Optimizing SAP EWM with UX on the edge

While technology plays a large part in the efficiency of warehouse operations, employees are the foundation. Prioritizing User Experience (UX) on employees’ mobile data entry devices, from handheld devices to fork truck-mounted barcode scanners, is crucial to maximizing productivity. SAP EWM provides the back-end functionality, but it is on these devices that everything comes together as they determine how, when, and where material handlers move products through the supply chain.


SAP and Splunk: A Winning Combination

You’re running Splunk — you know how valuable end-to-end visibility saves you both time and money. But...what if you’re running an SAP solution? You’re likely using SAP's Solution Manager to keep an eye on its software, but if Solution Manager sees that HANA is not working, it really can’t tell you why, if the issue is beneath SAP. Splunk and SAP recognized that, and have a shared goal of helping our customers realize the full potential of their data.


Apigee: Your gateway to more manageable APIs for SAP

Businesses migrating their SAP environments to Google Cloud do so for a number of reasons. Most cite the agility, scalability and security advantages of migrating SAP workloads to Google Cloud; many also focus on improved uptime and performance. At some point, most businesses also want to explore the idea that there's a fortune locked up in their business data—and that the cloud holds the key.