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The Case for IT Remote Support in Education Institutions

A few years ago, the school’s technical support could still cope with its tasks. Help with technology in the classroom, maintenance of educational platforms, statistics, accounting – all these were difficult, but it was still possible to handle a few people and the IT department of the school. But the pandemic has shown how educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities and academies, need more time to be ready for large-scale work in the digital space.


Tools To Make Your Remote Work Presentation Better

As a remote worker, you might have to give presentations to your colleagues or your customers in the office. These presentations are usually made to demonstrate or explain something. As such, it is crucial that you not only make your presentation exciting but also easy to understand. A good presentation can help you make an impact, but a bad one will leave people confused or even uninterested in what you have to say. Here are some of the tools that will help improve your presentation skills.


5 Proven Ways to Better Protect Customer Data

Technology and innovation have made access to customer data a walk in the park for many businesses. In today’s world, access to customer data is one significant way businesses can provide services that their customers will find acceptable. It helps you provide personalized services and offer customers products and services they will find relevant, which will lead to increased sales conversion. But, unfortunately, most good things have their downsides, and access to customer data is not excluded.

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On-Premises vs Cloud MDM deployment: Key Differences between them

On-premises vs cloud MDM deployment With the rise of SaaS application management, mobile device management (MDM) services have gained popularity among IT professionals. Modern computing environments rely on the efficient use and provisioning of resources. But which one is right for your business: on-premise or cloud MDM deployment? While this may seem like a simple question, there are many factors that come into play when deciding which method to go with. This article discusses the differences between on-premises vs. cloud MDM deployment. It will also present examples, use cases, and pros and cons of these two deployment options.


6 Strategic Reasons Why Businesses Need Remote IT Support

Why Remote IT Support: Many businesses across a variety of different sectors are choosing to outsource their technology needs through remote IT support. As a result, you tend to get quicker response times and sector-specific help when you work with remote teams. Additionally, remote work is highly attractive to a lot of skilled professionals, so you are much more likely to work with an expert in the field.


How Augmented Reality Can Change Physical Repair

Augmented Reality for Industry Repair When augmented reality emerged onto the scene, most people anticipated that it would primarily change consumer industries, like gaming. This idea was seemingly confirmed with the explosive popularity of Pokémon Go, the 2016 AR game that saw gamers capture virtual pokemon out in the real world, using only their phone. But some of the most powerful applications of augmented reality are in industry.


Android Geofencing Guide: Track & Secure Devices with AirDroid Business

Many of our customers have already embraced mobile transformation and are sending them out in the field to give employees better productivity. For instance, truck drivers now use Android devices for communication and managing their logistics delivery; health organizations use Android tablets to track the location and health status of patients.


The A to Z of Devices You Can Remote Control

When most professionals hear the term “mobile device management,” they generally assume that an MDM can only remote control company-issued phones. Several years ago, this idea may have been accurate. But as the digital devices in our world have exploded in number, so, too, has the umbrella of what an MDM can remotely control. Now the right MDM can remote control practically any device with a screen and an interface.


5 Ways Customer Service Automation Aids in Remote Support

How customer service automation helps your business Ask anyone walking down the street if they have had a bad customer service experience, and the answer will probably be “Yes!”. Customer service is the backbone of many businesses, but getting it right can be tricky. That is especially true for remote customer support. The customer should be valued, but translating that value into actionable procedures costs money and equally precious time.


How MDM Resolves Common Issues With Digital Signages

Common issues with digital signages When it comes to digital signages, most businesses think about them from the same perspective they use when executing other collaterals, such as print advertisements. These business leaders prioritize branding: the look and feel of the signage should be faithful to the brand, any elements from the brand bible should be rendered accurately, and the tone of the copy should be consistent with the brand voice.