CI/CD: What is continuous integration?

Continuous integration is the first half of the acronym CI/CD, with Continuous Delivery completing the second half. In this three-part article, we look at the two halves of CI/CD to define and understand them, and then, in part three, we talk about how Uptrends fits into your CI/CD processes. Let’s get started at the beginning with continuous integration.


Securing Azure Active Directory from PowerShell abuse

Malware attacks are evolving and once common tactics are becoming a thing of the past. Attack strategies, like using a third-party hacking program or injecting viruses from external sources, are almost obsolete as they leave a distinct footprint. Most antimalware tools can now detect the presence of a foreign program or device and immediately block them.


Icinga for Windows - v1.1.0 Release

Today we are proud to announce the next major release of Icinga for Windows: Version 1.1.0. Besides new core features that we added to the Framework itself, we also provide additional components to extend the features of our solution. Thanks to the increased usage in our community we collected lots of feedback that we considered and implemented for better usability and flexibility.


New Kubernetes Man-In-The-Middle (MiTM) Attack Leverage IPv6 Router Advertisements.

The recent MiTM attack disclosed was a very unusual one in the Container Security world. All at the same time, Kubernetes, Docker, and Calico announced security bulletins related to IPv6 Rogue Router Advertisements. There are several security bulletins here because this isn’t a single vulnerability in one product - rather, multiple independent CNIs are all vulnerable. IPv6 Router Advertisements are a fairly obscure topic, yet this vulnerability is definitely worth understanding.

troop messenger

Onenote vs Evernote vs Notion: Is it Time to Make the Switch?

If you were to ask someone to name the best note-taking apps, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote would be two powerhouses among the best note-taking apps. It’s no surprise why. Microsoft OneNote is the best note-taking app that really popularized the concept, and Microsoft and Evernote are two of the biggest players around. If you’re thinking about signing up for note-taking apps, you might wonder who wins in a battle between OneNote vs Evernote vs Notion on features, pricing and more.


Authentication Header in Network Security

Ensuring authentication is one of the pillars in cyber security. That is why authentication header is one of the crucial practices. In this article, we will explain what authentication header is and how it can be useful for your organization. Almost every cyber security and/or information security expert knows about the famous CIA triad: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. These three consist the pillars of data security.


Stories from the SOC- SSH Brute Force Authentication Attempt

Ervin McBride IV – TDP Engineer II contributed to this article. Stories from the SOC is a blog series that describes recent real-world security incident investigations conducted and reported by the AT&T SOC analyst team for AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response customers.


Cybersecurity Threats Facing the Technology Industry

As companies face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, they often turn to technology solutions to help protect their data and systems from attacks. But what happens when your company is in the technology industry? Cyberattacks are increasingly targeting technology companies who often store and handle significant amounts of sensitive data, including personally identifiable information and intellectual property on behalf of their customers.