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More support for structured logs in new version of Go logging library

The new version of the Google logging client library for Go has been released. Version 1.5 adds new features and bug fixes including new structured logging capabilities that complete last year's effort to enrich structured logging support in Google logging client libraries. Here are few of the new features in v1.5: Let's look into each closer.

Move Faster with Rollbar Improve

Rollbar was founded with the belief that done is better than perfect. Building software is complex and it's better to move quickly and manage risk intelligently rather than try to build perfect code. For the past decade, Rollbar has provided peace of mind to hundreds of thousands of developers by monitoring production environments for errors. The tool has been leveraged to find and fix bugs in a fraction of the time and is trusted by the individual developers to at-scale enterprises.

Announcing Cycle.io's Partnership with GSD Venture Studios

We've made it our mission to reduce technical debt in the future of cloud computing, and our partners are helping us make that mission a reality. Today, we’re excited to announce that one of the world's leading Venture Studios, GSD Venture Studios, has chosen Cycle.io as the underlying platform for their new on-demand DevOps service, GSD.dev.

BYOCNI: Introducing Calico CNI for Azure AKS

Cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes rely on container network plugins to establish workload communication. While Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) provides several supported networking options (kubenet and Azure CNI) that address the needs of most deployments, Microsoft recently introduced the ability to bring your own networking solution, called BYOCNI, to help users address more advanced networking requirements. This new feature enables AKS customers to run Calico networking on AKS.

InfluxDB Named a Leader in G2's Summer Grid Report for Time Series Databases

Industry-leading time series platform recognized for ease of setup and user satisfaction SAN FRANCISCO, June 30, 2022 – InfluxData, creator of the leading time series platform InfluxDB, today announced it has been named a leader in the G2 Grid for Time Series Databases, as well a leader within the inaugural Momentum Grid® Report for Time Series Databases in the Summer 2022 ratings from G2, the world’s leading business solution review platform.

Monthly Product Update - Edge Data Replication and Sample Apps for IoT & Node.js

We love to write and ship code to help developers bring their ideas and projects to life. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our product in sync with developer needs to ensure their happiness and accelerate time to awesome. This is the second in a blog series covering our product’s latest features — features that we think will save you time and effort when building with time series and InfluxDB.

Cloud Monitoring metrics, now in Managed Service for Prometheus

According to a recent CNCF survey, 86% of the cloud native community reports that they use Prometheus for observability. As Prometheus becomes more of a standard, an increasing number of developers are becoming fluent in PromQL, Prometheus’ built-in query language. While it is a powerful, flexible, and expressive query language, PromQL is typically only able to query Prometheus time series data.