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Active Directory

How to effectively streamline AD actions with automation

Organizations worldwide use Active Directory (AD) to manage users, devices and data. The world moves at a fast pace, and it demands that tasks be performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. How many times have you had to create a user account in AD manually? Change passwords? Update group memberships? You could add so many other repetitive AD administrative tasks to this list.

How to Install Active Directory (AD) Users and Computers (ADUC)

Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) is a management tool that provides a graphical user interface for managing and organizing the elements of a Windows Active Directory (AD) domain. Key functions include user, group, organizational unit, and computer management, as well as control of security and permissions and trust relationships between domains. ADUC provides system administrators with a centralized interface, simplifying complex tasks and enhancing the security of Windows environments.

Azure AD Connect: What It Is and How to Configure It

Azure AD Connect offers organizations the power of hybrid identity solutions, providing a seamless bridge between on-premises Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. This guide will introduce the functions and features of Azure AD Connect, from understanding its core purpose to configuring it securely. With this information, you’ll have the knowledge needed to set up and maintain a robust hybrid identity solution.

What Is Group Policy in Active Directory?

Few tools are as crucial and multifaceted as Group Policy within the context of Active Directory (AD) — though it often goes underutilized. For system administrators and network managers, mastering Group Policy is a powerful tool that should never be overlooked. This article will take you through the landscape of Group Policy, offering a comprehensive and all-inclusive breakdown of its principles, capabilities, and applications within the robust framework of Active Directory.

The importance of Azure Active Directory integration with Hector

Optimisez la gestion des accès au sein de votre organisation en simplifiant la complexité grâce à Azure Active Directory. Découvrez comment l‘intégration avec Hector peut renforcer la sécurité et l’efficacité pour atteindre vos objectifs commerciaux.

A KDC/One senior system administrator shares why ADManager Plus blows his mind!

KDC/One provides beauty, personal care, and home care solutions through its worldwide presence. It used to have issues creating and terminating users and was looking for a solution to automate this process. Cedrick Tshibamba, KDC/One's senior system administrator, was mind-blown when he came across ADManager Plus and its capabilities. They are now able to schedule creating and terminating users at ease, which used to take them half a day previously.

Azure Active Directory vs Active Directory: What's the Difference?

There are many possible reasons why you may want to know the difference between Active Directory and Azure AD. Maybe you've just migrated from Microsoft Office to Office 365. You might be moving on-prem virtual machines into Azure. Or perhaps you're developing a greenfield cloud-native app that won't be connected to your on-prem resources at all.

Understand your Azure Active Directory Sign-Ins with KQL

When Azure AD is configured to record Sign-In activity, Kusto KQL can be used to gain valuable insights. This blog walks through common needs and shows how to visualize them in SquaredUp. Ruben Zimmermann is an Infrastructure Architect at a large manufacturing company who likes Azure, KQL, PowerShell and, still, SCOM.