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Protect Data from Ransomware with Flowmon & Superna

With the rapid rise of ransomware in the recent years, protecting your data is now crucial than ever. Combination of Flowmon' Anomaly Detection System (Flowmon ADS) to provide early warning about upcoming attacks and Superna's capability of taking proactive snapshot of data is a powerful combo to protect your data before any exfiltration attempt.

Be ransomware ready with cloud-first DPaaS

Did you know that your choice of a data protection solution can not only help you recover from cyber-attacks, but can also reduce your vulnerability to those attacks? By storing your primary backups safely off the local network, and choosing a remotely hosted SaaS data protection application, two critical attack vectors will be safely out of the reach of ransomware.


Five ways to strengthen your security posture before high-incident seasons

Here are five ways to protect your organization from cybersecurity attacks and vulnerabilities during high-incident seasons. With the busy holiday season over, is it safe to let your guard down concerning cybersecurity? Not exactly. While the holiday season is often seen as prime time for cyberattacks, it’s not the only time of year organizations experience a surge in cyber threats.

Held for Ransom - Ransomware Detection & Response with Flowmon ADS

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System takes an AI-based approach to detecting and alerting on the presence of threat actors within your network from the point of initial access all the way through to exploitation. Gaining visibility into a Ransomware attack by mapping a threat actors earliest movements within your network enables you to stop the attack in its infancy. Flowmon's forensic visibility has you covered with all of the evidence you will need to conduct your investigation following an attack attempt.

What is Ransomware?

According to Veeam’s 2022 Ransomware Trends Report, less than 69% of data stolen during ransomware attacks in 2021 was ever recovered. Ransomware is big business for bad actors. In 2021, the average ransom demand was $247,000, up 45% higher than the previous year. Considering that 76% of the victim organizations surveyed admitted to paying the ransom, it’s likely that the total cost of ransomware to businesses globally was in the billions.


The Latest Ransomware Stats Are In and It's Not Good News.

Out of 10 key metrics tracked quarterly to establish the state of ransomware activity, only one metric stayed static from Q1 to Q3 2022. The other nine all worsened. That’s an alarming trend, especially given that many business leaders hoped to see ransomware activity taper off after a historic surge during the peak of the pandemic. Ivanti, together with Cyber Security Works and Cyware, collaborated on the just-released report.


How to Prevent Ransomware? A Quick Guide to Protect Your Company Data

Cybersecurity is more important now than ever before. With ransomware and other types of cyberattacks on the rise, it’s crucial to take precautions to protect your data by learning how to prevent ransomware. Ransomware, unfortunately, is one of the ubiquitous scourges on the internet. You’ll have to take every possible measure to protect against it. If you leave things up to chance, you’ll incur severe financial losses or compromise mission-critical information and resources.


Battle the Ransomware Scourge with Deep Network Insight

Ransomware is the gift that keeps on giving. Old as it is (33 years) ransomware is constantly morphing into new exploits. The reason is simple. Ransomware works and too often cybercriminals walk away with bags of money (or piles of Bitcoin, anyway). “Following the World Health Organization's AIDS conference in 1989, Joseph L. Popp, a Harvard-educated biologist, mailed 20,000 floppy disks to event attendees.