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How ITSM Automation Improves DEX at Scale

As your organization grows, manual processes that were once convenient become increasingly inconvenient. They’re now cumbersome, slow, plainly inefficient and hinder opportunities for innovation. This is worsened by the rapid onset of digital transformation. Some organizations report that this transformation was accelerated by three to five years since 2020 by the pandemic.

The importance of accurate inventory valuation

When it comes to insuring their activities, companies need to consider a number of aspects to ensure adequate protection against potential risks. One of the most important is an accurate assessment of inventory value. Indeed, knowing the value of your inventory is essential if you’re looking to protect yourself against potential losses.
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AlmaAI - Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendations

AlmaAI®, the family name for the AI features within the Almaden Collective IQ® Business Edition, represents a sophisticated approach to problem analysis and resolution. Driven by cutting-edge technology, such as generative AI, AlmaAI harnesses the power of computer intelligence to detect issue patterns and suggest recommendations for correction. It also helps organize IT priorities to address reported and unreported problems, as well as anticipate needs.

What You Need to Know About ITIL for Service Management

As the person on the front lines, you know that providing the best service possible can be what makes your ITSM organization succeed. Every day, you work to build the relationships that help your organization create value for end-users. However, when you have inefficient processes, you end up having to be the person responding to an upset user.

What Are the Top Network Automation Trends In 2024?

It is the time of the year when we revisit our carefully written 2024 New Year resolutions list and frown at how we could not stick to it religiously. Letting the everyday demands of life and work get in its way. It isn’t amusing to realize we are not committed to our boldly written, heartfelt intentions. However, if you are a networking professional, we have the good news. You can ace your job as well as carve out the ‘me’ time to pursue your 2024 resolutions.

Why is Log Monitoring Considered to be Important?

Log monitoring has become crucial nowadays as more than 90% of organizations use cloud services, containers, and other technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. This excessive adaption of the latest technologies and services is great for businesses but it also makes everything a bit more complex. Consequently, the volume, velocity, and diversity of logs rise exponentially as a result of this complexity.

Using AI and Automation to Enrich the Employee Service Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming integral in the tech landscape, transforming virtual assistants and self-remediating software to enhance user experiences and propel IT automation in the workplace. Most of the tech workforce embraces AI, recognizing the potential advancements and business improvements it brings. In the workplace, smart technology aims to support and elevate the employee experience, not to replace human workers.
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Best Project Implementation Tools for 2024

The best project implementation tools can prevent missed deadlines, plug communication gaps, and prevent resource management nightmares that haunt project managers' dreams. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, the best project management tools will ensure that your team triumphs like a well-rehearsed symphony. One such maestro among these tools is StartingPoint.