How to Test and Monitor Azure Blob or Amazon S3 Performance

Exoprise recently released new storage sensors for end-to-end monitoring and testing of Azure Blob or Amazon S3. These sensors, once deployed against a container, enable continuous monitoring of access performance, uptime and availability of Azure Blob storage or Amazon S3. They enable network and storage administrators to test network capacity, latency and effective bandwidth to the various object store regions and datacenters that support the stores.


Securing your Azure Storage accounts

Enterprise data is growing exponentially and becoming more complex, making it harder to manage, and an even bigger challenge to store. That’s why more organizations are looking to public cloud storage options, such as Azure Storage, as a way to get the scalability, durability, maintenance and accessibility they need to keep them competitive–benefits often difficult to get from on-prem data centers.

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How to Monitor Amazon EBS with CloudWatch

Amazon EBS allows you to provision storage volumes for your EC2 instances without having to actually manage physical hardware. However, since it’s a managed service, you have less visibility with traditional monitoring tools. As such, it becomes even more important to take advantage of the available monitoring tools in AWS. In this post, we’ll explain how to use CloudWatch to monitor EBS and what is important to watch.


Transparent Hierarchical Storage Management with Apache Kudu and Impala

When picking a storage option for an application it is common to pick a single storage option which has the most applicable features to your use case. For mutability and real-time analytics workloads you may want to use Apache Kudu, but for massive scalability at a low cost you may want to use HDFS. For that reason, there is a need for a solution that allows you to leverage the best features of multiple storage options.

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Relational Visibility for Pure FlashArray Storage

Blue Medora True Visibility Suite (TVS) provides enterprises the ability to monitor and manage the entire IT system stack, all within vRealize Operations. TVS customers running Pure FlashArray storage resources can now take advantage of our deep monitoring integration capabilities, including five comprehensive out-of-the-box monitoring dashboards, two reports, 130 collected metrics, 13 alerts, vRealize calculated storage capacities, and external relationship mappings to VMware Datastores.

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Keep Calm the Waters of Your Dell EMC Isilon Data Lake with Blue Medora

One of the most popular scale-out systems for unstructured data we’ve seen customers adopt is Dell EMC Isilon–not surprising considering Dell EMC’s prominence as a proven solution for large-scale production deployments. With Isilon, Dell EMC promises a more simple, agile and cost effective option for data lake infrastructure and management.