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DNS Incidents Like Cloudflare's Could Turn your Status Page Useless; Here is How to Prevent It

How do I prevent DNS related Issues from affecting my status page? This is a very common question we receive from customers at Statuspal. That is what we decided to write an article with suggestions that answer this question.


Nameserver Explained: What it is And How it Works

The Internet is a vast network of servers and devices connecting people worldwide. It allows for near-instant data communication between machines, which is presented in a readable format for the end-user. From a human perspective, it's a simple case of typing the URL of your desired website and pressing enter. Of course, computers talk to one another in their own numerical language, using lengthy IP addresses to refer to domains instead of URLs.


Getting started with DNS attacks

Whenever an online service goes down, you're likely to hear three words: "it was DNS!" Blaming DNS might be a running joke among network admins and engineers, but it's one rooted in experience. DNS problems are known for causing massive, Internet-wide outages such as the 2021 Akamai outage that temporarily made the websites for Delta Air Lines, American Express, Airbnb, and others unreachable.


The Power of Shipa CNAMEs

As a software engineer, I admit I am not the best at networking. Can’t connect to your app for some reason, one going joke is to “always blame DNS” e.g the Domain Name System. My personal DNS experience is usually editing a few records for my personal blog and connecting a few tools and that is it. Thanks to distributed systems, had to learn all about SRV records and some more DNS concepts.


Securing DNS: interrupting attacks as early as possible

While MSPs have been making significant investments in security and offering services, it is a challenge to keep up with the frequency and evolving sophistication of today’s cybersecurity threats. Defense in Depth (DiD) is the foundation on which most MSPs have built a layered security approach for dealing with them.