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New integration with Uber for Business gets employees safely moving again

I miss being in a car. I really miss having someplace to go! But I’m also glad that when it’s safe to go back to our offices, I’ll have the option of commuting with Uber for Business, right from my ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite. We launched the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite two months ago. It includes apps that help companies prepare for and facilitate a safe and effective return to their respective workplaces.


AppSignal Ruby Gem 2.11: Active Job and Friends

We just released Ruby Gem 2.11. We are always making things easier to use for you, so more things work out of the box and more instrumentation and dashboarding is built without you doing any heavy lifting. This release has a big overhaul of Active Job support. The cherry on the stroopwafel cake is the automatically generated dashboard with status per queue, queue throughput and queue times. 2.11 also polishes a lot of other integrations. Let’s dive in.


Website Monitoring with SIGNL4

SIGNL4’s core job is to reliably alert operational teams. However, we’ve been asked a couple of times if SIGNL4 can also monitor a website’s uptime. Well, we developed an app and it is now available in the SIGNL4 app gallery. You can now monitor the availability of websites AND get instantly alerted if is goes down. This can be set up in minutes. The new SIGNL4 app “Website Monitoring” checks the availability of a website and queries its URL in configurable intervals.


Introducing our new Free plan

Today we’re delighted to introduce a new Free plan for anyone who wants to use Geckoboard to make a shareable dashboard using our most popular data source: spreadsheets. It’s easy to understand why spreadsheets are so popular. They’re everywhere, and the most commonly used tool for data analysis, storage and visualization. Unfortunately, they do a poor job of communicating data. Sometimes they can be difficult for others to interpret.

squared up

Make sense of SCOM Alerts with SquaredUp 4.7

One of the most common complaints about SCOM is the noisiness of alerts from Management Packs. Getting on top of these alerts can be a huge challenge and often the thing that most gets in the way of an organization getting value out of SCOM. In SquaredUp for SCOM 4.7, our recent feature-packed update, we bring you three new alert-handling super-powers to help you get on top of alerts.


Dashbird turns 3: reflecting on the journey, challenges and milestones of the past year

Another year of empowering DevOps teams has passed and what a year it’s been! I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the journey, the milestones and challenges this past year encompassed. The last year has been our most transformational to date. We’ve had a huge amount of ups and downs and I’m incredibly proud to say that we got through it and our organization is more resilient, more aligned in our vision and closer as a result.


Jakarta EE 9 Now Available within Jelastic PaaS

Jakarta EE community has already started the shift to Jakarta EE 9. This tooling release is focused on implementing a new jakarta.* namespace, and removing specifications that are no longer relevant. Jakarta EE 9 is a vital step on the way to upcoming Jakarta EE 10 and further innovations using cloud-native technologies for Java. The Jelastic PaaS Team is in the active process of integrating Jakarta EE 9 within our cloud platform.