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Kong-plement Your ServiceHub With a Developer Portal

Two of the best (in my opinion) features in Konnect are the ServiceHub and Developer Portal. However, they’re also two of the most misunderstood. Aren’t they the same thing? Why would you need a ServiceHub vs. Developer Portal? Well, I’m glad you asked! The really quick version is that ServiceHub is like your warehouse, where all your products are stored. It’s a comprehensive collection of everything that you have. Your Developer Portal is more like your storefront.


Generating DDL Statements to Recreate Single Objects

Every database administrator (DBA) is—first and foremost—human. And everyone makes mistakes. It’s not the absence of mistakes but rather how you prepare for those mistakes that makes you a great DBA. Luckily, there are many ways to prepare for those mishaps, whether the errors are made by you or someone else on your team. One commonly made mistake is to drop an object in a database or accidentally delete data.

Running Mobile Device QR Code Tests

When injecting an image with a QR Code or barcode, the image size in your preview may exceed the boundaries of the target scanner area, which would prevent your app from reading the code. In this scenario, you'd need to add padding to your uploaded image so that when it's scaled to full-screen, the QR Code will fit inside the scanning area limits and can be processed

Why Error Monitoring is an Essential Part of Continuous Testing

In the modern era of DevOps-driven development, teams are increasingly pushing smaller and smaller increments of code into production faster and faster, often leading to inadequate testing. To assure and improve the quality of software in production, many developers are now benefiting from a new test methodology that combines functional testing with error monitoring in production.

How to Monitor Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Exoprise Email Graph sensor tests and monitors Microsoft 365 Exchange Online using the new Graph API. As businesses continue to operate remotely, it is more important than ever to have a robust email communication infrastructure for collaboration. When email access is down or slow, it impacts end-user productivity, and businesses suffer. CloudReady Email Graph API sensor synthetically tests Microsoft Graph authentication, permission access, uptime, and mailbox availability no matter what location. Monitor Office 365 Mail queues, SPAM filters and troubleshoot slow email delivery for exchange online.
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3 Challenges to Overcome When Implementing Low-Code Development

Frequent software delivery drives innovation. According to the State of DevOps Report, high-performing organizations deploy 200x more frequently and have 3x lower change failure rates than lower-performing organizations.This type of velocity and scale is only possible for a highly capable engineering team with an advanced DevOps infrastructure. However, legacy and startup organizations may have a harder time accomplishing this.


Interview with conversational AI specialist James Kaplan

For our latest specialist interview in our series speaking to technology leaders from around the world, we’ve welcomed James Kaplan CEO and Co-Founder of MeetKai. He founded the startup with his Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Weili Dai, after becoming frustrated with the limitations of current automated assistants. Kaplan has had a true passion for AI and coding since he was six. He wrote his first bot at only nine years old and wrote the first original Pokemon Go bot.