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The Evolution of Software Trends in 2022

Software delivery has never been more critical to the success of business in every industry. It's also never been more complex. With the growing challenges of complexity, how can engineering teams succeed? After analyzing millions of workflows from more than 50,000 organizations across the world, here are a few truths of software delivery today.

Secure Supply Chain: Verifying image signatures

After these last releases Kubewarden now has support for verifying the integrity and authenticity of artifacts within Kubewarden using the Sigstore project. In this post, we shall focus on verifying container image signatures using the new verify-image-signatures policy. To learn more about how Sigstore works, take a look at our previous post

Updates Paused: How are MSPs Navigating Today's Supply Chain Issues?

The last few years have thrown about everything they could at the status quo. Shifting climates, political instability, and a global pandemic have all contributed to a broad host of network device supply chain issues. Consumers all over the globe are still affected by computer chip shortages and many other items delayed by supply chain issues. And it’s not expected to end anytime soon.

Wearables Are Hot! And Zebra's WS50 Is No Exception with Velocity

A new generation of wearable computers has entered the market. These new devices are the result of technology convergence, which is the tendency for technologies that were originally unrelated to become more closely integrated and even unified as they advance.

Startups apply artificial intelligence to supply chain disruptions

Over the last two years a series of unexpected events has scrambled global supply chains. Coronavirus, war in Ukraine, Brexit and a container ship wedged in the Suez Canal have combined to delay deliveries of everything from bicycles to pet food. In response, a growing group of startups and established logistics firms has created a multi-billion dollar industry applying the latest technology to help businesses minimize the disruption.

Everything you wanted to know about Securing the Software Supply Chain

You know you need to secure your software supply chain. Everyone’s telling you that these days - your executives, your vendors, even the United States government. Your organization has an initiative to do so, or maybe they’ve brought in an expert to help you achieve this goal. But hold on a minute - do we have a shared understanding of what a software supply chain is, and what exactly makes it secure?

Securing The Software Supply Chain Linux Foundation Webinar

From the history of supply chain security threats to security development and deployment we've covered everything you’ve always wanted to know about the software supply chain but were afraid to ask. Dan Lorenc, Founder/CEO, Chainguard, Paddy Carey, Senior Staff Engineer, Cloudsmith, Adil Leghari, Solutions Architect Manager, Cloudsmith and Dan McKinney, Developer Relations, Cloudsmith, gathered for a fireside chat to cover your most burning questions.