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The latest News and Information on Asset Management, Device Management and related technologies.

Asset & Inventory Tracking App: One Solution for All Industries

These days competition is so high everyone wants to utilize technology to its full potential which is why a mobile application for business is essential. Every businessman knows that nowadays every adult owns a smartphone. That is why almost all businesses have their own mobile application. However, for asset management, organizations utilize traditional asset tracking methods. As a result, lots of errors occur in data and work delays occur because no proper planning is done.

MSP Live Chat: Timely Tactics for Powering Through a Downturn

With recession chatter growing louder, how should MSPs be shifting their tactics to lower their risk, jump on new opportunities, and thrive? Find out by watching a special live discussion featuring some of our favorite past guests including OITVOIP CEO Ray Orsini, LifeCycle Insights co-founder Alex Farling, and returning co-host, TitanHQ Channel Chief Tom Watson. We provided practical, real-world tips on the following and more.

Hardware vs. IT vs. Software Asset Management - Why the need for specific asset monitoring tools?

Hardware asset management (HAM), IT asset management(ITAM), and software asset management (SAM) are all closely related fields that deal with the maintenance of IT assets in an enterprise. Asset management is managing and tracking the lifecycle of all your enterprise’s assets, from physical to digital. They ensure your enterprise has full visibility into its assets to make informed decisions about what it needs to do with them.

Basic Characteristics and Objectives of Corrective Maintenance

There are several types of maintenance used by organizations, some of them are proactive and some are reactive in nature. However, several organizations do not know which type of maintenance will be suitable for their business. In this blog, we will learn about corrective maintenance and the objectives of corrective maintenance. Will this maintenance be good for your business? So, without wasting any time let us begin!

Why CMMS Software Is Essential for Facility Management?

We know that facility management is not an easy task. If your organization is managing its facility easily then your organization is functioning in an effective way. But if you are not then it is ok. Lots of organizations are struggling with facility management. The main reason is that they are managing it manually since there are lots of assets that need to be managed. Thus, it is not a simple task. But you can simplify facility management. How? You can use CMMS for facility management.

Predictive Maintenance Vs. Condition Monitoring: Which Is Best for Your Business?

In huge organizations where maintenance is a major part of asset management. Two of the most advanced methods used for asset maintenance are predictive maintenance and condition monitoring maintenance. A lot of people use these two maintenance in one place or another. However, there is a huge difference between them. What is the difference? We will also show you a chart. Predictive maintenance vs condition monitoring maintenance. that we will discuss in this blog.

Software License Monitoring: Keeping Costs Down Through Vigilance

Software license monitoring is often viewed as a preventative measure against compliance failures and subsequent penalties. However, if we take a look at the statistics, this notion might be brought into question. Some reports suggest that organizations stand to save a lot of resources with a robust software license management strategy. For instance, the global spending on enterprise software is expected to be around $US 672 billion, an 11% increase compared to the previous year.

Described the Benefits of the Barcode System in Small Businesses.

As we all know that the barcode was invented in 1966 And utilized in business but it was widely used after 1970. However, it became a revolutionary asset tracking technology as it was effective and helpful in keeping track of inventory and assets. Later barcode inventory management system was built to improve data accuracy and its advanced version QR (Quick Response) Code is also launched which was also successful among businesses for asset tracking and marketing purpose.

Is Prescriptive Maintenance the Right Option for Asset Management?

Prescriptive maintenance is one of the less-known maintenance types. However, this maintenance is proactive maintenance and for some industries, it is more effective than predictive & preventive maintenance. In this blog, we will know what prescriptive maintenance is and can you use this maintenance type in your business? So, without wasting any time let us begin!

Is Conveyor Maintenance Checklist Crucial? How Does It Help to Reduce Downtime?

In huge manufacturing units, there are lots of assets and machinery that are helpful in running the day-to-day operation. In case, if these assets stop working due to any reason, then huge problems can occur. One of the biggest examples of this type of asset is the conveyor system. This asset speeds up the manufacturing process and helps organizations to send items from one workstation to another. If the conveyor system does not work, then a work delay will occur, and chaos will take place.