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Demystifying DevOps and SRE

How different are DevOps and SRE? Are they related to each other? In this blog, James Samuel sheds light on the similarities & differences between SRE & DevOps followed by the possible ways to structure an SRE team in your organization. One of the terms that people often find confusing is SRE and DevOps. People often ask, should I hire a DevOps Engineer or a Site Reliability Engineer? What is the difference between SRE and DevOps and which one do I need? In this post, I attempt to shed some light.


How PagerDuty Helps Manage Hybrid Infrastructure and Complex Ops Across Industries

If there’s one thing we learned from the 80+ sessions from Summit 2021, it’s that across the industries, companies are continuing to accelerate innovation in a bid to meet growing customer expectations of always-on services across all channels. In financial services, disrupting traditional banking or rethinking access to advisory services comes with operational and regulatory challenges.


New Product Integration! Microsoft Teams Video

On the heels of our Microsoft Teams integration release to streamline incident management, we’re excited to share that we now support Microsoft Teams Video capabilities. We generate Microsoft Teams video conference links for each Blameless incident for fast and easy collaboration. Microsoft Teams Video joins Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting in our video integration suite.

Hear From Product PagerDuty for Customer Service Operations Lightning Talk

Learn about what's new with PagerDuty for Customer Service Operations from the Summit 2021 Launch. Our Product team shares how you can benefit from our latest updates and enhancements and enjoy demos that were recorded live from Summit 2021 featuring the PagerDuty Salesforce Service Cloud Integration V3, New Customer Service SKU, and Round Robin Workflows (Round Robin Scheduling).

PagerDuty Pulse Q1 FY22 Full Webinar

In this edition of PagerDuty Pulse, you’ll get to view our most recent platform updates and enhancements (March 2021 – June 2021) that extend from AIOPs and automation to a variety of new integrations. Teams must leverage PagerDuty and Modern Digital Operations to automate the day-to-day toil of repetitive tasks, master modern operations with full-service ownership, seamlessly collaborate across the organization, and accelerate enterprise-wide response by enabling customer service operations and business stakeholders.

What is Incident Management in IT and Why does it matter?

Incident management is the process of identifying and resolving problems that occur in IT services. Incident Management is also used as a metric to measure the health of the IT Service Desk. Let’s discuss what incident management is, why it matters to your business, and how you can apply it to your organization.


Chapter Nine: In Which Dinesh Experiments with Chaos Engineering

Another day, another drama! This one, though, is very much of my own making. I have been wanting to try my hand at a bit of chaos engineering for some time now but C&Js just hasn’t been ready. Sarah’s been up for it too, though, at Animapanions. And now that our CIO, Charlie has seen MTTR drop across every single technology team, thanks to the rollout of Moogsoft and the new incident management system (kudos to James), it’s pilot day.