What we learned selling subscriptions before they became trendy

Our decision to change from a perpetual licence model to subscriptions was one of the great naive moments in Yellowfin’s history. It was about eight years ago and we had great sales growth but it was getting harder to start from scratch every year and sell more perpetual licenses. At the same time, our maintenance business was growing so we decided to flip our model and sell subscriptions. It seemed like a good idea at the time as none of our competitors were selling subscriptions.


What is Vendor Risk Management: The Definitive Guide to VRM

Vendor risk management (VRM) deals with the management and monitoring of risks resulting from third-party vendors and suppliers of information technology (IT) products and services. VRM programs are concerned with ensuring third-party products, IT vendors and service providers do not result in business disruption or financial and reputational damage.


Powering Jira Workflows with Real-Time Messaging

Tens of thousands of developers and product teams around the world use Jira for issue tracking and project management. While Jira helps software development teams increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and improve issue prioritization, it does come with its fair share of pain points—just like virtually every other piece of technology.


Quickstart Guide to Creating Fake Data for Load Testing Parameters

Browser-based load testing is becoming an increasingly popular way to identify bottlenecks in software applications. Rather than testing server response times and error rates, you can recreate the user experience from a real browser. These browser-based tests measure both the server’s response times and the browser’s HTML and JavaScript render times to provide a more comprehensive look at the user experience.


How To Test & Monitor Azure AD Uptime & Performance

Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory (Azure AD or AAD) is a cloud service that provides administrators with the ability to manage end-user identities and access privileges. When you use Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or Intune you are indirectly interacting with AAD which they use to manage all of their identities, authentication and permissions.


HBase Performance CDH5 (HBase1) vs CDH6 (HBase2)

HBase Customers upgrading to CDH 6 from CDH 5, will also get an HBase upgrade moving from HBase1 to HBase2. Performance is an important aspect customers consider. We measured performance of CDH 5 HBase1 vs CDH 6 HBase2 using YCSB workloads to understand the performance implications of the upgrade on customers doing in-place upgrades (no changes to hardware).


Being a CISO Isn't Just About Information Security - It's About Building a Stronger Business Strategy

Gone are the days when being a CISO (or even just ‘the security guy’) was about actual information security or IT security. Even the term IT security is outdated now, as it emphasizes a one-dimensional view of what security is really about. However, I digress…


Re-imagining online citizen engagement

We’ve all been there. You need something from your local or state government agency, so you navigate to their website. But instead of finding what you need quickly, as you would with many consumer sites, the site is a mess. It’s organized by agency department, which you don’t really understand, or it’s not organized at all, with a hodgepodge of information all over the place.