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Going Beyond Infrastructure Observability: Meta's Approach

What’s the ultimate goal of bringing observability into an organization? Is it just to chase down things when they’re broken and not working? Or can it be used to truly enable developers to innovate faster? That’s a topic I recently discussed with David Ostrovsky, a software engineer at Meta, the parent company of social media networks Facebook and Instagram among others. He was my guest on the most recent episode of the OpenObservability Talks podcast.


Elasticsearch vs Splunk - Which tool to choose for Log Management?

Developing software is an art in itself. From building to shipping, developers have to keep iterating the process to make improvements to the existing ones. Developers around the world spend hours on building quality logging into their applications. But this logging is only efficient when we have one-page or two-page applications where debugging through logs is relatively easy.


The Basics of Using AWS EventBridge for Observability

As you adopt modern, serverless, microservices-based architectures, it can become more challenging to monitor and understand the state of your applications at any given time. That’s where event bus capabilities from services like Amazon EventBridge can come in handy. AWS EventBridge can help you build loosely coupled, event-driven architectures and applications, and deploy new features faster.


Wait... Elastic Observability monitors metrics for AWS services in just minutes?

The transition to distributed applications is in full swing, driven mainly by our need to be “always-on” as consumers and fast-paced businesses. That need is driving deployments to have more complex requirements along with the ability to be globally diverse and rapidly innovate.


Cribl Search: An Innovative New Way to Search Observability Data

These days, administrators typically have to deploy multiple tools to search through all of their datasets – then they get to spend the little free time they have left over dreaming of a world where they could search multiple distributed datasets simultaneously, similar to existing web search tools. They might have one tool for Splunk, another for Elastic, and some may even still be using grep or some other cumbersome function to search non-correlated data.


Why Centralized Log Management? Understanding the Use Cases

Centralized log management provides various benefits across an organization. The fundamentals of log management offer a wide variety of business use cases. Whether you’re managing event log data manually or realizing you need more than an Open Source solution, finding the right internal champions can make your life easier. Understanding the business use cases and strategic impact centralized log management provides can help you gain the internal buy-in you need.

RedHat OpenShift monitoring with Splunk's OpenTelemetry Operator

Do you have an instant view of all the full-stack automated operations in your OpenShift environment. Would you like to monitor your self-service provisioning as code, to better understand health and performance? Have you been struggling to resolve service issues and reduce the time taken for troubleshooting across all your Kubernetes deployment? We’ve got you covered!

observIQ awarded Fall 2022 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award

We talk to a lot of the top research firms about our business and the evolving space of observability so we are honored to be awarded the Fall 2022 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award. Intellyx focuses on enterprise digital transformation and the leading edge innovators helping to drive change in the enterprise IT marketplace. They give this award to vendors who make it through its rigorous selection process and deliver a successful briefing. The award is not based on being a client.


Eating Our Own Goat Food: Using Our Own Products

Here at Cribl, we’re big on GoatFooding. We not only prepare but consume our own products, in our own products. Today we’ll pull back the curtains to shine a light on how we use Cribl products within our Cribl.Cloud service. Cribl is a pioneer in the observability space, so what better way to use our products than by observing Cribl.Cloud?