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Integration testing with GitLab CI and Docker

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform that enables enterprises and organizations to deliver software to markets smoothly while ensuring high product quality. Software engineering practices use many testing techniques, from unit tests to integration tests. This article helps you understand software testing with unit and integration tests. It highlights the fundamental differences between unit and integration tests and demonstrates how to write integration tests for your applications.


Access Your Bitbucket Cloud Repositories More Securely With Resource Scoped Access Tokens.

We understand there is a constant tension between the need to keep source code secure, while also enabling tools to integrate with your Source Code Management solution. In line with this, Bitbucket Cloud is introducing the first step in a range of new API security capabilities, designed to give customers fine-grained control over access to their Repositories, Projects, and Workspaces.


JavaScript immediately invoked function expressions

JavaScript Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs) are functions that are executed when they are initialized. An IIFE (pronounced “iffy”) can be initialized or defined to achieve a certain purpose. In this tutorial, you will learn about use cases for IIFEs and the benefits of using them over traditional functions. You will also write tests for your functions and integrate CI/CD for these tests.

The Start of Sleuth: Filling a Gap in Software Delivery Performance

Sleuth's founders -- Dylan Etkin, Michael Knighten, and Don Brown -- talk about where the idea for Sleuth came from, how it's filling a need in measuring and improving on software delivery performance, and how it helps teams unlock their ability to experiment. Give Sleuth a try and see why it's a deploy-based Accelerate / DORA metrics tracker both managers and developers love.

Configuring notifications for your CI builds with Slack and Twilio

CircleCI notification orbs were built to deliver messages to the appropriate channels when a build is successful or when it fails. This helps everyone involved in a project stay up-to-date with the status of the latest build. In this tutorial, you will explore and implement notifications sent to a Slack channel and also sent via SMS. To accomplish this task, you will make use of the Slack and Twilio orbs from the CircleCI orb registry.

Season 2 finale: How to grow from failure in 2023 + Rob's worst failure

In the finale episode of season 2, our podcast producer Julia McClellan turns the tables on Rob to see what he's really learned from interviewing 18 top tech leaders in 2022. Rob reflects on how to grow, communicate, and change our ways from experiencing failure. Tune in today to hear Rob share his most catastrophic failure and catch a special preview to season 3.