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How to manage open source risks using Black Duck SCA

Open source risk goes beyond application security. Legal, operational, and supply chain implications demand a capable solution like Black Duck SCA. Open source can be found in everything; nearly all applications in all industries are composed to some degree of open source. The introduction of more cloud-native applications, more open source usage as a whole, and the creation of more-complex applications mean organizations are facing increasing levels of risk.


Kuma 1.0.6 Released With Deep Status Checks & Five New Load Balancers

We are happy to announce a new release that ships with some major new features and improvements, Kuma 1.0.6! We suggest to upgrade to this new version to start using the greatest and latest. With 1.0.6 the Kuma GUI introduced the first few chart visualizations, more to come!


How To Report On Software Testing

Being able to write concise, easily comprehensible software testing reports is an important skill for software development team members to possess, particularly those in quality assurance, development, and support. Poorly written software testing reports can make the development process more difficult and less productive. Imagine a client asks if their app is ready for launch and based on your assessment, everything is working correctly.


How To Create An Automated Login Page Test And Use Multiple Credentials

Countless things should be tested within web applications but among them, one of the most important scenarios to be tested and even load tested is the user login process. User login serves as a medium between providing users with most of the product features and therefore requires careful and thorough testing. If your website allows users to log in, a login page test is necessary. An automated test for this can be easily created for this.

Quality at Speed: More API Testing, Less UI Testing

Whether your company is a digital native or you’re just starting or well on your way to digital transformation, you know that your web services, mobile apps, and API programs need faster time-to-market without increasing risk. More full-stack and backend developers as well as QA/testing, architecture, and DevOps leaders are trying to inject rocket fuel into their agile development by doing more API testing. But how much UI testing can be moved over to much faster API testing? And then, how short can you make your testing sprints with API testing?

Truly Doubling down on open source #2

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog stating our intention to fork Kibana and Elasticsearch. This was a huge decision on our end, one that we did not take lightly. A few days have passed since this announcement and I wanted to share how humbled and excited we are with the responses from companies and individuals who are eager to participate and contribute.


Best Website Performance Testing Tools

What is the usual criteria in choosing an online store? It should have reasonable prices, sell quality products, and most of all, it should have a fast loading time. A website’s performance is essential. A two-second delay can make a big difference to your website and revenue as well. In fact, Neil Patel reported that a mere second delay may cost an e-commerce site up to $2.5 million in sales annually.


4 important Open-Source Network Management Statements Addressed

Does your company use Apache, Tomcat or Linux? Do you use Wireshark? If you do, you are already using open-source software. Open-Source software is cost-effective assuming that you have IT staff, good training, documentation and access to quality support. Yes, that’s true. But that can be true for any software product that your technical team is responsible for.


5 reasons you need to pen test in 2021

Now that 2021 is proving to not be the fresh start many hoped for, it’s time to re-examine the security lessons learnt in 2020. As the transformational business challenges of the last 12 months demonstrated, security should always be high on the agenda no matter what your organisation size. After all, as we revealed in our 2021 annual cyber security industry report, hackers don’t care what size or type of business you are – only if you’re an easy target.