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Splunk Data Insider: What is Edge Computing?

As cloud computing is pushed to its limits by the exponential growth of data, adopting edge will be the logical next step for enterprises and other organizations that can’t afford latency. For that and many other reasons, edge computing is here to stay. And it will be the key we need to not just unlock value from data, but also stay afloat during this epoch.

Coralogix Deep Dive - Loggregation, Features and Limitations

Coralogix Loggregation enables users to turn thousands, or millions, of logs into a handful of templates, using our very own priorietary clustering algorithm. This enables users to quickly understand all of the different errors they are experiencing, and generate powerful, cross cutting insights in only a few clicks.

3 Effective Tips for Cloud-Native Compliance

The ephemeral nature of the cloud has made compliance and security a greater challenge for organizations. The volume of data that companies must collect and retain from their cloud services, depending on their industry, is ballooning fast. According to ESG, 71% of companies believe their observability data (logs, metrics and traces) is growing at a concerning rate. Even so, outcomes are getting worse, not better. Six out of 10 teams are unable to prevent issues before customers are impacted.


Building Resilience With the Splunk Platform One Use Case at a Time

You know that the Splunk platform is the ultimate tool to help advance your business on the path to resilience. You want to use it to see across hybrid environments, overcome alert fatigue, and get ahead of issues. You could be just starting out in your security journey and want to build an essential security foundation or if you're starting out in observability, you might want to accelerate your troubleshooting. You might be working in retail, telecommunications, or the public sector.


How I used Graylog to Fix my Internet Connection

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. From working remotely to streaming movies, we rely on the internet for almost everything. However, slow internet speeds can be frustrating and can significantly affect our productivity and entertainment. Despite advancements in technology, many people continue to face challenges with their internet speeds, hindering their ability to fully utilize the benefits of the internet.


Amazon Linux 2023: Why we're moving to AL2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the release of Amazon Linux 2023 (AL2023) as the next generation of Amazon Linux with enhancements to its already-proven reliability. Besides offering frequent updates and long-term support, AL2023 provides a predictable release cadence, flexibility, and control over new versions. It also eliminates the operational overhead that comes with creating custom policies to meet standard compliance requirements.