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Agent and agentless: An ongoing battle

Observability of an SAP environment is critical. Whether you have a large complex and hybrid environment or a small set of simply architected systems, the importance of these systems is probably crucial to your business. Just thinking about system outages keeps us up at night, let alone the pressure of system performance, cross system communication and proper backend processing.


The rise of hybrid - launching Avantra editions

When we introduced Avantra Enterprise edition in 2021, we envisioned a world where we could interconnect enterprise observability, sophisticated workflows, and our advanced automation engine. By combining these three capabilities, we believed we could create a self-healing SAP environment which could identify problems and needs, route them to the right approver or expert, and automate problem resolution as well as complex project runbooks.


Avantra SAP security FAQ

We understand the importance of security when it comes to your SAP system(s) within your organization. As cyber attacks continue to become more successful, it is essential to have a process in place. Below are several frequently asked questions regarding security to provide some insight on our approach and how Avantra can help you navigate through this journey.

Avantra: Deriving Value from Investing in Hyperautomation and AIOps

Hyperautomation and AIOps are two of the most important technologies that are driving the digital transformation of businesses across the globe. The business value of hyperautomation and AIOps is significant. By automating repetitive tasks, hyperautomation helps businesses to save time and reduce costs, while also improving accuracy and efficiency. AIOps, on the other hand, helps businesses to monitor their IT infrastructure in real-time, detect and resolve issues faster, and optimize IT operations, which ultimately leads to better business outcomes.

When Slow is Not an Option: How to Improve & Troubleshoot Your SAP Speed Performance

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is a popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software used by businesses to manage various operations such as finance, human resources, and supply chain management. As businesses rely on SAP for their critical operations, it is essential that the software performs at an optimal level. Slow SAP performance can result in frustration, delays, and ultimately, reduced productivity.

Avantra 3 minute overview

Welcome to the Avantra three minute overview. Avantra is a technical management platform for your greater SAP ecosystem built on our three core pillars: Observe, Engage, Act The Avantra observability dives into your entire SAP ecosystem from the OS, DB and SAP application layers. The solution can also reach into SaaS solutions, Rise with SAP environments and non SAP applications and components as well.
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Common SAP system performance issues and their solutions

SAP is the leading provider of enterprise software in the world. Many global organizations depend on various SAP systems for running their operations. Naturally, SAP system performance issues can take a toll on business performance. Slow system performance can even lead to issues like downtime or lower user productivity. At the same time, SAP performance troubleshooting can be complex for large enterprises. This is due to the heavily interconnected global IT infrastructure and the complexity of these environments. This article will discuss some SAP performance issues and how you can deal with them.


AIOps as a time, quality and customer enabler

Time is precious and not for sale. Or is it? UMB AG, a leading Swiss IT service and managed services provider, takes the opposite view. Under the company motto "Creating Time", UMB provides its customers with more time which they use for their core business instead of IT administration. A core UMB service is complete support for SAP landscapes, be it on premise, in the UMB data centers or in the cloud.