Five ways AI is being used in the cybersecurity industry

At a point in time, smart devices and robotics were common elements in the storyline of futuristic fictional novels. Today, those concepts are the modern norm across the technology industry. Similarly, in cybersecurity, pioneering professionals held on to seemingly far-fetched dreams where logs were easy to analyze, and false positives didn’t exist. While these challenges still exist, artificial intelligence (AI) is making these once far-fetched dreams the new norm in the security industry.


New Integrations Directory enables your team to do better work, faster

Integrations enable you to unlock the full power of Mattermost by extending the platform to make your team even more productive. Customizing Mattermost this way enables privacy-conscious organizations to collaborate even more effectively, saving time and money without compromising on security.


The Lazy Programmer’s Guide to Web Scrapers

I am a proud lazy programmer. This means that if I can automate a task, I will absolutely do it. Especially if it means I can avoid doing the same thing more than once. Luckily, as an engineer, my laziness is an asset - because this week, it led me to write an HTML scraper for our Changelog, just so I wouldn’t have to manually update the Changelog feed on our new app homepage (btw, have you seen our new app homepage? It’s pretty sweet).


When Is a Data Breach a Data Breach?

A data breach remains a common headline in the news cycle. A different company, website or social network reports a security issue almost daily. If it feels like using the internet has become a risky endeavor, the feeling is accurate. But what exactly classifies an event as a data breach? The world wide web is littered with different security gaps and vulnerabilities. But that doesn’t mean they have been exposed or attacked yet.


New and Improved Support: Ionic & Unity

At Bugfender, we strive to keep improving. The number of smartphone users is rising all the time, as is the number of smartphone models. So the challenge of fixing bugs is getting increasingly difficult. So it’s with great pride that we announce new and improved support for both Ionic and Unity. We’ve already introduced support for React Native, and this is just the latest stage in our mission to accommodate every single developer, no matter what platform or framework they’re working on.

How to debug your Logstash configuration file

Logstash plays an extremely important role in any ELK-based data pipeline but is still considered as one of the main pain points in the stack. Like any piece of software, Logstash has a lot of nooks and crannies that need to be mastered to be able to log with confidence. One super-important nook and cranny is the Logstash configuration file (not the software’s configuration file (/etc/logstash/logstash.yml), but the .conf file responsible for your data pipeline).

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How to monitor WAN load balancers

Since load balancers are active devices that can be included in the design of a WAN, the question arises: Should we adapt our monitoring scheme to include something that could be called Load Balancer Monitoring? To answer this question we can assume that WAN monitoring is based on the following fact: the behaviour of communication links directly affects the performance of applications and therefore the entire platform.