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Machine Learning for the Financial Sector using D2iQ's Kaptain

Learn how your Financial organization can benefit from Kubernetes with machine learning. Kaptain, D2iQ's cloud-native end-to-end machine learning platform, already powers government organizations and research teams across the globe in highly secure environments. Financial organizations can now leverage that same technology to infuse their products and services with AI.

How to Secure BYO Android Devices

Two-thirds of US white-collar employees are working from home some or all of the time, according to a September 2021 Gallup survey – and of those, 91 percent hope to continue to do so even after the pandemic. In this Everywhere Workplace environment, a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy is an appealing proposition for employees and IT departments alike, leading to an average annual savings of $350 per employee and a 34 percent increase in productivity.


Getting Started with the InfluxDB 2.0 API and Postman

Whether you’re using InfluxDB Cloud or InfluxDB OSS, the InfluxDB API provides a simple way to interact with your InfluxDB instance. The InfluxDB v2.0 API offers a unified approach to querying, writing data to, and assessing the health of your InfluxDB instances. Today we want to share a Postman project to help you use the API easily. Postman is “an API platform for building and using APIs”.


The Impact of AI and ML in ITSM with 10 Real World Use Cases

Artificial intelligence (AI) was highlighted as a key IT service management (ITSM) trend in 2021. IT organizations are beginning to employ various AI and machine learning techniques to enhance and improve IT service management processes. Because of the abundance of data generated by ITSM systems, applying machine learning to ITSM processes makes a lot of sense as it can provide IT professionals with a deeper understanding of their infrastructure and procedures.

Introduction to Aiven for Apache Flink

Aiven for Apache Flink uses the familiar SQL language to support your real-time analytics and ETL needs. The powerful, fully managed platform – deployable in the cloud of your choice – is your fastest way to tap into the benefits of real-time stream processing. Aiven Solution Architect Jason Hepp walks us through the fundamentals of setting up Aiven for Apache Flink for all your real-time stream processing needs.

How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Are Transforming The Future Of Renewable Energy

We use energy in many different ways in our lives, be it for lighting up our houses, running electronic appliances or as fuel in our vehicles. There are mainly two types of energy: renewable energy and non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy includes fossil fuels like natural gas, petroleum and coal. However, these energy sources come from nature itself; it is impossible to renew them quickly. This means that these resources will become entirely exhausted in the upcoming years.


Understand the scope of user impact with Watchdog Impact Analysis

Watchdog is Datadog’s machine learning and AI engine, which leverages algorithms like anomaly detection to automatically surface performance issues in your infrastructure and applications. Without any manual setup or configuration, Watchdog generates a feed of Alerts—on anomalies such as latency spikes, elevated error rates, and network issues in cloud providers—to help you reduce your mean time to detection.

Splunk Mobile for Private Networks

Are you working in a secure environment and want to take advantage of Splunk Mobile and Connected Experiences? Welcome to Private Spacebridge, a version of Spacebridge that you can deploy and manage in your own Kubernetes cluster. Check out this video where Joe, our SR Spacebridge engineer, explains what Private Spacebridge is all about and how it works to get you securely routing mobile traffic through your environment.