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Three Preventative Strategies to Help Mitigate Asset Risk in Your Agency

For many federal employees, the workplace has shifted from a traditional office setting to being at home—in a kitchen, bedroom, basement, or any spare desk in the house. With a physical workplace transformation of this nature, cybersecurity concerns come to the forefront. While most agencies have been diligent in addressing these concerns, how has your agency planned to secure its physical inventory?

My New Year's Resolution: Going Passwordless!

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2022? Well, it is that time of year again! My resolutions are not necessarily new, but a continuation of several that I have made in prior years. Eat healthier foods, lose weight, and save money are the ones that immediately come to mind. Another best practice that I started several years ago was to adopt a passwordless authentication initiative for all my internet connected personal devices.

Critical - and Tapped Out. Just-Released Survey Reveals How IT Departments are Really Feeling in this New Landscape

This gives new meaning to the term “wired and tired.” A brand-new survey from Ivanti finds that IT professionals have never been considered more critical to a company’s operations and success, and yet in spite of – or perhaps because of – that pressure, they’re facing a mountain of obstacles and unrelenting fatigue.

Supercharge Your Supply Chain: Meet Current and Future Supply Chain Demands with Ivanti Velocity

Over the last year, labour shortages and supply chain challenges have created a perfect storm, creating a business landscape marked by strained resources and little room for error. The 2021 holiday season ramped up pressure on businesses that are already struggling to keep up.

ITAM vs. ITSM - What's the Difference?

ITAM and ITSM are two of the most ubiquitous terms used in the ITOps domain. However, the use cases and working methodologies are completely different. These are two ways to manage the IT operations of an organization, focusing on two distinct aspects: One focuses on managing all hardware and software assets, and the other, delivering IT services most efficiently.

Enterprise Architecture Through Ivanti ENVISION

The two words, “Enterprise Architecture”, elicit various reactions and have no standard definition in the dictionary or technical manual— everything from “we tried that and it’s too much work” to “we need that!” to “what does it mean to have an effective EA practice”. Trial and error also taught us it’s possible (even easy) to do Enterprise Architecture incorrectly!

How to Secure BYO Android Devices

Two-thirds of US white-collar employees are working from home some or all of the time, according to a September 2021 Gallup survey – and of those, 91 percent hope to continue to do so even after the pandemic. In this Everywhere Workplace environment, a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy is an appealing proposition for employees and IT departments alike, leading to an average annual savings of $350 per employee and a 34 percent increase in productivity.