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Why Are You Logging If You're Not Using the Logs?

There comes a time in every developer’s life (or daily routine, we’re not here to judge) where they have to go and fix a bug. Back in the days when I used to be a developer, I distinctly remember how each time I would go face to face with a bug, my favorite method to fix it was to add log lines. I mean, why not, right?


The Second Critical Step to Building the Modern SOC

The new Devo eBook, Building the Modern SOC, presents four evolutionary steps for creating a highly automated and efficient security operations center (SOC) that empowers analysts. This is the second in a series of posts about the four steps that highlight some of the most important concepts. The first post covered Step 1, which is about establishing a foundation of centralized, scalable visibility. This post excerpts Step 2, extracting intelligent insights from your data.


IT security under attack blog series: Instant domain persistence by registering a rogue domain controller

In this blog in the IT security under attack series, we will learn about an advanced Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC) attack to obtain persistence in AD environments. Dubbed DCShadow, this is a late-stage kill chain attack that allows a threat actor with admin (domain or enterprise admin) credentials to leverage the replication mechanism in AD to register a rogue domain controller in order to inject backdoor changes to an AD domain.


The Secret Ingredient That Converts Metrics Into Insights

Metrics and Insight have been the obsession of every sector for decades now. Using data to drive growth has been a staple of boardroom meetings the world over. The promise of a data-driven approach has captured our imaginations. What’s also a subject of these meetings, however, is why investment in data analysis hasn’t yielded results. Directors give the go ahead to sink thousands of dollars into observability and analytics solutions, with no returns.


Troubleshooting PostgreSQL: How to Use Logs and Metrics to Fix Slow Queries

Imagine some users complaining that querying PostgreSQL is slow (this never happened right?), and we have to troubleshoot this problem. It could be one of two things: I would normally first check on the environment, specifically PostgreSQL metrics over time. Such monitoring shows if the CPU is too high or how many disk reads were buffer reads. PostgreSQL logs also give information about the environment, such as how many statements were run and if any errors occurred.


Finding the Bug in the Haystack with Machine Learning: Logz.io Exceptions in Kibana

Logz.io is releasing its AI-powered Exceptions, a revamped version of our Application Insights, fully embedded in your Kibana Discover experience, to boost your troubleshooting experience and help you find bugs in the log haystack.


The importance of metadata in your Kubernetes observability initiatives

Kubernetes is a popular container orchestration system at the heart of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects. It automates the deployment, lifecycle, and operations of containers, containerized applications, and "pods," which are groups of one or more containers. The platform itself, along with each of these workloads, may generate event data. There are different kinds of data associated with these processes.