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Microsoft CrowdStrike Outage: Navigating the Top Three Risks of Cloud Dependence

Today, cloud computing has become the backbone of modern business operations. Companies across the globe rely on cloud services for computing, networking, storage, cybersecurity, and their day-to-day operations. However, the outage involving Microsoft and CrowdStrike has underscored vulnerabilities and risks associated with dependence on the cloud.

Complete Guide: Exploring Network Performance Management

Networks are complex systems with many components that can impact performance and security. Factors such as bandwidth, latency, packet loss, and device configurations all play a role in how well your network functions. Additionally, external elements like internet service provider reliability, cyber threats and even physical hardware conditions can affect network performance.

The Obkio Story: Building a Network Monitoring Solution

The increasing use of cloud services and SaaS applications has changed how networks and data flows work. This is especially true with the increased adoption of SD-WAN technology. These changes mean we rely even more on having a strong network to keep important applications running smoothly. Most traditional network monitoring tools were created before these changes and can't keep up with today's demands. They were designed for centralized systems and struggled with the new, decentralized network setups.

Improving Web Performance in China - with Chinafy and Catchpoint WebPageTest

This is a guest blog written by the Chinafy Team. Most people in the website space would have heard of the term Great Firewall of China. What those people won’t really know, though, is what that means. For context, most websites don’t work the same way in China that they do elsewhere. Due to the way the China internet is designed, most websites take a long time to load and fail to function properly.

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Simplicity in IT Operations Strategy

A constant challenge in business is aligning stakeholders, customers, and employees behind a single mission. Carefully crafted plans often fail spectacularly as a result of complexity. Some of these efforts fail slowly; some even before execution begins. Especially when collaboration is important, simplicity can make challenging work innately more understandable, measurable, and engaging.

Kentik Close-Up 03. Network Monitoring Systems and Kentik NMS

Welcome to another exciting episode of Kentik Close-Up! In this episode, "Network Monitoring Systems and Kentik NMS," Leon Adato is joined by product experts Rosalind Whitley and Kendra Crossman to dive into the essentials of Network Monitoring Systems (NMS). Learn why network monitoring systems are crucial, what makes Kentik’s solution unique, and how it can revolutionize your approach to network monitoring. We also explore real-time demonstrations of Kentik NMS in action, showcasing its capabilities in handling streaming telemetry, metrics, and more.