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Elastic and Confluent partner to deliver an enhanced Kafka + Elasticsearch experience

Today, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Confluent to jointly develop and deliver an enhanced product experience to the Kafka-Elasticsearch community. Kafka is — and has been since the very early days — an important component of the Elastic ecosystem.


Yellowfin 9.5 release highlights

With 9.5, we've focused on providing new capabilities and enhancements for everyone involved in the data to design workflow - analysts, developers, users - that streamline processes, introduce functional improvements and enrich the analytic experience for all. For the full list of updates, please read the release notes and check out our release highlights video below to see some of these new enhancements in action for yourself.


Introducing the Employee Experience and Digital Employee Experience Market Maps

Employee experience is one of the fastest growing IT markets today, and adoption of EX solutions is exploding. Every organization is competing on the strength of its workforce, which brings new urgency to questions like: These questions are at the heart of the employee experience market. But the market itself can be confusing. What is employee experience? What is an EX solution? There’s no standard definition and the term is often used in very different ways.


Forrester's State Of Application Security Report, 2021: Key Takeaways

Forrester’s Annual State of Application Security Report has become a touchstone for organizations on their journey to achieve AppSec maturity. As the software development industry and threat landscape continue to evolve, Forrester’s State of Application Security Report for 2021’s main message is that while applications are still a major attack vector, analysts found signs of hope in their research.


Funding update: $840k secured and more to come

As with all start-ups, especially for a cloud provider, access to funds is imperative to build and scale quickly – after all building out new data centre regions doesn't come cheap! So in recent months we quietly opened a seed round to acquire $2.8m worth of funding – giving Civo a pre-money valuation of $16,800,000. Since launching into beta nearly 2 years ago, we’ve had tons of VC companies knocking on our door, but at this stage we decided not to take VC money.


M-Files and Hubshare: Delivering a Best-in-Class Digital Client Experience

A key component of most successful organizations is truly seamless collaboration. Oftentimes, there is a tendency to think about collaboration with an internal focus - is everyone at my company able to collaborate? While that is certainly an important part of the equation, of equal or greater importance is the ability for companies to effectively collaborate with their customers and clients.


Nightfall for GitHub, Now with Real-Time Data Loss Prevention

We are excited to announce that Nightfall DLP for GitHub now has two plans available: Pro and Enterprise. Both plans allow you to discover, classify and protect sensitive information in any GitHub organization by actively scanning your codebase for secrets, credentials, PII, and other business-critical data to notify you of data policy violations. The Enterprise plan provides the additional ability to scan the commit history of any repo within your GitHub org.