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pandora fms

It's here! It came! Get to know the Azure Plugin!

This afternoon, on Pandora FMS blog, we bring you one of those much needed training videos. No, we are not talking about a tutored Pilates session or a recipe for the best Bacalhau à Brás. Nor do we bring you the trick to get past the chieftain of the desert of Elden Ring.


Level Up Your Observability Game With the Cribl Suite of Products: All About Our 4.1 Release

After our recent company-wide offsite in New Orleans, the Cribl employees are feeling like they’ve leveled up in more ways than one. Not only did we indulge in delicious beignets and king cakes, but we also came back motivated to create some kick-ass new product features with our 4.1 release. It’s like we soaked up all the good vibes and brought them back with us.


Cribl Search 4.1: More Data, More Automation, and a More Intuitive User Interface

It’s been less than 4 months since we released Cribl Search, the first federated query engine focused on observability and security data. The reception has been tremendous. Customers, partners, prospects, and even our internal teams were overjoyed by the initial offering but have been anxiously awaiting the promises of the next release. The wait is over!


Introducing Grafana Cloud k6: unified performance testing and observability

Organizations use load and performance testing to prevent issues from impacting customers, which is essential if they want to stay relevant in today’s digital-first world. And with the rise of cloud native technology and DevOps, software teams must shift performance testing left, towards development. However, traditional load and performance testing tools simply haven’t kept pace, leaving developers, operations, and QA teams siloed.

eg innovations

New One-click Dashboard Templates in eG Enterprise v7.2

One-click dashboard templates are among a number of tools available within eG Enterprise to allow organizations to rapidly set up targeted and bespoke views for a wide range of audiences across their organizations, whilst avoid the costs and inconsistencies of building and maintaining many individual dashboards.


Automatically Create Incidents from Alerts with Alert Routing

Shouldn’t your alerts be doing more of the work for you? A noisy channel with every alert from hundreds of monitors and microservices is a chaotic place to actually find the incidents that are impacting your customers. And it still requires a heck of a lot of human intervention. We think it’s time for something better. Today we’re releasing Alert Routing: the next phase of worry-free automation from FireHydrant.


Qovery and Doppler Join Forces to Empower Developers with Next-Level Cloud Deployment and Security

I am excited to announce the partnership between Qovery and Doppler. Qovery is an infrastructure automation platform that helps developers deploy their applications more easily, while Doppler is a fully managed SecretOps platform that enables engineering teams to better manage their environment variables and secrets.


Forrester TEI Study reveals numerous Everbridge benefits

Although the benefits of deploying Critical Event Management (CEM) are becoming widely accepted, organizations can often struggle to demonstrate the tangible ROI to their key stakeholders, and can face an uphill battle when it comes to securing budget. So, is it possible to put a value on Critical Event Management?


Mattermost v7.9 is now available

Mattermost v7.9 is generally available today. With this latest release, we’ve added Boards System and Team admin access and Compliance APIs. High-level access and management for all boards in a workspace helps maintain control of team collaboration, leading to a more effective and secure team environment. See the changelog for more details.

whatsup gold

PC Pro Gives WhatsUp Gold Five Stars, Adding to Accolades

Popular computer magazine PC Pro added WhatsUp Gold to its "A List" of products for advanced features and ease and affordability of licensing, awarding it five stars in its review. WhatsUp Gold, first launched in 1996, has been growing in features and refinements for the past 27 years. More recently, the IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) solution gained capabilities another way.