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Incident Management Metrics That Matter - 2021

What are the Key Incident Management metrics/ KPI ‘s? How important is it to track Your Team’s Performance? If you are not doing so already the time is right to get your finger on the pulse by better understanding and managing your organizations incident management key metrics. How a company manages IT Incidents matters and most importantly the process has the power to impact sales – recent studies indicate 52% of U.S.

OnPage Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform

Modern healthcare teams require a modern solution to streamline clinical communications and medical workflows. In life and death situations, it’s critical that physicians receive immediate alerts and messages to provide patient care promptly. OnPage is the industry’s most trusted clinical communications platform. OnPage is more reliable and secure than traditional pagers. The system enables care teams to easily communicate and achieve maximum patient satisfaction.

The Principles of DevSecOps

As a Solution Architect here at xMatters, an Everbridge Company, and through my 30-year career in the IT industry, I’ve seen many frameworks offering bold new ideas. CMMI, ITIL, Prince 2, Agile, Scrum, and most recently, DevOps. These frameworks come and go, offering huge improvements in the way we deliver and manage our IT capabilities, but never lasting long enough to act on those promises.

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Uptime/SLA calculator: what is an SLA and how to calculate it?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a document that details the expected level of service guaranteed by a vendor or product. This document generally sets out metrics such as uptime expectations and any payoffs if these levels are not met. For example, if a provider advertises an uptime of 99.9% and exceeds 43 minutes and 50 seconds of service downtime, technically the SLA has been breached and the customer may be entitled to some type of remuneration depending on the agreement.


How Important is SaaS Reliability? 90% of Business Leaders Say "Very Important"

A couple of weeks back, Blameless attended SaaStr 2021, the go-to event for any business Go-to-Market (GTM) team which has been running since 2012. Our decision to sponsor was made in early 2020. Back then, we had no idea how long the pandemic would last or that it would be a full 18 months before we’d be able to do a physical event.

Unlocking Resilience - Episode 1 - William Shatner - Resilience Makes the Leader

Everbridge CEO, David Meredith spends some time talking with award-winning entertainer William Shatner to discuss the role of resilience in leadership. Shatner reveals insights into his experience with numerous leaders and CEOs. From discussing his own experience as a leader in the films, television and beyond, to developing his personal brand of questing for knowledge, Shatner and Meredith touch on leaders of popular companies such as Priceline and Amazon, just as he heads into space on Blue Origin with Jeff Bezos. Listen for more about Shark Week, Rescue 911, and Shatner’s upcoming album.

What Makes a Perfect Incident Management Checklist? We Asked The Experts!

The perfect incident management checklist doesn’t need to be a fantasy. In fact, it shouldn’t be! The perfect incident management checklist should cover a variety of topics, broken down into bite-size sections so that different team members can claim responsibility for their own sections. We asked our internal and external experts what they think should be included in the perfect incident management checklist and unsurprisingly, we were blown away by some of their response.


Intelligent Alert Grouping: What It Is and How To Use It

It’s 2 AM and you’re paged when you’re still awake – how well can you find what you need to fix the latest mistake? When the incident begins it might only be impacting a single service, but as time progresses, your brain boots, the coffee is poured, the docs are read, and all the while as the incident is escalating to other services and teams that you might not see the alerts for if they’re not in your scope of ownership.