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Content Management vs. Knowledge Management 2023

Content management and knowledge management may seem like interchangeable terms and are often used as such. However, there are noticeable differences. Simply put, knowledge is more about gathering information and building a knowledge base and is more abstract. It is the know-how that resides in an organization. On the other hand, content in a business context is translating the know-how into output. For instance, content would include this blog that details content and knowledge management.

What is Box: Pros, Cons, and Box.com Pricing

What is Box.com? Not to be confused with Dropbox, Box is a popular cloud content management platform. But what does that mean exactly? Box's service is a platform for users to collaborate, edit, and work on various files. It is a centralized digital workspace allowing workers to operate in an environment where everything is compatible. Box enables users to securely share files and collaborate on digital projects across platforms with pretty much everyone.

Controlled Unclassified Information: Top 4 Management Tips

In 2010, the United States government mandated an order to safeguard sensitive information it created or owned. Unlike classified information which can be accessed by only a few key people, unclassified information can be accessed by many governmental and non-governmental bodies. Therefore, this information can't be termed as classified, but it still requires controlled access and dissemination due to its sensitive nature. Hence the name, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Avoid cost overruns: How to manage your quotas programmatically

One important aspect of managing a cloud environment is setting up financial governance to safeguard against budget overruns. Fortunately, Google Cloud lets you set quotas for a variety of services, which can play a key role in establishing guardrails—and protect against unforeseen cost spikes. And to help you set and manage quotas programmatically, we’re pleased to announce that the Service Usage API now supports quota limits in Preview.