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Building automations with the step library

With the release of Avantra 21.11.4, we’ve introduced a new step library feature to allow our Avantra Professional Edition customers to build complex and reusable automations faster. I think the best way to describe the benefits of a step is to create a simple implementation to guide you through the process. The step library allows users to create individual steps outside of a workflow that behave just as the standard, pre delivered steps do when creating a workflow.

What's new in Avantra 21.11.5

As Product Manager for Avantra it gives me great pleasure to announce that we’ve just released our newest version of Avantra, 21.11.5, packed full of features, fixes and security updates. For Avantra 21.11.5, we’ve especially been focusing on our automation engine and working with a number of our customers to incorporate their feedback and requirements into how Avantra works. Let’s dive into a few of the newest features that are the most exciting.

SAP security audit: How to ensure your SAP system is secure

With huge variations of customized applications and modules depending on the individual organization though, highly sensitive data - if not secured properly - can be extremely vulnerable. In this article, we’ll discuss SAP security, the process of conducting an SAP security audit and steps to take to improve on your SAP security processes. Take an in depth look at how your SAP Basis teams can manage SAP system security and compliance with comprehensive SAP security audits.

The future of automation - from slow to hyperflow

Automation has been the harbinger of change since the start of industrialisation. From Roman aqueducts to conveyor belts, and from water wheels to modern computing, automation has represented the pinnacle of human innovation of its time. Making it an essential catalyst for change and a critical step to the next industrial revolution. But with mission critical software application being at the heart of modern industries, automation is not only a pinnacle but a base layer for the fourth industrial revolution.

Demystifying automation in SAP operations

With SAP Automation through Avantra your business can improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce risk while improving quality and compliance. But, navigating the topic of SAP automation can get tricky sometimes. With a wealth of information available out there, we often ignore the basics. In this session, Tyler Constable, Executive Director - Solution Engineering, Avantra and Tim Reiss, Technical Customer Success Manager, Avantra get down to the basics and demystify the world of SAP Automation for you.

Manufacturing smarter, faster with SAP hyperautomation

Smart factories have made manufacturing smarter. Mission critical IT applications like the SAP ERP processes are the nerve center of manufacturing industries ensuring that everything operates like a well oiled machine, from supply chains and factory floors, to finance and payroll systems. A winning manufacturing strategy is therefore dependent on successful management of the SAP landscapes. One that releases capacity from the drag of managing these complex systems and redirects resources to fuel innovation.

Using SAP in manufacturing for increased productivity

As the landscape continues to become more challenging, it's safe to say automation is the future of manufacturing. Changing customer demands, supply chain constraints and pressure for faster turnaround are some of the realities that companies face. This has predicated an industry agnostic need for a hands off approach to manufacturing. SAP for manufacturing offers a transformative end to end manufacturing process for more resilient, future ready enterprises.

USU wins French automotive supplier as a new customer for SAP license management

One of the biggest French automotive suppliers ("the customer") will be using the USU Software Asset Management solution in future to optimize its group-wide software asset management (SAM) in the SAP area.

SAP cloud integration - A definitive guide

Deciding between SAP cloud integration methods can be confusing. There are so many options out there, with each one offering different benefits. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks to a SAP cloud on Rise integration methods. We’ll also cover the steps you’ll need to take to choose the method that’s right for your organization. Take An in depth look at SAP cloud on Rise integration, what it involves, and how you can begin planning your own path.