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Purchase Order Software - Features, Uses & Benefits || Asset Infinity

In this video we will cover about about Purchase order software system. Explore key features, benefits & uses ad asset tracking software. With purchase order system, you can not only keep track of every purchase order but also manage it. Whenever any update occurs in any purchase order, a notification is sent to the management. It offers better visibility of the organization's spending.

Asset Location Tracking: Keeping a Detailed Record of your Asset's Placement

Asset location tracking is an essential part of IT Asset Management since it allows organizations to track their IT assets’ location. Thanks to the digital workplace, organizations are used to having part of their staff in remote places or even traveling for different reasons. And as a consequence, these employees usually have IT assets filled with company information (often times confidential) that travel with them across the globe.

Asset Tracking Software - Features, Uses & Benefits || Asset Infinity

In this video we will cover about about Asset Tracking software system. Explore key features, benefits & uses ad asset tracking software. Asset tracking software increases equipment longevity and enhances security. Maintenance management and scheduling can be cumbersome with outdated or paper-based processes. Asset tracking software can transform this logistical nightmare into a simplified process that saves both time and money.

A Guide to Managing Hardware & Software Assets

Every IT asset provides value for a business. IT asset management (ITAM) allows businesses to maximize the value that is received from each asset, thus saving money, time, and other resources. Vision networks announced that an ITAM program helps businesses save around 30% per asset within the first year of implementing the system. Explore the world of ITAM by learning more about hardware and software asset management.


The Top 10 Essential Asset Management System Requirements in 2022

Prioritizing the management of a company’s assets over all other management efforts is crucial. Businesses that deploy asset management systems more often see more benefits and ROI than ever. Over the years, the asset management system has enabled numerous businesses and companies to save significant money and administrative labor. For regulatory compliance reasons, asset records are necessary for both physical and digital assets to support effective resource planning.

Why Preventative Maintenance Software is Important for Business? || Asset Infinity

This video explains the importance of preventative maintenance software for every business. Preventative maintenance systems help companies visualize and automate work order processes and handle maintenance tracking throughout the maintenance request cycle. This improves internal communication and reduces the need for micromanagement of technicians. Most preventive maintenance software solutions offer role-based access to work orders, allowing only authorized users to mark them as complete.

RFID Asset Tracking in Hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can handle a variety of equipment and gadgets with the use of asset-tracking systems. However, many systems are antiquated, unstable, and prone to errors, which adds time and money to what should be a quick procedure. RFID asset tracking allows you to collect asset data in a fraction of the time it would take to locate your assets manually. RFID offers a fully automated and significantly more reliable method of tracking medical equipment.


How to Improve Your Hospital Asset Management Plan in 2022

As a healthcare organization owner, you may often deal with issues in locating the right medical equipment, whether for an emergency, regular use, or maintenance. At the same time, from overbuying assets, such as medical devices and supplies, to replacing equipment that still has life, many hospital administrators are spending more than necessary on clinical assets.