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Risk Management

Forrester says ServiceNow is a Leader in third-party risk management

No matter what business or industry you’re in, you want your business partners to deliver. Sometimes what we get is unexpected: toxic ingredients, software bugs, data breaches, sketchy hiring practices, unvetted subcontractors. As hundreds and even thousands of third and fourth parties become more integral to business, your risk posture and success trajectory are heavily influenced by your partners’ business practices. That’s why you need automated third-party risk management.

Cybersecurity Risk Management: Introduction to Security Analytics

It’s mid-morning. You’re scanning the daily news while enjoying a coffee break. You come across yet another headline broadcasting a supply chain data breach. Your heart skips a quick, almost undetectable, beat. You have the technology in the headline in your stack. You set aside your coffee and begin furiously scanning through the overwhelming number of alerts triggered across all your technologies.

Are Your Business Disaster Recovery Measures Sufficient?

Not too long ago, we could have summarized disastrous and unexpected events for a business as 'theft, fire, or flood' because these are the only significant risks that could bring down a business for good. Today, however, businesses are more likely to suffer digital disasters they cannot recover from.

7 Best Practices for Effective Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

While the digital world provides many benefits, there are also various risks involved within the third-party risk category. Also, the category of the risks can be quite long i.e. financial, environmental, security risk and reputational. Firms are often required to open their network and share data related to the company, employees, customers etc. which puts them at significant risk of cybersecurity issues, breaches and loss of sensitive data.

ISO 31030: Evolving Expectations of Travel Risk Management

Organizations have had no choice but to continually adapt over the last few years, especially when it comes to protecting their traveling employees. In simpler times, organizations worried about missing or outdated passports, a rare airline food poisoning incident, weather delays, and turbulence. Today, increased canceled flights, thinning airline staff, closed borders, vaccine testing, and potential quarantining have stressed organizations looking to protect traveling employees.

How business optimization efforts stack up

Like many business leaders, you may be wondering if you’re getting the most out of your technology investments and if there are things you can do to gain efficiency. Many organizations have taken steps toward optimization to reap the rewards of: In fact, 35% of organizations have made significant or very significant progress toward optimizing risk management and cybersecurity, according to a global survey of 900 senior business leaders by ServiceNow and ThoughtLab.

Top 7 Security Risks of a Low Code Development for your Enterprise

Who would hate the quick and easily applicable way to create application software? How is it even possible? Doesn't application development demand countless planning, design, testing, and most crucial thing, codes? Well, there was a time when it was required, but now, the low-code development approach helps enterprises build an app with little to no code. Sounds fantastic, right? The low-code development expedites business results and empowers them by speeding up the development of new applications.

Evaluating the Global Risk Landscape and Creating Actionable Responses

Businesses hoping to exit 2021 with momentum will face new challenges and evolving threats in 2022. Despite the positive strides taken in 2021, a return to normal business functions has not taken place. Stresses to supply chains, economic instability, social unrest, and health risks set the tone for the year, leaving organizations to assess their risk landscape and regroup in hopes of finding more productive ways to tackle 2022.