Lessons Learned Implementing ChatOps

Email overload, distributed teams and excessive meetings have caused many organizations to move their DevOps teams to messaging platforms and thus adopt ChatOps workflows. With thousands of open source installs and hundreds of customer implementations, we have a few lessons to share on interesting DevOps workflows, how incidents can be effectively communicated across distributed teams and what messaging in secure and regulated environments should look like.

How enterprise dev teams use GitLab and Mattermost ChatOps to accelerate development

There has never been more pressure on development teams to build software faster and more efficiently. The rise in popularity of DevOps has largely been the result of its promise to speed up dev cycles, increase agility, and help teams resolve issues more quickly. And while the availability and sophistication of DevOps tools have improved greatly in the last few years, simply choosing the latest and greatest tools is no guarantee of a smooth, problem-free development lifecycle.


Introducing Mattermost ChatOps: Open source, real-time DevOps

It’s never been a more exciting time for DevOps. The range of community-driven, open source tools available for building, deploying, and running apps brings new sophistication and scalability—once the exclusive domain of internet giants—into the hands of virtually all organizations.


ChatOps-The future of collaboration

ChatOps is the implementation of chatbots to unify communication and collaboration. Through ChatOps every single member of a team will be aware of what the other members are working on. It is the logical next step in the evolution of communication among teams after email and IM. Projects of today are developed at a global scale with millions of people as potential users, this means that teams are larger and often work in shifts or even remotely.


What is ChatOps? And Why Do I Care?

The culmination of CI/CD, cloud-based applications and infrastructure, and DevOps-oriented teams are leading to faster delivery of more complex systems. With rapid development and faster release schedules, there’s more risk and a higher chance for failure. But, keeping up with competitors in today’s software landscape depends on the ability to deploy features quickly and reliably.


ChatOps and Using Hubot for Incident Response

ChatOps is a method for using tools to execute commands, surface alert context and take action directly through chat. You can align human workflows with application and infrastructure health, making it easier to communicate and fix problems from a single tool. DevOps and IT teams are using chatbots like Hubot to execute commands directly from chat tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Mattermost 5.7: The most secure way to adopt ChatOps, performance improvements and more

Happy New Year! Mattermost 5.7 includes a number of user experience improvements designed to increase team productivity. Try these new features by downloading Mattermost 5.7 today. Since it includes security updates, upgrading is recommended.


Together, Mattermost and GitLab make ChatOps more secure than ever before

Modern IT organizations are increasingly using ChatOps to operate critical business systems and move forward faster. ChatOps is a new way of working that brings people, files, conversations and tools (via commands) together on a central enterprise messaging workspace, accelerating decision making and innovation while increasing agility.