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How to Maintain ISO 9001 Certification

It’s not easy for an organization to implement the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 and obtain an ISO certification for the standard. But just because you’ve achieved ISO 9001:2015 (the latest version) certification, doesn’t mean your work is done. That’s because your company has to be continually audited to ensure it still meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.


ISO 9001 Quality Management Principles

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems (QMS), published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO standards are the most widely used quality management standards worldwide. Increasingly, your customers are looking for a guarantee that the products they’re buying from you have gone through quality management best practices. Adopting the ISO 9001 standard is one step toward offering that guarantee.

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What To Know About User Behavior Analysis

Over the last few years, significant strides have been made in artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses, both big and small, are finally finding value in the data at their disposal. Big data is no longer a buzzword but a critical tool used by both governments and businesses in many. User Behavior Analysis (UBA) is one of the practical implementations of big data today, coupled with deep learning algorithms. UBA is used to make sense of every day user activity in any setting to predict patterns and help in decision making.

What is Cyber Risk?

Cyber risk is defined as exposure to harm or loss resulting from data breaches or cyber attacks on information systems, information technology and information security. However, this definition must be broadened. A better, more encompassing definition is the risk of financial loss, disruption or reputational damage due to the failure of an organization's cybersecurity strategy.


Lessons learned conducting an information security risk assessment

In an age where businesses are relying more than ever on the rapid advancements in technology to drive innovation, strategy, growth and competitive advantage, it is clear the prevalence of technology is not slowing down. But the increase in new devices and systems that utilize connectivity, as well as the transition to the network of devices and systems that were traditionally air-gapped, brings with it an increased cybersecurity risk.


How to Automate Vendor Risk Management

Third-party vendors are an important source of strategic advantage, cost savings and expertise. Yet outsourcing is not without cybersecurity risk. As organizations' reliance on third-parties grow, so too does their exposure to third-party risk and fourth-party risk. In fact, a recent HSB survey found nearly half of data breaches in 2017 were caused by a third-party vendor or contractor.


Revisiting The Concepts of Disaster Recovery and Risk as Organizations Move Their Infrastructure To The Cloud

The calculus for disaster recovery and risk management is changing. Most small businesses within the past decade would often keep many of their critical technology assets locally, perhaps in a server closet, or a centralized data center for multiple offices. They built their own “vault” of applications, databases, email, files, etc., often on a few physical servers they would be wholly responsible for maintaining and eventually upgrading or replacing.


What is Vendor Risk Management: The Definitive Guide to VRM

Vendor risk management (VRM) deals with the management and monitoring of risks resulting from third-party vendors and suppliers of information technology (IT) products and services. VRM programs are concerned with ensuring third-party products, IT vendors and service providers do not result in business disruption or financial and reputational damage.


Introducing ZenGRC + ZenConnect

At Reciprocity, our mission has always been to simplify the way your organization manages risk and compliance, and to encourage transparency and trusted relationships with your key stakeholders. With ZenGRC, we delivered the industry’s best GRC solution and simplified a traditionally complicated tool to make it easy for CISOs, CROs and CCOs to manage their organization’s information security. Today, we are excited to announce our next massive milestone: ZenConnect.