DNS Blacklist Monitoring: Protect Your Company's Reputation

Did you know that around 306 billion emails have been sent globally every day in 2020 and about 45 percent of all emails received are spam. Even more surprisingly, websites that are marked as spam on email portals lose 95 percent of their traffic. Email servers tend to blacklist certain IDs as spam based on their content. And for companies marketing their business via emails, 36 percent of the total spam messages across the globe are attributed to advertising content.


DNS Monitoring 101: Verify DNS Mapping

This Tip of the Day is the first in a three-part series on Domain Name System (DNS) monitoring. The Domain Name System is often described as “the phonebook of the Internet.” While humans access the Internet via domain names such as npr.org or bbc.com, web browsers interact via Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so that browsers know which Internet resources to load.


The Basics of DNS Monitoring: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It's Essential for Your Business

On Star Trek, there’s an incredibly useful device called the universal translator. As you’d expect, it allows everyone to understand each other. For example, if Captain Jean Luc Picard bumped into a race of aliens that bore a striking resemblance to Commander Riker’s beard, then they could set a date for some Earl Grey tea (hot) thanks to the universal translator. Without it, there might be grave misunderstandings and the firing of photon torpedoes.


Overcoming DNS barriers for Kubernetes Scaling

It was a cloudy winter morning when I had arrived at the office and found, to our horror, that a Kubernetes cluster was suffering from extremely high CPU and network usage and had become almost completely non-functional. To make things worse, restarting the nodes (the go-to DevOp solution), seemed to have absolutely no effect on the issue. Something was poisoning the network and we had to find out what it was and fast.


Avoid DNS Outages: Decrease Downtime with DNS Monitoring

Cloudflare, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are some of the largest managed Domain Name Server (DNS) service providers in the world. They are also just a few of the many DNS providers that have struggled with DNS outages. In fact, Cloudflare had an outage earlier this year due to a bad software deployment.


DNS Rebinding: A Frightening Attack Vector with Spooky Security Impacts

One of the greatest misconceptions about online safety is that home networks are somehow private. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been true since around the turn of the century when we started filling our home networks with Internet-connected boxes serving local web pages. The problem is that web browsers typically make little distinction between web sites on the public internet versus those on a home or office network.


Top 10 DNS Monitoring Tools

Monitoring is a fundamental component for building observable IT infrastructure and applications, no matter how your services are structured. By adding a domain to a DNS (domain name system) provider’s name servers, you’re defining those servers as authoritative for any queries coming into your domain. DNS is a crucial aspect of network performance and can show the responsiveness between authoritative name servers and recursive name servers (essentially end-users).