[Webinar]Release Management in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

Software releases, whether simple or complex, often entail common challenges like lack of communication between different teams, scheduling conflicts, and absence of central control. Failing to adequately address these challenges may result in underdeveloped or failed releases. This can cause an increase in outages leading to costly downtime that could have otherwise been prevented.

The Importance of Alert Grouping

Alerts are one of the most important information sources when it comes to cyber security. They notify and inform your IT team about ongoing cyber threats, security events and any other incident that might threaten your organization. In this article, we will focus on alert grouping and why it is important for the security of your organization.


Weekly Cyber Security News 22/11/2019

A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. Leaky bucket time once again. With so much effort by the providers to make it as hard as possible to accidentally expose data, then for the devs to try really hard to undo all of that because they are too lazy (or lack understanding) to do a proper job, is utterly mystifying. Please, please try and make the effort...


5 Ways Looker makes Firebase Analytics Data in BigQuery Useful

The best apps today use a data-driven approach to make them successful. Knowing which segments of users stick around and get the most value (and in turn give you the most revenue) shouldn’t be a guessing game, it should be an exact science. Millions of modern apps are written in Google’s backend application development platform, Firebase. Firebase contains over 18 tools to help application developers build, improve, and grow any app.


Announcing Datadog Security Monitoring

With the growing complexity and velocity of security threats in dynamic, cloud-native environments, it’s more important than ever for security teams to have the same visibility into their infrastructure, network, and applications that developers and operations do. Conversely, as developers and operations become responsible for securing their services, they need their monitoring platform to help surface possible threats.


Repeated Office 365 Outages, November 2019

Microsoft 365 including Office 365 has been suffering repeated outages over the past few days. Between Tuesday November 19th and Thursday November 21 2019 (so far), there have been repeated outages, timeouts and problems with SharePoint, OneDrive and various parts of Azure AD (AAD). Exoprise customers, of course, have known about these Microsoft 365 outages well in advance of getting notifications from Microsoft.

SolarWinds Continues to Drive Customer Success Through Growth of its Learning Portal, the MSP Institute

DURHAM, North Carolina - November 21 2019 - SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced its MSP Institute, an online learning portal designed to provide training through business, sales, marketing, and technical courses, continues to develop and drive customer success.

Just 12% of ICS Security Pros Very Sure of Orgs' Ability to Respond to Digital Attacks

Malicious actors are increasingly launching digital attacks against industrial organizations. Many of these campaigns have been successful, particularly those that have targeted energy utilities and manufacturing plants. In late spring 2019, for instance, aircraft parts manufacturer ASCO temporarily suspended operations worldwide after falling victim to a ransomware attack.


Root Cause Changes: Real Examples of Modern Root Cause Analysis from our Beta Customers

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an all-encompassing process. It is usually very complicated and often requires many people with many different skills – all trying to tackle an incident to determine what happened, when, why, how and ultimately who (to blame). There is, however, secret sauce today that can help solve many issues before a “full-scale” RCA process is initiated – and that is Root Cause Changes (RCC).


Q&A - The Next Generation Data Platform for Financial Crime

An Interview with Dr Richard Harmon, Managing Director, Financial Services, Cloudera Financial Crime is one of the biggest costs for financial institutions with recent research by Refinitiv indicating that global financial services (FS) organisations lost more than $1.4 trillion in 2018. Another Refinitiv report indicates that 97% of FS institutions believe that technology can significantly help with financial crime prevention.