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SAP HotNews automation and security

"How do we keep our data secure?" is the question nearly every organization is asking these days. The last spot any organization wants to be in is that of a security breach. Stephane Nappo, an industry known Chief Security officer, is often heard saying "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it". And here he's just referencing the fall out of a business's image from a breach and not even touching on the mass harm that can be done with stolen data in the wrong hands.


It's time to rethink your approach to SAP monitoring

SAP, the world’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, is widely used by organizations across the globe. Since its inception in the 1970s, SAP has become the top choice for supporting the most critical and deeply integrated enterprise applications. In fact, IDC notes that SAP is a market share leader in analytics and business intelligence, ERP and supply chain management.


Act now on SAP automation and escape the automation paradox

In the last few weeks, I have had a number of conversations with customers about what we have come to call the Automation Paradox. What happens is that organizations seeking to automate manual processes are so busy, that they cannot find the time to invest in automating in the first place, and so they find themselves frozen - unable to move forward. I took some time to talk to customers who got through this, and found a number of themes that may help you get past this.


What skydiving taught me about automation

Back in the day, before I was a father, before I was a husband, back when I was more of an adrenaline ‘junkie’, one of my ongoing adventures was skydiving. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a hobby as I never followed through with a certification, but I took my fair share of jumps. When I first started I would go with either a ‘static line’, where a cord hanging from the plane would pull my chute, or go on what is called ‘tandem’.


From monitoring solution to automated growth, an MSP's AIOps story

With around 130 employees, Innflow, one of the leading SAP consulting companies in Switzerland, implemented the Avantra AIOps platform for its private cloud infrastructure, three and a half years ago. Initially, the aim was to monitor its customers’ SAP systems more precisely.


What a near motorcycle accident taught me about ServiceNow's CMDB

Back in my mid to late 20s, my most prized possession was my Yamaha R1 motorcycle. Living and working in the city of Milwaukee meant I didn’t need to worry about finding parking, gas was cheap, and it was fast, one of the fastest sport bikes on the market at the time. But with that speed and power comes great responsibility, and I took that responsibility seriously. If I was going to go out and meet friends, I promised myself, not one sip of alcohol.

3M achieves growth, performance and reliability with AppDynamics

As one of the biggest SAP shops in the world, identifying the root cause of system performance issues impacting business operations is critical to 3M. The conglomerate needed a monitoring system that could pinpoint the problems to allow for faster resolution. By deploying AppDynamics, 3M discovered they could address risk areas in their SAP production environments and adopt it as a daily monitoring tool across non-SAP applications.