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Nov 6, 2018   |  By Costa Tsaousis
We just released netdata v1.11! We fixed a number of vulnerabilities in the code base, added many new data collection plugins and updated other, and lots more. All users are advised to update to this version.
Mar 27, 2018   |  By Costa Tsaousis
New in this version: new web server, a lot faster and more secure, updated all javascript libraries to their latest versions (fixed compatibility issues - now netdata chart can now be embedded on Atlassian Confluence pages and remain fully interactive!), many new or improved plugins, new alarm notification methods, and dozens more improvements, enhancements, features and compatibility fixes. All users are advised to update to this version. It fixes a few security issues.
Sep 13, 2017   |  By Louis DeLosSantos
In this article I will walk you through the basics of getting Netdata, Prometheus and Grafana all working together and monitoring your application servers. This article will be using Docker on your local workstation. We will be working with Docker in an ad-hoc way, launching containers that run ‘/bin/bash’ and attaching a TTY to them. I use Docker here in a purely academic fashion and do not condone running netdata in a container.