4 Top Patch Management Questions Answered

Our sales team receives handfuls of patching questions so often, we almost brought in the bots to answer. But because the questions below require more explanation, I grabbed a few minutes with Ivanti’s patch management resident expert, Chris Goettl, for answers to questions concerning patching in the cloud, standalone patching, validating patches, and patching remote endpoints.


Beyond IT: Expanding the Service Desk's Footprint

IT Service Management (ITSM) strategies and platforms inherently target IT: it’s a part of the acronym! And, the ITSM platform is the bridge between IT and the organization’s employees. Sure, IT is a key player when it comes to connecting employees to services, but they aren’t the only internal service provider who could benefit from streamlining their activities.


What are the benefits behind monitoring IT and OT convergent systems in Manufacturing?

Almost every single industry is now facing some form of convergence. Generally, it begins with optimizing a process and then optimizing the enterprise management systems for federating the management of each process. For the services industry, this convergence between systems has primarily been within the bounds of information technology. Manufacturing has an entirely different story to tell.


The Most Important Android Enterprise Features for Supply Chain - Series 2

In my last post, Getting Started With Android Enterprise in Supply Chain – Series 1, we talked about a couple tools you need to understand before jumping into Android Enterprise. Now that we’ve got that sorted out, let’s talk about the features. Not all of the features, but the ones that are going to really matter in supply chain.


Leverage your Service Desk's Self-Service Portal to Enhance Employee Experience

With the growing focus on human capital management, the concept of employee experience has embedded itself into IT service management. The changing global landscape means that employees working from any remote corner of the world expect seamless service delivery irrespective of different channels, time-zones, or even devices.


Ivanti is a Challenger in UEM Magic Quadrant

I am a challenger. It’s in my DNA somewhere I am sure. To find limits. Evaluate them. Develop an attack angle. Push beyond. Repeat. This is largely due to my hobby of cycling, which I had no idea would further develop my challenger habits when I took it up a handful of years ago. In cycling, it’s easy to find targets for goals. Sprint to the next intersection. Ride up a climb. Complete a 100-mile century. For me, it came in the form of a particular one-day cycling race covering 205 miles.


ServiceNow delivers new native workflows in Microsoft Teams to create the future of work

Today we announced the expansion of our partnership with Microsoft to deliver elevated digital employee experiences that meet people where they are. At Microsoft Ignite 2020, ServiceNow introduced new workflows embedded in Microsoft Teams to improve employee productivity with seamless self-service and faster case resolution. Powered by the Now Platform, the new capabilities also improve agent productivity by enabling them to more effectively collaborate and complete key tasks in Microsoft Teams.


6 Network Monitoring Best Practices that Every IT Team Should Focus On

The network monitoring teams can now tap into Internet-of-Things, software-level network, and cloud-based services to ensure maximum uptime and optimal network performance. However, adapting to these technologies would mean defining new practices for legacy architecture integration, reengineering the monitoring workflow, and evaluating the toolkit for enhancing comprehensive and layered network management.


How to ensure a seamless end-user experience: The ITOM Podcast [Episode 6]

The ITOM Podcast is back with an all new episode aimed to alleviate all your remote work woes in your IT environment. In the last episode, we discussed in detail about the need for compliance checks, major causes of compliance violations across industries, and the solution to help maintain network compliance. This week, we’ll dive into the end-user experience in this era of remote work.


We've grown up a little, got a bit smarter & we're looking sharp!

We’re well over a year old now, the team has doubled in size and things are going just swell here at Team_Cookdown. Since we launched, we’ve expanded our product range to include some awesome new solutions like Alert Sync and Discovery and added loads of new features to our existing SCOM toolkit; to bring you expertly crafted integrations solutions for two of the most established platforms in IT enterprise, SCOM and ServiceNow.