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Prescient Devices Makes Managing IoT Edge Devices Easy with InfluxDB

Prescient Devices focuses on changing the way businesses think about and use edge data and industrial IoT. The company built Prescient Designer, an edge data solutions platform that gives organizations the boost they need to transform their IT/OT processes. Prescient’s products empower data engineers, system integrators, and innovators to easily design and orchestrate edge-to-cloud data solutions.

Improve Performance in your iOS Applications - Part 3

Although modern iOS devices are capable of handling a wide range of intensive and complex tasks, the device may seem slow if you are not paying close attention to how your application operates. Performance improvements mentioned in this article are intended to make your code more readable and performant; however, select cautiously as per your needs. Oftentimes, altering or improving architecture and code refactoring takes more time and effort.

Automate testing for Golang Gin-gonic RESTful APIs

Gin is a high-performance HTTP web framework written in Golang. It contains features and functionalities like routing and middleware out of the box. This helps to reduce boilerplate code, improves productivity, and simplifies the process of building microservices. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of building a RESTful API with Golang using the Gin-gonic framework. I will also lead you through building an API to manage the basic details of a company.

Complete guide to GraphQL in Angular [with example]

GraphQL is a query language and server-side runtime for APIs developed by Facebook in 2012. In this guide, we will implement an Angular Apollo GraphQL client with the help of a sample To-Do app. Before we demonstrate how to implement the Angular GraphQL client, let’s have a brief overview of the Angular framework and GraphQL.

Continuous Performance Testing in CI Pipelines: CircleCI

With over 50,000 active organizations and 250 million workflows, CircleCI is one of the most popular networked CI platforms. When getting started with CI pipelines, teams typically want to ensure that code will compile, pass unit tests, and build a container image. After catching these low hanging fruit of syntax errors, engineering teams need to dig much further to find business logic and scalability errors.

The Cloud Native Telco | FutureNet World

Operators are waking up to the benefits of cloud-native, which overcomes the fundamental limitations of software-driven virtualization. An opinionated stack, cloud-native forces vendors to build the deployment models of their network functions in a certain way, shifting the power back to the hands of operators. Hear from industry leaders as they reveal groundbreaking insights in this FutureNet World panel discussion in London. Featuring Partha Seetala, President, Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony.

IoT Developer Technical Skills You Should Master to Build a Career

IoT developers are one of the most sought-out professionals. They can use innovative tech to build connections between devices through the web. This connection boosts the overall potential and makes operations highly automated. An IoT developer is a person who builds, manages, and monitors a set of different IoT devices. A dev uses data received from these devices, technology mastered, and research.