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Practical Tips & Tricks for Speeding Up Your CI/CD Pipelines

When developing software and maintaining CI/CD and testing pipelines we are often compelled to increase our test coverage by adding more tests, and therefore improve our apps’ quality. After all, more automation equals better software, right? There’s a flipside to this equation however, and a point at which we start seeing diminishing returns from each test we add. Taken to extreme, these diminishing returns begin to actively harm our ability to deliver working software.

Get the most of your .Net Builds

Give your.Net ecosystem the full power of DevOps running on AWS - The JFrog Platform covers the full application lifecycle of.NET builds from developer fingertips through distribution to consumers while covering application security, vulnerability analysis and artifact flow control. In this webinar will see how you can configure your.NET builds on AWS, so that they take full advantage of JFrog Platform for managing the lifecycle of your.NET artifacts.

No Internet? No Problem. Use Xray with an Air Gap - Part II

With software supply chain attacks on the rise, implementing DevSecOps best practices in an air gapped environment is a must. In an effort to secure an organization’s internal network, there is an increasing trend of separating the internal network from the external one. Essentially creating an enclosed and disconnected environment from the public internet. An air gapped solution provides stricter security requirements, but that’s not enough.

Continuously Securing Software Supply Chain

Catch this session to see a breakdown of the recent news related to software supply chain security and what you can do to meet new requirements and protect your software from such attacks. With new software supply chain attacks reaching the spotlight at an accelerating pace, security research uncovering novel attack methods and new mandates and guidelines starting to come into effect — it can be hard to stay on top of the latest developments and their implications.