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How digital twins enable data-driven automotive supply chains

The automotive industry is facing one of its biggest revolutions since the advent of automation. In this post, we will go through the Industry 4.0 aspects and how OEMs can turn these challenges into opportunities. To put it simply, the first Industrial Revolution relied on steam power, the second one on electricity and the third one on computers. What about the fourth Industrial Revolution everyone is talking about? I would describe it as a data-driven revolution.

Splunk - The Data Platform for the Automotive World | Driving Transformation with Data

Tackling the mobility revolution from visibility to action, fast and at scale. The automotive industry is transforming. From being led by engineering to competing through software. From internal combustion to electrification. From a driver-focus to autonomous driving. From personal ownership to shared mobility. Automakers need to master more of their value chain and establish greater dependencies with key technology partners.

Security and real-time Linux in a shifting automotive world

Software is completely changing the automotive industry - from vehicle design to use and maintenance. The whole lifecycle now relies on software and vehicles resembling “computers on wheels”. But vehicles aren’t regular devices like smartphones. They move humans at hundreds of kilometers per hour and need to be safe and secure at all times. When there is software involved, there are always security vulnerabilities. No cybersecurity expert can say the opposite. How can the automotive industry navigate the shift towards software-defined vehicles while ensuring the best level of security?