Mattermost 5.7: The most secure way to adopt ChatOps, performance improvements and more

Happy New Year! Mattermost 5.7 includes a number of user experience improvements designed to increase team productivity. Try these new features by downloading Mattermost 5.7 today. Since it includes security updates, upgrading is recommended.


Together, Mattermost and GitLab make ChatOps more secure than ever before

Modern IT organizations are increasingly using ChatOps to operate critical business systems and move forward faster. ChatOps is a new way of working that brings people, files, conversations and tools (via commands) together on a central enterprise messaging workspace, accelerating decision making and innovation while increasing agility.

Lessons learned implementing ChatOps (DevOps + messaging) at large Enterprises - Corey Hulen

Email overload, distributed teams and excessive meetings have caused many organizations to move their DevOps teams to messaging platforms and thus adopt ChatOps workflows. With thousands of open source installs and hundreds of customer implementations, we have a few lessons to share on interesting DevOps workflows, how incidents can be effectively communicated across distributed teams and what messaging in secure and regulated environments should look like.

What Is ChatOps and How Does It Scale Up Cloud Security?

In today’s world, innovation is happening at an exponential pace. People want real-time analyses of everything from elections to baseball games. Our desire for immediate information has led to a demand for real-time development, operations, and work management. To achieve this demand, people, processes, and tools need to move out of traditional communication modes into real-time collaboration and conversation. That’s where ChatOps comes into play.

ChatOps – Managing Operations in Group Chat

Increase efficiency with ChatOps, an approach that helps IT teams collaborate and perform daily actions from a unique, turbocharged chatroom. With this 75-page report, you’ll learn how your team can query information, work together on solutions, enter commands with bots and scripts, and comment on the work—all in one place and in real time.