Top 5 Cloud Security Trends Revealed

Cloud security is becoming one of the most pressing issues for many modern organizations as they move to the cloud. According to Cloudneeti’s 2019 Cloud Security Trends and Predictions report, by 2020, 41% of overall workloads will run in public clouds. Defending against unauthorized data exposure and securing data, applications, and infrastructures across the cloud environment is a must. It is the responsibility of every organization and should be taken seriously.


Grafana Labs at KubeCon: Loki’s March Toward GA

At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU this week, Grafana Labs VP Product Tom Wilkie gave a talk about Loki, the Prometheus-inspired service that optimizes search, aggregation, and exploration of logs natively in Grafana. In case you missed it, here’s a recap. Wilkie’s talk is an overview of how and why Grafana Labs built Loki and the features and architecture the team built in. Our policy is to develop projects in the open, so the design doc has been publicly accessible since development started.


Send client-side logs to LogDNA

Logging is an essential part of application development, monitoring, and debugging. There are countless libraries, frameworks, and services for logging backend and server-based applications. But for client-side applications, especially JavaScript-based web applications, it’s a different story. As we see increasingly complex code running on end user devices, the need to log these applications is also becoming increasingly important.


Keeping it Local: Bringing Logz.io to an AWS Region Near You

At Logz.io we obsess over our customers and believe that our customers’ happiness is fundamental to our success as a company. With a growing number of customers all over the world, it’s important to us that we provide them with the best experience we possibly can. After all, we know we’re handling extremely important data and helping to keep mission-critical applications up and running.


Recycling is for Cardboard, not Analytics Tools

Recycling is an important part of my family’s weekly chore patterns. Our Amazon deliveries alone generate copious amounts of cardboard for our weekly pickup in the giant blue can. I also find myself trying to think about the longevity of the stuff I buy and try not to be wasteful. I feel a sense of pride. But there is one area where I just don’t think recycling makes sense -- and that’s with software (that’s in addition to underwear and toothbrushes, of course…).

blue matador

Kubernetes Log Management: The Basics

Log messages help us to understand data flow through applications, as well as spot when and where errors are occurring. There are a lot of resources for how to store and view logs for applications running on traditional services, but Kubernetes breaks the existing model by running many applications per server and abstracting away most of the maintenance for your applications. In this blog post, we focus on log management for applications running in Kubernetes by reviewing the following topics.


Security for Elasticsearch is now free

We are thrilled to announce that the core security features of the Elastic Stack are now free. This means that users can now encrypt network traffic, create and manage users, define roles that protect index and cluster level access, and fully secure Kibana with Spaces. This is an exciting next step for our community. We opened the code of these features (and many more) last year and by making them free today, everyone can now run a fully secure cluster, hassle free.