Browser market share 2018: Safari on the rise

Our Real User Monitoring (RUM) product gathers performance data from actual user experiences from all around the globe for enabled pages. For 2018 that meant we collected data from thousands of worldwide users. In this blog, we take a look at the users’ browser choices, the page performance as experienced by the users, and their choices in device types.


Increased Test Credits for Everyone

After learning more about how our users use test credits to diagnose and troubleshoot network issues, we realized that we needed to make credits more affordable so we significantly increased the number of credits included with each credit package. See the new options below. We hope this change allows you to continue running cost effective network tests.


SIEM: The Steps Before "The First Steps"

We do a lot of work creating, describing and publishing security use cases to empower SIEM programmes - like a recent webinar with (ISC)2 on ‘20 SIEM Use Cases in 40 Minutes: Which Ones Have you Mastered?’ or sharing stories like Telia’s journey to tackle cybersecurity challenges. However, I thought it would be beneficial to step back from the ‘SIEM minutiae’ to take a better look at IT security strategy and governance.


Reporting Up: Recommendations for Log Analysis

What kind of log information should be reported up the chain? At a certain point during log examination analysts start to ask, “What information is important enough to share with my supervisor?” This post covers useful categories of information to monitor and report that indicate potential security issues. And remember: reporting up doesn’t mean going directly to senior management. Most issues can be reported directly to an immediate supervisor.


Top 5 Open-Source HIDS Systems

The threat landscape has become increasingly diverse and the systems used to attack are more sophisticated than ever before. In 2018, enterprises and organizations of all sizes and across all industries faced serious data breaches (information leaks were experienced by Aadhar —1.1B users; myFitnessPal —150M; Quora—100M; Facebook—29M and many more). One of the biggest victims was Marriot. A single unauthorized access led to the theft of 500M personal identifiable pieces of information.


Security Requires Immutability: Avoid Dynamic Environments with Change Management

When Shelley published his famous poem in 1816, he was telling us that the only constant in life is change. This was not a new concept, even then. Heraclitus proposed the same concept around 500 BCE with ‘Panta rhei’ (Life is Flux or everything changes). Even though we all know and understand this ancient concept, people still have difficulty with change.