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How Technology Can Help You With Your Interior Design

Technology has come a long way in the past few years, with it, new ways to help you with your interior design. Now, apps and online tools can help you plan your space, choose colors and fabrics, and even furnish your home. However, to make the most of these technological advances, it is crucial to understand how they can help you. Here are just a few of the best ones.

Tips and tricks on optimizing your API performance

APIs play a critical role in the overall performance of an application because it benefits customers to streamline the purchasing of their products and services. APIs should be correct, fast, secure, available, and reliable. Developers can determine API performance by defining performance tests—functional and load tests—and monitor it by tracking various metrics like the number of requests to API endpoints, time taken by an API endpoint to respond, and the amount of data responded to.


Postmark + Squadcast Integration: Simplifying Alert Routing

Postmark is a simple email delivery system used to send transactional and marketing emails and it ensures getting them delivered to the inbox on time, every time. It also helps in reducing email delivery time considerably. If you use Postmark for your email delivery requirements, you can integrate it with Squadcast, an end-to-end incident response tool, to route detailed alerts from Postmark to the right users in Squadcast. The below steps will help you set up Postmark and Squadcast integration.


Logic App Best practices, Tips, and Tricks: #19 Protect your Logic Apps (Part I)

Today I’m going to speak about another important Best practice, Tips and Tricks that you need to take into consideration while you are designing and maintaining your business processes (Logic Apps): Protect your Logic Apps.


Web API Monitoring Explained: A Helpful Introductory Guide

An API, application programming interface, is a collection of tools, protocols, and subroutines that can be used when building software programs or applications. APIs makes software development easier by providing reusable components and a set of clearly defined communication protocols. Recently APIs have come to mean web services, but there are also APIs for software and hardware libraries, operating systems and databases.

super monitoring

Internxt - a Secure Cloud Storage

Online cloud storage has taken over the world. Anyone working with computers is familiar with at least one cloud service, and the field is packed with competitors, all offering virtually the same thing. Cloud storage lets users save files from anywhere and access them anywhere. Internxt doesn’t bring any new revolutionary features to the cloud storage world, but it revolutionizes how it works. With Internxt, it’s less what it does and more how it does it.


Using ClickHouse with MetricFire

In the analytics domain, fast and reliable storage is an important aspect for businesses to handle a large amount of data. There are different types of data storage including RDBMS, NoSQL, data lake, data warehouse, and graph database. Among these, the most widely used is RDBMS that powers various systems and applications of companies of all sizes. RDBMS is easy to use and straightforward to understand thanks to its table-based (or column-based) data format.


A Guide to Managing Hardware & Software Assets

Every IT asset provides value for a business. IT asset management (ITAM) allows businesses to maximize the value that is received from each asset, thus saving money, time, and other resources. Vision networks announced that an ITAM program helps businesses save around 30% per asset within the first year of implementing the system. Explore the world of ITAM by learning more about hardware and software asset management.


Cloud Providers Health Report - October 2022

Check our October 2022 health report on the top most popular cloud providers. We analyze the health of the cloud providers based on the number of outages and problems during the month. The source of the data is made available by the cloud providers themselves via their status page. We normalize it and use it to generate the report.