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9 Types of Phishing and Ransomware Attacks-And How to Identify Them

Cyberattacks have become more pervasive globally, evolving quickly in sophistication and scale, and are now more lucrative than ever for cybercriminals. Not only has The Everywhere Workplace extended the cyber risk and threat landscape—especially for data privacy and its protection—but a lot of Agile software developers, many of whom lack any DevSecOps process, are publishing untested or poorly tested software that can be exploited as zero-days by criminal gangs.

How business optimization efforts stack up

Like many business leaders, you may be wondering if you’re getting the most out of your technology investments and if there are things you can do to gain efficiency. Many organizations have taken steps toward optimization to reap the rewards of: In fact, 35% of organizations have made significant or very significant progress toward optimizing risk management and cybersecurity, according to a global survey of 900 senior business leaders by ServiceNow and ThoughtLab.

Consulting Business Models (3 Potential Paths)

Consulting business models can make or break the success of firms. Before you decide on a business model for your consulting firm, consider the following questions: The right professional services business model will support scalability and profitability. If you're actively considering business consulting models and find yourself at a crossroads, this is the perfect article for you to read. A consulting firm's business model can determine the trajectory of the organization.

What is ServiceOps?

ServiceOps is a new business technology strategy that combines IT service management (ITSM) with IT operations management (ITOM). ServiceOps is fundamentally about connecting people, processes, and technology that are dependent on one another to enable successful service delivery and make user experiences better with automation, collaboration, and visibility across traditionally fragmented departments.

Report: Flawed Hiring Technology is Exacerbating 'the Great Resignation'

As “the Great Resignation” continues, employee turnover remains a key challenge and source of anxiety for businesses around the world. In the U.S. alone, last November saw a record 4.53 million workers quit their jobs. But oddly, hiring teams are scrambling to fill open positions. In theory, a mass exodus of employees leaving their jobs would mean there’s an overflow of qualified candidates in the hiring market. But new research suggests that isn’t the case.

Helping customers answer the trillion-dollar digital transformation question

As a former chief experience officer, I’ve seen just how impactful digital transformation can be. When I worked at Under Armour, we focused on our customers’ connected fitness journey, which unlocked new revenue streams and engagement opportunities. Yet, I’ve been around long enough to see my fair share of disappointments and underperforming projects. Any C-level executive will say the same.

What Is DataOps and How Does it Impact Data Management?

Government IT administrators manage several different types of operations. There’s DevOps, which led to the creation of DevSecOps. Now, data-driven agencies are being introduced to a new operational concept: DataOps, the bridge connecting IT operations and data sciences and accelerating the use of data analytics.