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Applications Manager extends support for Azure network management and delivery monitoring services

Applications Manager provides out-of-the box support for Azure Network management and Delivery monitoring by enabling you to obtain in-depth visibility into the performance of your network management and content delivery resources in real-time. It serves as a single pane of glass to keep a close watch on network management resources hosted on Azure by providing monitoring support for the following services.

AI-Assisted Network Monitoring: Real or Hype?

Networking experts Chris O'Brien and Nina Bargisen join Capacity Media's Jack Allen to explore the evolving role of AI in network monitoring. They delve into historical applications of AI and machine learning in network observability, the integration of large language models for enhanced troubleshooting, and the significance of diverse data sources. The session includes a live demonstration of the AI-assisted query features of Kentik NMS (Network Monitoring System) and highlightings the advantages of streaming telemetry over SNMP. There's also an insightful Q&A session at the end.

Streaming Telemetry and SNMP Monitoring with Kentik NMS

Packet Pushers host Ethan Banks gets an overview of Kentik's new Network Monitoring System, Kentik NMS, from Chris O'Brien, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Kentik. Chris demonstrates key features including how Kentik NMS allows network engineers to take full advantage of streaming telemetry. Faster access to network device data using streaming telemetry over SNMP, ensures that NetOps professionals don't miss critical events that happen between traditional polling intervals.

The Recipe for Speeding Troubleshooting in Modern Networks

I love cooking. I find it to be a very creative outlet. I enjoy being able to combine various ingredients, which each add a specific flavor, color, and even texture. When these ingredients come together in a complementary way, it can result in a tasty, satisfying dining experience. If you think about it, network operations troubleshooting is not much different. Isolated data sets from various siloed tool sets are like the separate ingredients in a recipe.

How to Monitor SASE Networks: From Cloud to Endpoint

In modern connectivity, the advent of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has ushered in a new era of network architecture. But most network admins and IT pros understand the critical importance of not just adopting SASE but ensuring its continuous, secure, and optimized operation. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of monitoring SASE networks —a crucial aspect that separates a robust, responsive infrastructure from potential bottlenecks and performance issues.

Solve UC Problems Before They Cost Money

In this webinar, we discuss the high cost of UC&C application issues, and the impact these issues have on organizations. We'll be doing a deep dive of the amount of tickets organizations receive, the amount of time these tickets take to resolve, some real customer examples, the typical steps taken with and without Exoprise, and the ROI of real-user monitoring.

OpUtils MAC address tracker: We have got your network's back!

The missing piece in your effective resource management strategy is MAC address tracking. Using IPs to track network resources can be unreliable since they are not permanently associated with a specific device. MAC addresses, on the other hand, are unique and permanently associated devices offering inherent stability. Here’s a quick refresher on MAC addresses.

What Is WAF? Web Application Firewall Defined

The rapid evolution of technology has given rise to sophisticated cyber threats that can exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. Cybercriminals continually devise new methods to compromise data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. To counter these threats, organizations must adopt advanced security measures that go beyond traditional security protocols.

Network Monitoring Tools Explained

Ensuring the reliability and performance of your network is essential for success in the modern software industry. In this article, you’ll learn about the basics of network monitoring and get an overview of some of the most popular tools used for network monitoring. Whether you’re managing a sprawling enterprise network or your home lab, understanding and deploying the right tools can mean the difference between smooth sailing and unforeseen downtime.

Network Risk Assessment: What Is It & How to Perform One

In an era where cyber attacks occur every 40 seconds and ransomware attacks, where hackers demand money to unlock your company’s files, are increasing by 400% each year. This means it's super important for your organization to protect its network. But do you know if you're spending enough resources on checking how safe your network is? Is your network performing well enough to protect from cyber-attacks? Are you monitoring the performance of core network security devices like firewalls?