12 Customer Service Skills All Great Agents Need

Great customer service agents are invaluable in any business. Not only can they make your customers happy in an instant, but they can completely change the perception of your company. Finding these great agents, however, isn’t easy. Here are twelve customer service skills all great agents need and what you should look for when building your team…


The Importance of Threat Intelligence Feeds

Threat Intelligence Feeds, in fact, are an actionable threat data related to artifacts or indicators collected from any third-party vendors in order to learn from other company’s visibility and access to enhance your own cyber threat response and awareness. The example of these third-party vendors includes Kaspersky Threat Intelligence and Alient Vault OTX. Threat Intelligence Feeds concentrate on a single area of interest and they are delivered online.


Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm

Today, most organizations are rearchitecting their applications and moving them to the cloud. Use of microservices architecture and containers has completely transformed the way organizations develop and deploy new applications in the cloud. These technologies, alongside container orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, allow organizations to develop small, independently deployable components of code that require minimal resources.


7 Key Considerations for Kubernetes in Production

Today Enterprise IT does not question the value of containerized applications anymore. Given the move to adopting DevOps and cloud native architectures, it is critical to leverage container capabilities in order to enable digital transformation. Google’s Kubernetes (K8s), an open source container orchestration system, has become the de facto standard — and the key enabler — for cloud native applications, and the way they are architected, composed, deployed, and managed.


Weekly Cyber Security News 19/04/2019

A selection of this week’s more interesting vulnerability disclosures and cyber security news. While not as main stream as Skype, Matrix has certainly gained a good following (one I’ve been personally watching for a few years myself). The announcement of a major breach via vulnerabilities in it’s Jenkins CI system do highlight that any door in will be taken and used to pivot into where the jewels really are.

How to Measure Internal Audit Performance

Ever-increasing cybersecurity threats have made data security a staple in all businesses that transmit, manage, or store sensitive data. However, many companies struggle with security when it is time to carry out IT audits. To determine the effectiveness of your risk management program, it is crucial to measure your organization’s internal policies against the recommended industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Comparing kube-proxy modes: iptables or IPVS?

kube-proxy is a key component of any Kubernetes deployment. Its role is to load-balance traffic that is destined for services (via cluster IPs and node ports) to the correct backend pods. Kube-proxy can run in one of three modes, each implemented with different data plane technologies: userspace, iptables, or IPVS. The userspace mode is very old, slow, and definitely not recommended! But how should you weigh up whether to go with iptables or IPVS mode?