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Announcing Work-in-Progress Metrics for Sleuth

Sleuth’s product team is pleased to announce an exciting new feature that provides early and actionable visibility into emerging work-in-progress risk! With this release, Sleuth provides customers even more actionable visibility into their engineering efficiency. It extends Sleuth's deploy-centric tracking capabilities upstream in the developer workflow to provide real-time visibility into in-flight work and its emerging risks. Here's how it works.


Logz.io's New Features: Easier, Faster, and More Cost-Efficient Observability

Our product strategy this year was relatively simple. Many observability practitioners we spoke with complained that observability was oftentimes slow, heavy, complex, and costly – which can be summed up in our CEO’s recent blog on modern observability challenges. While our customers didn’t report similar challenges, we wanted to further distance ourselves from this typical observability experience.


Network Performance Reporting Feature Release

Obkio’s long-awaited Network Performance Reporting feature is now available for all users of Obkio’s Network Monitoring App. Create custom network monitoring reports to simplify and visualize the analysis of information in your network. Learn more about how to access and use Network Performance Reporting with Obkio.


Grafana 9.3 release: Enhanced navigation, Grafana localization, Grafana Alerting updates, and more!

Welcome to Grafana 9.3! Get Grafana 9.3 In our continued efforts to make Grafana more accessible and easier to use, we are excited to showcase new updates to improve navigation, introduce localization, and much more. Read our What’s New documentation to learn all about the latest release and for more details, refer to the changelog.


When Stream Meets Lake: Cribl Integrates With New Amazon Security Lake to Help Customers Address Data Interoperability

We’re excited to announce that Cribl integrates with Amazon Security Lake. Amazon Security Lake allows customers to build a security data lake from integrated cloud and on-premises data sources as well as from their private applications using the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OSCF).


Fleet Introduces OCI Support for Helm Charts

Rancher, the open source container management platform, uses Fleet to enable its continuous deployment features. Fleet brings GitOps functionality to Rancher. Fleet in Rancher 2.7.0 can fetch Helm charts from OCI registries. Using OCI registries to store Helm charts is an increasingly popular storage method. It allows storing your charts in a registry alongside your container images. This unifies the storage options for charts and reduces friction. Using a chart in an OCI registry is fairly simple.


Announcing Logz.io Open 360: One Platform for Open Source Observability

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the introduction of Logz.io Open 360™. This is a major step in our journey. Open 360 is a unified platform for modern engineering teams requiring end-to-end observability across logs, metrics and traces—delivered in an intuitive user interface. Open 360™ is specifically designed to enable engineers to have deep monitoring and insights into distributed systems.


NinjaOne wins 3 categories at the SDC Awards in London!

The SDC Awards focus on recognizing and rewarding success in the products and services that are the foundation for digital transformation! At the awards evening in London on November 24th 2022, NinjaOne were voted winners in 3 categories: Intelligent Automation Project of the Year (with customer We are Focus), Data Security/Compliance Project of the Year (with customer We are Focus), Excellence in Service Award for their MSP offering.