Self-Care Tips for IT Pros: Invest in Sleep (And a Good Chair)

As an IT pro, you are your most valuable asset. Obviously, if you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you be expected to perform with typical sustained, easy awesomeness? Are you able to extricate your IT self from the myriad reactive activities central to IT roles? It’s easy to proclaim taking care of yourself should always be your number one priority.


The Value of Ingesting Firewall Logs

In this article, we are going to explore the process of ingesting logs into your data lake, and the value of importing your firewall logs into Coralogix. To understand the value of the firewall logs, we must first understand what data is being exported. A typical layer 3 firewall will export the source IP address, destination IP address, ports and the action for example allow or deny. A layer 7 firewall will add more metadata to the logs including application, user, location, and more.


The Top Networking Certifications Guide for 2021

The technology industry is predicted to reach a $5 trillion valuation in 2021, an additional 4% growth over 2020. This steady growth of the industry has, unsurprisingly, led to an increase in the number of jobs in networking and IT. As the last year has shown, when an enterprise is forced to switch work models to a remote or distributed approach, they need network specialists to set up and maintain the necessary infrastructure.


3 Realistic Ways to Drive Better Networking-Security Team Collaboration

The success of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture depends on how well networking and security teams, and the products and services they manage, converge into a shared set of priorities tied to business objectives. Unfortunately, new research from Censuswide confirms this network-security team collaboration is still strained—if not downright combative—at a majority of enterprises.


New Advanced AlienApps for Fortinet

Here at AT&T Cybersecurity, we feel strongly that security should fit into your business, not the other way around. We lower the friction security brings to day-to-day operations through automating the essential security operations such as detection and response. By integrating different security products together to form a consolidated security architecture, companies can be protected with less effort.


An Overview of the Cost Savings and Business Benefits with Auvik

If you’re an Auvik user, you’ve likely come to realize our software can provide value to your business in more ways than one. From automating tedious and repetitive tasks like documentation and config backup, to cutting down on troubleshooting time, Auvik’s cloud-based network monitoring and management system gives you true network visibility and control.