Flexible control over instance storage

Ocean by Spot provides continuous optimization for the underlying infrastructure of containerized workloads. Launch specifications is a key feature that enables users to manage different types of workloads on the same Ocean cluster. With launch specs, cluster administrators can granularly set specific configurations per application, as needed.


47% of Enterprises Lack Visibility/Insight Performance of IT Systems: Virtana integrates with Pure Storage to Provide Real-Time Intelligence

San Jose, CA, August 31, 2020 – Enterprises are struggling with their IT performance, as almost half (47%) admitted they lack visibility and insight into their systems in a recent survey. In response, Virtana, a leader in enterprise hybrid cloud migration and optimization today announced an integration with Pure Storage, an IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world.


Cloud Storage Security: Common Issues, Best Practices and Software Solutions

Cloud storage has become mainstream. It is one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spending and an indispensable tool for many modern businesses. However, not enough is being done to secure data residing in the cloud. According to Gartner, 90% of organizations that fail to control public cloud use will share information inadvertently or inappropriately through 2025. Almost all cloud security failures will be due to the cloud customer, not the service provider.


Competition or Coopetition in the Persistent Storage Market?

Rancher Labs’ recent launch of Longhorn was in response to DevOps’ distress call for a cloud-native persistent storage solution for Kubernetes. At the time, industry pundit Chris Mellor posted that the company had entered into direct competition with its partners Portworx and Storage OS. A healthy dose of coopetition may be more like it.


The Indestructible Blob - Humio on Azure Object Storage

As Humio deployments have become more numerous and varied over recent weeks and months, there has been an increasing demand for Humio to support Azure Blob Storage for its long-term persistent data. This article discusses exactly why you would want to do that, but more importantly how to actually get it working (and working well!).


How blocks storage in Cortex reduces operational complexity for running Prometheus at massive scale

Cortex is a long-term distributed storage for Prometheus. It provides horizontal scalability, high availability, multi-tenancy and blazing fast query performances when querying high cardinality series or large time ranges. Today, there are massive Cortex clusters storing tens to hundreds of millions of active series with a 99.5 percentile query latency below 2.5s.


Encryption at rest with Ceph

Do you have a big data center? Do you have terabytes of confidential data stored in that data center? Are you worried that your data might be exposed to malicious attacks? One of the most prominent security features of storage solutions is encryption at rest. This blog will explain this in more detail and how it is implemented in Charmed Ceph, Canonical’s software-defined storage solution.


Migrating LIVE to a Multi-Disk Clickhouse Setup to Increase Operability and Decrease Cost

Recently, my colleague Yoann blogged about our efforts to reduce the storage footprint of our Clickhouse cluster by using the LowCardinality data type. But reducing the actual usage of your storage is only one part of the journey and the next step is to get rid of excess capacity if possible. As every engineer that has worked in a cloud environment knows, growing a virtual disk is easy, but simply shrinking it back once you don’t need the amount of storage unfortunately isn’t possible.


AWS EBS Volumes: 5 Ways to Optimize Performance and Costs

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides block storage for applications that are running in the cloud. However, not every company is getting the most out of the EBS volumes they are using. Some companies can pay too much for EBS volumes without utilizing the allocated storage and IOPS. Other organizations may pay high prices because they are using the wrong disk type for their needs. This article explains five techniques you can use to optimize the performance of your EBS workloads.


Ceph storage on VMware

If you were thinking that nothing will change in your VMware data centre in the following years, think again. Data centre storage is experiencing a paradigm shift. Software-defined storage solutions, such as Ceph, bring flexibility and reduce operational costs. As a result, Ceph storage on VMware has the potential to revolutionise VMware clusters where SAN (Storage Area Network) was the incumbent for many years.