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Redwood City, CA, USA
  |  By Anton Ovrutsky and Brandon Borodach
In the continually evolving digital landscape, the importance of effective and efficient logging cannot be overstated. When we journey into the realm of Linux, this rings particularly true. Today, we'll delve into why Linux logging is vital, the challenges customers commonly encounter with it, and how Sumo Logic has emerged as a market leader in providing unparalleled SIEM solutions.
  |  By Michael Riordan and Greg Ziemiecki
It’s time to stop firefighting. With Sumo Logic’s AWS Observability, companies like Snoop have been able to simplify data collection, achieve unified visibility across AWS accounts and regions and leverage machine learning to troubleshoot — fast. This re:Invent, we’re excited to showcase how our capabilities for AWS have evolved.
  |  By Joe Kim
This time of year, complete with Thanksgiving, re:Invent and December holidays around the world, ends up feeling like a natural moment to pause, reflect, and plan for what’s ahead. This is especially true this year, as it also marks my half-year anniversary as CEO of Sumo Logic. I have a strong sense of why I joined, what I’ve learned since leading the incredible team of Sumos, and where I see us going in the future.
  |  By Tyler Diderich
In today’s digital age, adopting public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) security means reinforcing them. AWS is a complex and versatile platform. When problems or security incidents arise, it's important to have a systematic approach to investigation and analysis or it can quickly become noisy with lots of false positives. This is where the Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (MITRE ATT&CK) framework can help.
  |  By Alec Kostiner
As cloud applications and services gain prominence amongst organizations, adversaries are evolving their toolset to target these cloud networks. The surge in remote work and teleconferencing presents unprecedented opportunities for nefarious activities. Enter the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, also known as a MITRE ATT&CK Matrix—a treasure trove for defending cloud infrastructure and on-premises infrastructure against the newest adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).
  |  By George Gerchow
Cybersecurity is never boring. In recent months, we’ve seen major cyberattacks on Las Vegas casinos and expanded SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules are top of mind. Is it any wonder we consistently recommend taking a proactive approach to secure your environment with a defense-in-depth strategy and appropriate monitoring? News outlets reported the recent compromise at the Identity and Authentication (IAM) firm, Okta.
  |  By Chitransh Pawar and Jayanta Kashyap
Are you one of the many companies harnessing the power of Heroku to build, deliver and scale your applications seamlessly? If so, you're likely aware of the need for robust observability to ensure your Heroku environment runs smoothly. Let’s delve into the world of Heroku monitoring and explore how Sumo Logic, a leading observability platform, can provide invaluable insights into your Heroku infrastructure and application logs.
  |  By Sridhar Karnam
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) protects organizational assets in today's evolving cybersecurity landscape. As threats become more sophisticated, the importance of well-structured SIEM use cases cannot be underestimated. Dive in as we explore the modern approaches to building, organizing, and prioritizing SIEM use cases. Read on to learn the right approach to building SIEM use casesGathering the Right Data for Meaningful Insights The top ten use cases you cannot afford to miss.
  |  By Suku Krishnaraj
The observability and cybersecurity sector is chock full of providers from startups like StateStack and Coralogix to established organizations like Datadog, Sumo Logic and Splunk, offering solutions with capabilities of various depth and breadth that are solving the tough problems of application reliability and security.
  |  By Melissa Sussmann
Managing logs is a significant part of an SRE's daily grind. Scattered within heaps of log data are invaluable insights - those small bits of information that can unveil underlying issues and patterns critical for system monitoring and troubleshooting. However, in an era where the volume of logs is astronomical, how do you discern the relevant from the irrelevant? Sumo Logic's array of log analytics features comes to the rescue, wielding the might of artificial intelligence.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Learn about Sumo Logic's Cloud Infrastructure Security for AWS, an effective way to monitor threats and suspicious activity across your entire AWS environment.
  |  By Sumo Logic
This video introduces Sumo Logic's AWS Observability solution, which is an all-in-one approach to give visibility into the important elements of the cloud infrastructure and assist in troubleshooting complex issues. This video further describes the features of the observability solution such as pre-built dashboards, prepackaged log searches, and the out-of-the-box alerts that help in monitoring and troubleshooting.
  |  By Sumo Logic
This video explains Entities List in Sumo Logic, its usage, and benefits. The video further demonstrates how to access and use the Entities List in the Sumo Logic Interface.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as Saurabh uses an Interactive Word Game to show how to use Sumo Logic's Log Analytics.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as Jeff teaches tips for how to get started with Open Telemetry!
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as Bhargavi reviews Sumo Logic's query best practices and advanced operators!
  |  By Sumo Logic
Please join us as Ramneet teaches how to use Sumo Logic Metrics.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Learn how to use Log Level feature to filter data, search messages, and simplify the troubleshooting process using Sumo Logic.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Join Max Harendza as he teaches us how to build Sumo Logic dashboards!
  |  By Sumo Logic
This video demonstrates how to configure an Azure-Sumo pipeline for shipping available logs from the Azure Block Blob Storage to an HTTP source on a hosted collector in Sumo Logic.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have been around since 2000, and they were developed with the goal of helping organizations in the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches.
  |  By Sumo Logic
SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management and these solutions have been around since 2000. They were developed with the goal of helping organizations in the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches.
  |  By Sumo Logic
In this paper we will discuss some of the general philosophies and perspectives that will assist anyone who wants to securely leverage the benefits the cloud by using its strengths to overcome issues that have traditionally been labeled as weaknesses.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Enterprises of all sizes are facing an information technology crisis. Ironically, this crisis comes at a time when the power of IT has never been stronger, thus presenting both an opportunity and a challenge.
  |  By Sumo Logic
It is essential to have a machine data analytics platform that can support logs, metrics and events. It is even more important to have machine data analytics platform as a service that eliminates additional burden of managing the management system.
  |  By Sumo Logic
This white paper describes the technologies and processes used by Sumo Logic to secure customer data, and provides background on the company's deeply ingrained security culture.
  |  By Sumo Logic
This white paper is intended to support stakeholders movement of applications to the cloud, and provide some fundamental approaches to adopt in order to better protect every layer of the AWS infrastructure.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Building an ELK Stack can be expensive and requires lot of time and resources to make it production ready. This technical paper will highlight the efforts involved in building an ELK Stack.
  |  By Sumo Logic
The AWS Cloud is no longer the future of information technology infrastructure, but rather a present day reality. As data growth continues to expand, organizations around the world are avoiding building, and in some cases, actively closing down, on-premises datacenters as paying for the total cost of ownership for such environments is becoming an unwieldy, or at the very least inefficient, use of capital. This trend can be observed with the increasingly rapid adoption of cloud services over recent years.
  |  By Sumo Logic
Sumo Logic commissioned 451 Research to conduct a research study to better understand the potential of machine data. Is machine data in fact an important source of fuel in the analytics economy? Do businesses recognize the role machine data can play in driving business intelligence? Are businesses that recognize the power of machine data leaders in their field?

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Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics service, delivering real-time, continuous intelligence from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across the entire application lifecycle and stack.

Build, run and secure your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Hybrid applications with Sumo Logic, a cloud-native, machine data analytics service for log management and time series metrics.

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