What is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing is an email spoofing attack targeting a specific organization or individual. Spear phishing emails aim to infect the victim with malware or trick them into revealing sensitive data and sensitive information. Spear phishers look for target who could result in financial gain or exposure of trade secrets for corporate espionage, personally identifiable information (PII) for identity theft and protected health information (PHI) for insurance fraud.


Visa Security Alert for New Self-Cleaning Skimmer - Pipka

Visa have reported a new security alert for an advanced, self-cleaning, JavaScript skimmer named Pipka. The security researchers at Visa’s Payment Fraud Disruptions (PFD) discovered the skimmer in September earlier this year. The skimmer was first seen on a North American ecommerce website which had previously been infected with a different skimmer, Inter. Visa have now identified another 16 additional sites with hosting the Pipka code.


Ransomware Campaigns Underscore Need for Dynamic Security

Shipping services firm Pitney Bowes has recently joined the growing ranks of businesses targeted by high-impact ransomware attacks—in their case, the Ryuk virus. The Ryuk virus has also been named as the culprit in recent data breaches spanning both global and domestic industries, targeting several cities in Florida and Massachusetts, as well as media companies such as Tribune Publishing, and France’s M6 Group.


Attackers Using PureLocker Ransomware to Target Enterprises' Servers

Researchers have detected a new ransomware family they’re calling “PureLocker” which attackers are using to target enterprises’ production servers. Intezer detected a sample of the ransomware masquerading as the Crypto++ C++ cryptography library. In their analysis of the sample, they noticed something unusual when they saw that alleged library contained functions related to music playback.


Major US Hosting Provider Hit by Ransomware

US hosting provider SmarterASP.NET has been hit by a serious ransomware attack that's impacted the websites of its 440,000+ customers. SmarterASP.NET's website and those of its entire customer base went offline yesterday following the attack. According to the notice published today by the company, "Your hosting account was under attack and hackers have encrypted all your data."

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How to Keep Malware Out of Your Printers

The landscape of cybersecurity is always changing, and new threats are constantly emerging. One of the newest – and the most interesting, if you are into that kind of thing – is the rise of printer malware. This type of malware started to be reported in November 2017, when Barracuda Labs saw an attack where cybercriminals spoofed a printer to send a malicious attachment that appeared to be a legitimate file sent by a network printer.