Discord Bot Part 1: Getting started the right way

I’ve recently started working on a new project to build a Discord bot in Go, mostly as a way to learn more Go but also so I can use it to manage various things in Azure and potentially elsewhere. I figured it’d be useful to document some of this project to give some insights as to what I’ve done and why. First up was setting up the CI/CD pipeline for it so that I don’t need to worry about it later and can save myself a bunch of time when testing.


Integrating a Cloudsmith repository with a CircleCI pipeline

At Cloudsmith, we are proud of our partnership network. We work hard to collaborate and integrate with the best DevOps tools available. Building performant, modern workflows requires frictionless integrations between tooling. Integrating Cloudsmith repositories with your CI/CD processes facilitates rapid development. Build, test, and deploy/distribute your software in repeatable, performant ways.


Code Coverage Reports using Codacy and Codefresh

Where do you usually track your code coverage? If you are not sure about the answer to this question or you would like to explore other options to the ones that you are currently using, then this post is for you. Specifically, this post details how you can use Codacy in your Codefresh pipeline to create and send coverage reports of your repository with every pipeline build. To follow along, make sure to have a Codacy and a Codefresh account. If not, now is the time to set-up a fresh account for free!

Combining Progressive Delivery with GitOps & Continuous Delivery

Three phrases keep popping up when talking about modern workflows, development, and deployment techniques... While these three practices and the tooling behind them are focusing on specific areas, the "real" benefits are obtained when they are combined. Nevertheless, many have not yet reached that stage yet. Each of these practices alone can be daunting and, frankly, scary. Yet, we should go a step further and explore how to combine them together and see the benefits such a solution might provide.