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Migrating to an open-source private cloud platform: key considerations

Private clouds combine the many benefits of cloud computing, like elasticity, scalability and agility, with the security, access control and resource customisation of on-prem infrastructure. Private clouds allow financial institutions to have greater control over hardware and software choices. They make it easier to enforce compliance with regulatory standards.


Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) Names Checkly a Leader in Monitoring for Cloud Native Environments

The demand for continuous innovation and faster delivery requires a fresh approach to monitoring modern apps and APIs. As development environments grow increasingly dynamic and complex, monitoring performance through a platform that is fully programmable, handles app and API-testing, is optimized for developers, and integrates with existing tools and workflows becomes increasingly critical.

How to De-Risk Product Launches with Device Reliability Engineering

You're expected to deliver your IoT and edge devices on time. Once shipped, your customers expect the devices to work perfectly 100% of the time with regular updates that deliver new features. How can your product and engineering teams meet your deadlines and the growing demands of your customers? In this recorded webinar, Memfault CEO François Baldassari discusses how to utilize reliability engineering techniques to de-risk product launches and ship on time.

JFrog's Newest Board Member Shares Her Thoughts on DevOps, Security & IoT

As At JFrog, we are passionate about hiring talented people who will help us leap higher and think big, further our innovation, and win in the market – it’s written in our Codex. For this reason, we continue to grow our board of directors and advisors because having solid guidance and the right mix of talent on our board is important to help us, our community and shareholders reach the next level of success in a market that is defined by rapid transformation.

How Kuberenetes is shaping a cloud native future for operators

Leveraging Kubernetes to modernize application infrastructures presents several opportunities. Learn more about how Kubernetes is offering complete automation with reduced human intervention and shaping a cloud-native future. Executive Speakers: Ravi Alluboyina - Vice President of Engineering, Robin.io, A Rakuten Symphony Company David Lu - VP, Software Defined Networking Platforms and Systems, AT&T

The Complex But Elegant Relationship Between AIOps and Observability

Digital transformation requires organizational evolution. Constant demand for rapid delivery of upgrades and new products forces change. Surely, the old days of managing monolithic applications housed in private servers are over. Applications consist of virtualized, containerized, and serverless code that’s networked via APIs across a hybrid infrastructure of public and private clouds.

Investigate critical alerts on the go with the Datadog mobile app

The Datadog mobile app provides real-time visibility into critical alerts, incidents, and application performance metrics across your entire environment, helping you troubleshoot directly from your mobile device. On-call engineers can quickly evaluate the conditions that triggered an alert, determine its urgency, and decide the next course of action—anywhere, anytime.