.