Wellington, NZ
May 7, 2020   |  By Omkar Hiremath
We all want lightning-fast websites and applications, but how do we prioritize our efforts in order to have the biggest impact on performance? We interviewed our own front-end team so we could share some best practices we use every day to improve and maintain the performance of Raygun.
May 7, 2020   |  By Jamie Birss
You’ve spent years scaling your infrastructure alongside your business growth, and day-to-day, your application performance is thriving. But what happens when your traffic spikes out of your predicted “normal” range, heading into unchartered territory? Are you prepared to support this new influx of customers? Or will you crumble under the pressure of it all - leaving customers dissatisfied at the poor user experience?
May 6, 2020   |  By Jeff Smith
Loading speeds of websites will always be a tricky thing to manage. They depend on anything and everything between your user's choice of device and the server hardware your site runs on. There are many web performance killers that can be removed as you develop your web page. Removing as many of these barriers as possible is critical if you want your website to load smoothly and quickly for the majority of your users. Here are some suggestions for streamlining everything that is within your control to allow for the fastest possible load times for your users.
Apr 21, 2020   |  By Nicholas Lane
In this release, we’re bringing an all-new section to Real User Monitoring to provide another way for you to monitor application health; the Response Codes tab. Real User Monitoring now tracks the response codes from XHR/AJAX calls made in your web application using the JavaScript provider. You can now: Stacked view of your application’s response codes This feature brings vital insight into the health of your applications so you can deliver the software experiences your customers deserve.
Apr 21, 2020   |  By Taurai Mutimutema
Over the last few years, more developers have taken Ruby as their staple programming language. Who can blame them? It certainly has a lot of appealing features. For one, the syntax is easy to read and debug. A default MVC architecture within most Ruby frameworks is another alluring factor that may have had you using it as well.
Sep 20, 2019   |  By Raygun
This eBook covers real-world examples and advice from tech leaders. Use their knowledge to help you deliver application updates faster and provide a better user experience during your digital transformation process.
Apr 5, 2019   |  By Raygun
You've initiated a digital transformation (DX) strategy in your company, and your software team is onboard for the changes that you'll be making to software and processes. But how can you manage and observe the effect of your DX process on your customers and how they experience your software?
Jan 28, 2019   |  By Raygun
Discover how modern APM is helping software teams globally gain deeper insights into how their applications are performing in production environments, and how faster MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) is easily within reach.
Oct 21, 2018   |  By Raygun
Learn how teams are revolutionizing the way they build and maintain their applications with this free software intelligence ebook.
Oct 1, 2018   |  By Raygun
Want to be as effective as possible whilst on-call? This free ebook from Raygun will help ensure your team is prepared for when things go bump in the night!
Mar 25, 2020   |  By Raygun
In this live demonstration, you’ll witness experts from Octopus and Raygun deploying software into production and monitoring the impact of these changes in real-time. Learn first-hand how to seamlessly configure deployments, identify issues, and track performance gains.
Mar 5, 2020   |  By Raygun
Join our expert team as they share best practices when identifying bottlenecks, monitoring optimizations, and communicating the impact of their work to the wider team.
Jan 31, 2020   |  By Raygun
Discover and resolve the performance bottlenecks your customers encounter with actionable data from real user sessions. Easily diagnose why users had a poor experience, convert more sales and enhance your front-end performance with Real User Monitoring.
Jan 31, 2020   |  By Raygun
We’ve redefined what APM should be, giving your team greater context and diagnostic tools into your biggest performance questions. Discover and pinpoint the root cause of performance issues with greater speed and accuracy than traditional APM solutions.
Jan 31, 2020   |  By Raygun
Control the chaos around solving software bugs. Quickly diagnose problems in your codebase, enjoy faster development cycles and make sure users are having error-free experiences.