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What is a ROPA, why you need one, and how to make the process easier.

Working toward GDPR compliance means taking inventory on the data you collect and process. You've mapped your data, have a catalog of impact assessments, but now you need a way to present it in a way that regulators can look over. As far as the general data protection regulation (GDPR) is concerned, every piece of data processing you do needs a record, and those records are stored in a record of processing activities (ROPA). Regulators use a ROPA to get a full picture of your data processing.


How Does Microservices Architecture Change Database Deployment?

This question was raised at the recent Redgate Summit: How does the implementation of a microservices architecture affect the implementation of a database DevOps approach? I could even rephrase it a little: Does a microservices architecture affect a database DevOps approach?


Android application testing: Comparison of the two approaches - Manual and Automated

In the last one decade, the growth of Android was whopping which is very much evident if you look at the stats. Back in 2009, Android shared only 3.9% of the total market which has grown to over 72% in the last 10 years. Talking about the current trend, almost everyone who is planning to develop a website goes for developing an Android app.

Apigee API monitoring: Find and fix issues fast

Almost every app and digital interaction today depends on APIs, so it’s important to be able to find and fix issues fast. Apigee’s API monitoring can alert you to live issues, give you in-depth details for every problem, and recommend a course of action. Take a look at this API monitoring demo from the Apigee team to keep your APIs running smoothly!
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Comparing the Selenium and Cypress Testing Frameworks

Automated testing for web apps has been around for well over a decade. For much of that time, Selenium has reigned supreme as the go-to testing framework for virtually any type of testing need that involves a browser-based app. But as the world of test automation continues to evolve, newer tools have emerged. Chief among them is Cypress, a testing framework that is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Selenium. Is Selenium or Cypress a better choice for your automated testing needs?

Run a Test with Sauce Connect Proxy

See a demonstration of how to run a Java Selenium test through the Sauce Connect Proxy. This video uses a code sample available publicly (links on See how to quickly start a tunnel, update variables, set the capabilities in your test code, then use the command line flag to test through the secure proxy tunnel that is Sauce Connect so you can run your tests securely using Sauce Labs cloud of devices, and share your test results.