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New 2022 Report: Alarming Ransomware Trend Shows No Sign of Reversing

It’s no secret that ransomware threats skyrocketed – in both volume and boldness – during the pandemic. Threat actors capitalized on the sudden transition to remote work and the resulting lapses in security. Now that the working world is beginning to settle into a permanent Everywhere Workplace, you might think the ransomware trend would begin to reverse. Not so, according to a new report from Ivanti. The report details ransomware trends from Q1 2022, and the findings are bleak.

VMware Management Pack Update Release (22.3.2731.0)

VMware administrators can breathe a little easier today with the release of the latest OpsLogix VMware management pack for System Center Operations Manager. The new update includes a new feature for Ransomware vulnerability monitoring, designed to decrease the attack surface for your VMware infrastructure and keep your data safe. This new addition to the popular OpsLogix VMware Management Pack is free for anyone using our solution today.

What is Malware & How to Protect Ourselves From Computer Viruses

Do you remember when viruses used to be funny and not such a big deal? Maybe a cat would constantly pop up on your desktop or you’d get spammed with hundreds of ads for male enhancement pills? Well, the early 2000s are over (yes, it’s depressing) and malware has advanced far beyond its somewhat quirky origins. Today, viruses have become extremely sophisticated and it’s difficult to know for sure if your files have been infected or not. So what is malware exactly?

Ransomware Cost Hospitals Nearly $21B Last Year. How Protected Are You?

Today, as computing power and wireless capabilities improve, organizations are increasingly leveraging Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technologies, such as internet-connected blood pressure monitors, continuous glucose monitors and MRI scanners. These tools, with their ability to collect, analyze and transmit health data, improve efficiencies, lower care costs and drive better patient outcomes.

JFrog Discloses 3 Remote Access Trojans in PyPI

The JFrog Security research team continuously monitors popular open source software (OSS) repositories with our automated tooling to detect and avert potential software supply chain security threats. After validating the findings, the team reports any security vulnerabilities or malicious packages discovered to repository maintainers and the wider community.

IT Heroes Podcast - EPS 05 Let's talk REvil ransomware

In this episode, we are discussing on REvil ransomware operators who have been arrested by Russian authorities recently. The podcast is around REvil's motive, modus operandi, operation, victims, partners, and finally some tips to keep your enterprise secured against the modern ransomware threats.

Who is Most Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks? New Report Reveals Latest Trends.

No one will be surprised to hear that ransomware is, once again, on the rise. The last two years have seen a stratospheric increase in both the frequency and sophistication of attacks. In a just-released report from Ivanti, Cyber Security Works and Cyware, 2021 closed out with alarming statistics including a 29% increase in CVEs associated with ransomware, and a 26% increase in ransomware families compared to the previous year.

9 Types of Phishing and Ransomware Attacks-And How to Identify Them

Cyberattacks have become more pervasive globally, evolving quickly in sophistication and scale, and are now more lucrative than ever for cybercriminals. Not only has The Everywhere Workplace extended the cyber risk and threat landscape—especially for data privacy and its protection—but a lot of Agile software developers, many of whom lack any DevSecOps process, are publishing untested or poorly tested software that can be exploited as zero-days by criminal gangs.