Tracing With Zipkin in Kong 2.1.0

There is a great number of logging plugins for Kong, which might be enough for your needs. However, they have certain limitations: Most of them only work on HTTP/HTTPS traffic. They make sense in an API gateway scenario, with a single Kong cluster proxying traffic between consumers and services. Each log line will generally correspond to a request which is “independent” from the rest.


The No. 1 Rule of Disaster Recovery

Let’s imagine you are running a hosting shop with highly visible production applications. Your team has backups, and you have a disaster recovery (DR) policy. You think you are ready to handle any real-world scenario in addition to checking all your compliance boxes. Your third-party backup tools are creating backups, and your implemented solutions have a brochure indicating restore capability.


10 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails

We know that test automation is expected to make processes faster and easier in software organizations and also to enhance the quality of the software significantly. However, in reality, test automation fails around 64% of the time to deliver according to the expectations as per Cigniti. Here are some of the main reasons why test automation fails for your web automation:


No, You Still Don't Need a Blockchain

A couple of years ago, I wrote about why you don’t need a blockchain. Blockchain is one long transaction log that always gets written to and is never backed up. It’s a ledger, more or less, with some math. And while distributed ledgers can be useful for some scenarios, I’m here today to say you still don’t need a blockchain. What turns a distributed ledger into a blockchain is cryptography for creating a digital signature to reduce the risk of data tampering.


REST APIs For Healthcare

REST APIs for the healthcare industry are emerging as a secure simple and modern way of accessing sensitive data. Medical institutions need to modernize IT infrastructure, make services and data more transparent, provide self-­‐service options for patients, and develop mobile applications. In some cases, they are developing REST API services for internal use. This can help with administration, infrastructure, scheduling, billing, prescriptions, insurance, and especially security of PII.


Google Cloud named a Leader in the 2020 Forrester Wave for API Management Solutions

APIs are a critical component of any enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. They can drive customer engagement, accelerate time to market of new services, power innovation and unlock new business opportunities. Therefore, choosing the right API management platform is critical to running a successful API program, and research from industry analyst firms like Forrester Research can help enterprises evaluate and choose the right solution.