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An Introduction to Patch Management

Patch management is the process of acquiring and applying updates to software. This is an essential part of IT Asset Management. A patch manager controls the deployment of updates to operating systems and other applications on the network. In this article we will cover the following topics: If you want to learn the key aspects of patch management and the benefits it brings along to organization, then this is the article for you.

Customer Success vs. Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive world of SaaS solutions and B2B services, the phrases “Customer Success” and “Customer Support” are tossed about like cards on a poker table. Both are necessary for a company’s or brand’s success. Customer success and customer support differ in their approach: one is proactive, while the other is reactive. Using these phrases interchangeably might lead to misunderstandings outside and inside your company.

Great customer experience is easier than you think

Lionel Ritchie thinks Sunday morning is easy. Ella Fitzgerald thinks living is easy when it’s summertime. Loving is easy too, according to Rex Orange County. I haven’t heard anyone sing about customer experience just yet (Alexa?). But every time I preorder my Starbucks latte so it’s waiting for me at the store on my way to work, I’m reminded just how important easy is. If easy is the on/off switch for great experience, then speed controls the volume.

S1E5: ServiceDesk Plus On-premises: Introducing new features - Masterclass 2022

In the bonus episode of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2022, we'll check out all the new features and key enhancements released in ServiceDesk Plus in the last 6 months. Learn how features like space management, Asset Replenishment, and Zoho Charts integration can help you enhance your IT service delivery.

S1E5: ServiceDesk Plus Cloud: Introducing new features - Masterclass 2022

In the bonus episode of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2022, we'll check out all the new features and key enhancements released in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud in the last six months. Learn how features like Asset Life Cycle, report widgets, and space management can help you enhance your IT service delivery.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence: The Basics of AI

You’ve heard about artificial intelligence everywhere. It’s been represented and discussed in popular media like films and television, as well as in extensive and potentially fearmongering think-pieces saying that its sentience could spell the end of our times. But one thing is for certain: artificial intelligence is very real and — despite what certain sci-fi films might tell you — a really helpful tool for us humans.

Is Customer Success cutting-edge in the age of B2B and SaaS?

It’s no secret that you’ll need a solid product and a good sales and marketing team for your company to expand. However, to maintain this growth, one must stay ahead of the game in this constantly evolving industry. In SaaS and B2B worlds, Customer Success is the avant-garde and for all the right reasons. Customer Success is evaluated by adjusting one’s business to evolving customer expectations, social trends, and economic realities.

Five customer service channels and their impact on EX

As the pandemic pushed businesses online overnight, companies quickly scaled automation and self-service technology like chatbots and knowledge based FAQs to deflect and resolve employee support issues. However, IT teams have a big opportunity to go beyond resolving tech requests and make it a delightful exchange that deepens relationships across the business.

Asset & Inventory Tracking App: One Solution for All Industries

These days competition is so high everyone wants to utilize technology to its full potential which is why a mobile application for business is essential. Every businessman knows that nowadays every adult owns a smartphone. That is why almost all businesses have their own mobile application. However, for asset management, organizations utilize traditional asset tracking methods. As a result, lots of errors occur in data and work delays occur because no proper planning is done.

COBIT Framework: A Different Take on Service Management

COBIT is one of the most widely used frameworks for IT governance. Among ITSM frameworks, COBIT is best known for aligning IT strategy with the overall business goals of the organization. Initially released in 1996, the framework has become popular among organizations for managing their IT risks, ensuring compliance, and keeping ITSM on track for achieving organizational goals. With this article, we hope to introduce you to the COBIT framework.