Why we need a Dynamic Baseline and Thresholding Tool?

With the introduction of opCharts v4.2.5 richer and and more meaningful data can be used in decision making. Forewarned is forearmed the poverb goes, a quick google tells me “prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems gives one a tactical advantage”. The reason we want to baseline and threshold our data is so that we can receive alerts forewarning us of issues in our environment, so that we can act to resolve smaller issues before they become bigger.


How we keep N-central updated and secure

Following the security issues in the MSP market over the past 24 months, our customers, who are understandably concerned, have been asking what we do to keep the N-central® appliance (hosted or on-premises) updated and secure for them. I will do my best in this short article to outline how our engineering team keeps up with security. Please note this is valid as of the time of writing, but can change at any point.


Why IP Address Management Is Important

Whether you’re a small organization or an enterprise, efficient management of IP addresses can be the difference between a functional network and an inaccessible service. Increasing complexities, growing device numbers, Cloud Computing, IoT and BYOD continue to heighten the importance of managing your IP address space. Relying on manual record keeping for network connectivity and core business functions can prove risky, even for the most organized of spreadsheets.


INFRA:HALT 14 New Security Vulnerabilities Found in NicheStack

NicheStack is a TCP/IP network stack commonly used in millions of Operational Technology (OT) devices around the world, including in critical infrastructure such as manufacturing plants, power generation/transmission/distribution, water treatment, and more. JFrog’s security research team (formerly Vdoo), together with Forescout Research Labs, recently discovered 14 new security vulnerabilities affecting the NicheStack TCP/IP stack.


What Is Needed for an SFTP Connection?

Along with its security benefits, an SFTP connection is the quickest and most efficient way to transfer files between two local or remote systems. When transferring files or data from one server to another, using an SFTP connection is one of the best options to ensure this data remains untampered. Utilizing an SFTP connection is especially beneficial for commonly used data integration systems like ETL and Reverse ETL. So what makes SFTP so great, and what is even needed for an SFTP connection?