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Purchase Order Software - Features, Uses & Benefits || Asset Infinity

In this video we will cover about about Purchase order software system. Explore key features, benefits & uses ad asset tracking software. With purchase order system, you can not only keep track of every purchase order but also manage it. Whenever any update occurs in any purchase order, a notification is sent to the management. It offers better visibility of the organization's spending.

How to choose the right Agile value metrics

Nearly every business leader these days is focused on achieving value—and for good reason. Business leaders are accountable for ensuring all the work they do delivers the most value possible to the business. Some have adopted Agile methodologies to achieve this. For Agile methodologies to be effective, you need to measure the right things. And to measure the right things, you need the right data producing the right information to provide you with the right insights. Agile value metrics can help.


Process optimization: Mining for process efficiency

These are uncertain times. When leaders are uneasy about the future, they start to look at ways to drive efficiency and cut costs to prepare for what might lurk around the corner. Most organizations know they can optimize processes, but they struggle to pinpoint where and how. ServiceNow customers are doing this by creating low-code apps using our App Engine solution.


Asset Location Tracking: Keeping a Detailed Record of your Asset's Placement

Asset location tracking is an essential part of IT Asset Management since it allows organizations to track their IT assets’ location. Thanks to the digital workplace, organizations are used to having part of their staff in remote places or even traveling for different reasons. And as a consequence, these employees usually have IT assets filled with company information (often times confidential) that travel with them across the globe.

Asset Tracking Software - Features, Uses & Benefits || Asset Infinity

In this video we will cover about about Asset Tracking software system. Explore key features, benefits & uses ad asset tracking software. Asset tracking software increases equipment longevity and enhances security. Maintenance management and scheduling can be cumbersome with outdated or paper-based processes. Asset tracking software can transform this logistical nightmare into a simplified process that saves both time and money.

Incident Innovation: ITSM Incident Management vs FEMA Incident Command System - Goals

The FEMA Incident Command System responds to wide area disasters like an earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, and tornado, while ITIL is used for digital services and applications. In large organizations, there is the facilities team and the data center team. FEMA is associated with the facilities team and ITIL with the smaller data center team. What characteristics are shared between the two and what are the main differences?

Happiest Minds Technologies streamlines reporting for NOC and SOC using Analytics Plus

Sujith Ramesh, Technical Manager, ITOM and ITSM, Happiest Minds Technologies talks about how ManageEngine Analytics Plus has helped the company gather meaningful insights into their IT data. He also shares about how they've been able to cut down reporting from days to a few hours using Analytics Plus.

Why Your Company Should Streamline Business Processes

When you streamline business processes, you increase operational efficiency and productivity by eliminating unnecessary steps. It all comes down to having the right tools in your corner. You do not need an extensive technology stack to make massive strides in streamlining processes. A single workforce management platform for unifying workflows can make all the difference. ‍ Straight off the bat, here are five key tips for streamlining business processes.

ManageEngine turns 20 | This is our story

ManageEngine turns 20 this year and we want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, who have made this journey so special. In this video, our leadership team takes you through the journey of ManageEngine, from its inception to the road ahead. Our leaders discuss the role our customers have played in creating and perfecting solutions to help simplify your IT needs and how your input and feedback has not only shaped us into the organization we are today, but continues to prepare us for the future.