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Best Practices for Mobile App Security Testing for Developers & Non-Developers

Mobile application security testing (MAST) covers a wide range of topics, including authentication, authorization, data security, session management, and vulnerabilities for hacking. The mobile AST market is made up of buyers and sellers of products that identify vulnerabilities and apps used with mobile platforms during or post-development.

Appknox - Highest Rated Mobile Application Security Solution

Launching a mobile enterprise application is no easy feat and one minor security breach can undo all your hard work in no time. With the right security platform, you can detect and fix security vulnerabilities without losing sleep. Say hello to Appknox, a plug-and-play security solution that secures your mobile enterprise applications in less than 60 minutes. Rated the highest in security products in Gartner and being a high performer on G2crowd for SAST, we set ourselves apart from our competition by allowing you to integrate your SDLC with all project management and CI-CD toolchain.

A Comprehensive Approach to DAST

In the modern DevOps framework, the security has shifted to the left and Application Security Testing (AST) techniques like DAST have become even more important. The latest Forrester reports indicate that application weaknesses and software vulnerabilities are the most common attack methods, and businesses fall victim to ransomware every 11 seconds. Further, modern-day businesses are consistently grappling with fast-paced development and industry disruptions.