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Any PLC alarm on your mobile device

Maintenance of machines is an incredibly important task. And it is important to fix a machine before it completely fails. In reactive maintenance scenarios, speed of response is key. Once an issue is detected is important to communicate as reliably and quickly as possible to the right engineer. Ideally, the machine is connected directly to team of mobile engineers in charge and can let them know what exactly happened and what needs to be fixed.


The incident resolution mandate of telehealth and telepharmacy providers in the age of Covid-19

The incident management challenges of a pandemic-driven world & how to overcome them “While the safety and well-being of workers affected by COVID-19 is the first priority, companies will also triage other essentials, such as incident management and stakeholder communications.” (PWC) In a pandemic-stricken world that is consuming products and services over the internet, more than ever, there is a great strain on digital and connectivity systems.


Here's your Complete Definition of Software Reliability

We live in the era of software convenience, where we take for granted that hundreds of services are always at our fingertips. These applications become part of our daily routines because they are so reliable. However, this consistency makes reliability work invisible to the end user. It can be difficult to appreciate the effort behind maintaining a high availability service. Because of that, people may misunderstand exactly what makes a service reliable.


Best PagerDuty Alternatives of 2020: An Independent Review by StatusGator

Modern applications offer more and more features, and the infrastructure needed to run them becomes increasingly complex. The need for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) tools like PagerDuty is obvious, as the cost of downtime can be exorbitant for a business of any scope. Thus, every business needs to use Pager Duty or one of its alternatives that alerts the Ops team should anything go awry.

Datadog on Incident Management

Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform that ingests trillions of data points per day, coming from more than 8,000 customers. With a complex distributed architecture and hundreds of deployments per day, needless to say sometimes things don't go as planned. Our teams have been improving the way incidents are managed at Datadog over the years and they are using that knowledge to help Datadog customers manage their own incidents.

Transparency Under the Hood - the Next Generation of Self-service AIOps

As many recent studies show (like this one from Mckinsey) , self-service in B2B products is a growing trend. Today’s enterprise users expect the same seamless and simple experience they’ve learned to love as consumers. This works well for many simple tasks. But when it comes to more complex actions that require working with ‘under the hood’ technical features, things haven’t changed much since the early days of enterprise technology.


Joint "CYPRES" Report on Incident Response Released by FERC

Earlier this month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) published a joint report entitled “Cyber Planning Response and Recovery Study” (CYPRES) in partnership with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and eight of its Regional Entities (REs) in order to review the methods for responding to a cybersecurity event.


Build your API first

I have a beef with companies that don’t expose nearly everything their product can do with an API. I get anxious wondering, “why can I only do some of the things via the API? How is this sausage made?” Sure, there are plenty of examples of endpoints that shouldn’t be exposed, such as changing passwords probably should be kept private. Regardless, there are tons of examples of products that I can type in a field in the UI, but that field isn’t available in the API.


Escalate Critical Issues with PagerDuty and Sentry

Connecting Sentry and PagerDuty is a great way to make sure important issues don’t get stuck in backlog purgatory. But sometimes there’s a drop-everything critical issue that can’t wait for a sprint planning meeting. That’s why we’re extending our PagerDuty integration to support Metric Alerts.