Infrastructure as code: testing and monitoring

In my last post, I talked about the evolution of infrastructure as code and its role in modern software development. To recap, let's take a quick look back at what an IaC process establishes: in a nutshell, IaC is a methodology that enables you to manage your servers and deploy your applications purely through code. Through some configuration language saved to a file, you define the resources and packages that servers need.


Ensure Customer Happiness with these 5 Powerful Test Actions

Our fully managed Selenium testing platform allows you to continuously check your website to ensure it’s working as expected. Not just the fact that it’s online, but that your customers can perform tasks such as registering or adding products to the basket. We use real browsers, such as the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and test from 18 global testing locations.


5G is Rolling Out: Here’s How Cognitive Analytics Will Take Part in the Revolution

5G is here and is widely expected to be a transformative communications technology for the next decade. This new data network will enable never-before-seen data transfer speeds and high-performance remote computing capabilities. Such vast, fast networks will need dedicated tools and practices to be managed, including AI and machine learning processes that will ensure efficient management of network resources and flexibility to meet user demands.


5 Artificial Intelligence Myths—Debunked

Artificial intelligence—you’ve read about it in science fiction novels, you’ve heard tech personalities talk optimistically about it, and you’ve seen headline after headline mention its potential and benefits. As a widely discussed concept, the technology is hard to miss, but how exactly does it work and what does it mean for businesses?


The future of stock market analysis

Stock sales and trading play a huge role in the U.S. and global economy. Stock exchanges provide the backbone to the economic infrastructure of our nation, as they help companies to expand when they’re ready by offering the general public a chance to invest in company stock. However, investing in the stock market can be a gamble. You need to understand the market and know what you’re doing in order to receive a return on your investment, which is why many people go through stock brokers.


Auvik Use Case: Gain Visibility Into the Internet of Things

There seems to be a smart version of everything these days. From coffee machines to aquarium thermometers, if you can think of a device that can benefit from an internet connection, it probably already exists. It’s not really a surprise. The IoT market is on the brink of explosion, as Intel projects 200 billion IoT devices will be added to our networks by 2020, up from 15 billion in 2015. And they’re not all for personal use.


Join our New Kong Champions Program!

Today, we’re excited to launch the Kong Champions Program, a new program that recognizes Kong’s “super” users and contributors – community members who go above and beyond in supporting Kong’s open source product – and gives them unique opportunities to make an impact on the Kong community. Kong was founded on open source DNA, and we remain committed to building and fostering a vibrant community that together achieves great things.