Monitor Carbon Black Defense logs with Datadog

Creating security policies for the devices connected to your network is critical to ensuring that company data is safe. This is especially true as companies adopt a bring-your-own-device model and allow more personal phones, tablets, and laptops to connect to internal services. These devices, or endpoints, introduce unique vulnerabilities that can expose sensitive data if they are not monitored.


Curtail security exploits in applications and fortify your remote endpoints

The trend of working from home has hit the ground running, and businesses have turned to strategies and tools that will ensure a no-plummet productive environment. There are two major forks in the road when it comes to provisioning remote endpoints—users can use their own devices, or the company can hand over corporate-owned devices.


Week 5 highlights from Knowledge 2020

One major highlight of Week 5 at Knowledge 2020 was CEO Bill McDermott’s “Dream” keynote presentation, during which he was joined by chief product officer CJ Desai and Amy Lokey, head of design and UX. McDermott led off by explaining how a “workflow revolution” is underway in global business. Powered increasingly by machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital workflows are dramatically improving work experiences for employees and customers, McDermott said.


Deploy a Rancher Cluster with GitLab CI and Terraform

In today’s ever-changing world of DevOps, it is essential to follow best practices. That goes for security, access control, resource limits, etc. One of the most important things in the world of DevOps is continuous integration and continuous delivery, or CI/CD. Continuous integration is a crucial part of an efficient deployment. We are all guilty of repeating manual steps over and over again – especially when it comes to node configuration.

Is Kubernetes the Tool, or Are You?

This presentation ran at the DevOps Institute skilUP Day event on May 21, 2020. If Kubernetes exists to make your life easier, why is it such a nightmare to use? There are a million and one presentations on how to use Kubernetes in your DevOps workflow, but they all start from a flawed foundation. They all assume that you wanted to use Kubernetes in the first place. In the shiny world where Kubernetes is King, we are its subjects, forced to use it and smile while we grit our teeth.

Capturing and Containing Hidden Cloud Costs-How Overprovisioning Can Hurt Your Budget

The traditional method of planning server, network, and storage capacity is to look at the usage peaks and then add a safety margin. Most cloud hosting is planned this way. The idea that you only pay for what you use is not based on actual usage, rather on the capacities you initially specify. Most cloud migrations involve a ‘lift and shift’ approach of moving an application to a different host with minimal maintenance.

[Webinar] What's New in Katalon Studio 7.5 - Demo and Live Q&A

The latest Katalon Studio version 7.5 is packed with new features and enhancements, ranging from system configurations to script generation, execution, and reporting. In this webinar, our experts from the Katalon Team will walk you through how these new features work, its benefits, and values. Also, catch the live demo and join the Q&A session to have a better understanding of how you can make the full use of Katalon and its host of capabilities.

Incident Response with Atlassian's Opsgenie

Learn all about Incident Response with @Atlassian 's Opsgenie. Respond to incidents from the Incident Command Center, identify potential root cause from the Incident Investigation view, and keep track of key information within the Incident Timeline. Once resolved, easily fill out the postmortem template and export to Confluence.

Improve Website Performance and Availability with Synthetic Monitoring

Any delay in the response time of your website can adversely affect user satisfaction and customer delight. OpsRamp synthetic monitoring allows you to track the performance of your websites and internet services and remove bottlenecks before they can affect your users. This TechTalk with feature a glimpse into the roadmap with OpsRamp product management. Also, follow us on social media channels to learn about product highlights, news, announcements, events, conferences and more -

Application Performance Monitoring With SolarWinds AppOptics

AppOptics provides real-time visibility into any application by collecting both high-fidelity metrics and detailed transaction traces. Follow requests across processes, hosts, and data center with the distributed tracing functionality—no manual instrumentation required Quickly jump from visualizing trends to deep, code-level root cause analysis, and easily monitor applications across many different programming languages including: .NET, Java, Scala, Python, and PHP