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Asia Pacific Firms Need Analytics to Survive the Cloud Era

Many companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) were caught in a digital tailspin when Covid-19 hit, sacrificing security practices in their hurry to adjust to the new reality of remote work. Two years on, hybrid work is still the norm as the pandemic continues and seems to be a new way of life moving forward. Catalyzed by the coronavirus, firms big and small are now adopting cloud technologies as we tread deeper into a new data age.


WordPress Error Logs and Activity Logs

Logging is a fundamental part of software development. While an app is being developed, we rely on logging to confirm our inputs and outputs match our expectations. In production, logging can be an invaluable resource for tracking down bugs or measuring how users interact with the app. We can also consider logs as a sort of time-series value, where a timestamp is associated with a user’s specific action. These logs can be structured, gathered, and analyzed to provide teams with more information.


CDN Logs and Why You Need Them

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed set of servers that are designed to get your web-based content into the hands of your users as fast as possible. CDNs produce CDN logs that can be analyzed, and this information is invaluable. Why? CDNs host servers all over the world and are designed to help you scale your traffic without maxing out your load balancers. A CDN also gives you added protection against many of the most common cyber attacks. This activity needs to be closely monitored.


Introducing The Nest, by Humio

Maintaining speed, visibility and security throughout your systems can feel increasingly out of reach, and quick answers to your toughest questions can be hard to come by. That's why having a place to sharpen your skills, ask questions and interact with fellow developers is invaluable. We’re excited to officially launch The Nest, a community for peers in DevOps, ITOps and SecOps.


Announcing the Control API Suite

As LogDNA has grown, many of our customers have too, meaning that they are bringing in more ingestion data sources and expanding their use cases for their logs. To help with managing more data, we’re excited to introduce the Control API suite. We’ve built 4 individual APIs that will help companies programmatically configure their data and how they want to ingest logs. Below, we’ll cover each new API in detail as well as why they are massively impactful for our customers.‍


What is Splunk? - A Summary for UK Public Sector

To quote the UK National Data Strategy: Splunk is an advanced data platform that delivers right-time analytics from diverse data sets and that enables organisations to ask questions of all their data. It can be used to mitigate cyber security risk, improve performance, increase reliability and observe what is happening in the cloud.