Deploying Artifactory and Xray on Openshift with JFrog Operators

OpenShift operators are a method of packaging, deploying, and managing a Kubernetes application. They help handle the complex details of running containerized software, monitoring the state of the OpenShift Container Platform to make automated real time operating decisions. The OpenShift operator now available for JFrog Enterprise is compatible with OpenShift 4 and performs this automated monitoring for your deployment of Artifactory.

Logging Best Practices in the CI/CD Era

With the overabundance of log data available today, it’s easy to simply limit logging events. However, this pattern overlooks the latent value in your log data. To be proactive, rather than reactive. Utilizing their experience serving 1,500+ customers worldwide, Ariel Assaraf, CEO of Coralogix, will show you how to transform your logs into a treasure trove of opportunities for improving your CICD process and anticipating operational problems before they happen.

Observability: From Push to Production

Developers are building and deploying to production with greater frequency. Elite organizations are deploying to production multiple times per day. All the while we continue to distribute our applications even wider with the adoption of micro-services, and global deployments. This consistent churn and increasing code complexity create the perfect storm that makes finding problems even harder. How do you know the changes just committed actually deployed? How do you know the changes worked?


JFrog Pipelines 1.6: Overcoming CI/CD Obstacles to Scaling DevOps

Long release cycles are no longer viable in the world of software development. The promise of DevOps has been to materially shrink time to value. Like most meaningful transitions, this one hasn’t always been a simple flip of a switch. For many organizations, development teams have become complex and unwieldy. So, the custodians of DevOps have found it difficult to achieve broader adoption of DevOps principles across engineering teams.