Threat Detection


How SIEM tools are going to be the future of threat detection

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in the cybersecurity domain started out as a compliance tool but has now evolved into an advanced threat detection platform for organisations. During the development journey of SIEM tools, there was a brief period when it was considered that SIEM is ‘dead’ but it was not because of the absence of the need for it but because SIEM's fundamental capabilities needed an upgrade.

Why Should You Care About Bots?

Humans have become a minority of internet users, with automated bot traffic accounting for more than half of all internet traffic. The bots are becoming more sophisticated as they seek to evade detection. This webinar will reveal the true extent of the bot problem and what you can do to solve it with a pioneering approach to bot management, powered by machine learning that identifies even the most sophisticated bots by their behaviour.

Fighting back at bots with Scott Helme

Humans have become a minority of internet users, with automated bot traffic accounting for more than half of all internet traffic. However, most businesses do not know the composition of their web traffic, or what that traffic is doing on their websites. A trillion-dollar cyber-crime business has been born out of this environment, at the expense of organisations around the world. As the cyber threat grows, the internet is becoming increasingly unfair and driving businesses to spend roughly $88bn on cybersecurity, with this figure predicted to increase by 1,200% to $1tn in 2021.

Uncovering Bots in eCommerce Netacea Webinar

Up to 40% of traffic to an eCommerce site consists of automated bot traffic, but many eCommerce sites lack the visibility required to accurately identify human traffic vs. good and bad bots. Watch the webinar recording and hear from guest speakers from leading eCommerce organizations who discuss what bots mean for them in 2020, the challenges facing technology leaders and their approaches to managing bot traffic.

AWS threat detection using CloudTrail and Sysdig Secure

Implementing AWS threat detection with Sysdig Secure takes just a few minutes. Discover how to improve the security of your cloud infrastructure using AWS CloudTrail and Sysdig Cloud Connector. With the rise of microservices and DevOps practices, a new level of dangerous actors threatens the cloud environment that governs all of your infrastructure. A malicious or inattentive cloud API request could have a sizable impact on availability, performance, and last but not least, billing.


Forging Better Security Outcomes with Integrated Threat Intelligence

For most companies, security and IT systems are growing in complexity, breadth of scope, and coverage, which consumes budget and staff time. The rapid breakdown of the traditional perimeter in this “new normal” world increases the challenges IT teams and remote users face on a daily basis.

Using Private Threat Intelligence Feeds on Hidden Security Attacks with

Oftentimes, security attacks that were clearly recorded in logs go unnoticed. They are obscured by a large sea of log data created by most modern cloud environments. In some cases, like during a DDoS attack, there will be a huge spike in logs so it will be very clear what happened. In other situations, just a few logs will document the attack. Finding these logs can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. But if you know what to looks for, it doesn’t need to be so hard to spot these attacks.

super monitoring

Guard Your Business Like a Warrior with These 10 Tools

Cybersecurity has been a core issue in business management and growth. As businesses try to manage more remote teams, it’s important now more than ever. With technology becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, we’re exposed to an ever-growing risk of cyber-attacks and malicious technological crimes. According to a recent study, on average, hack attacks occur every 39 seconds. That is, one in three Americans is a victim of cybercrime every year.