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Change Failure Rate explained

This post is the third in a series of deeper dive articles discussing DORA metrics. In previous articles, we looked at: The third metric we’ll examine, Change Failure Rate, is a lagging indicator that helps teams and organizations understand the quality of software that has been shipped, providing guidance on what the team can do to improve in the future.

Using Argo CD and Kustomize for ConfigMap Rollouts

Kubernetes offers a way to store configuration files and manage them via a ConfigMap. Functionally, they seem very similar to Kubernetes Secrets, where both constructs are used to store information that can be used in a Pod. This information could be usernames and passwords of a connection string to a database.

Build and deploy a Nuxt3 application to Netlify

Imagine you want to build and deploy a Nuxt3 app on Netlify. Because custom scripts are not allowed on Netlify, you will not be able to perform custom tasks like automated testing before deploying the website to your Jamstack hosting platform. That is where continuous integration/continuous deployment comes in. With a CI/CD system, you can run the kind of automated tests that create successful deployments.