The Confident Commit | Episode 4: Systems and Flow with Elisabeth Hendrickson

Rob interviews Elisabeth Hendrickson on the best practices of system and flow. Elisabeth shares how to get your team to understand the system of software delivery and how to measure success properly. Subscribe to The Confident Commit Podcast playlist for alerts to new episodes published bi-weekly. The Confident Commit: A podcast for developers, engineering managers and business leaders alike to join in the conversation on how to deliver software better and faster.

A guide to write your tests for your Android apps

Learn how to write your tests for your Android applications! In this series of articles, you will learn how to do testing on your Android app and libraries. We will give you the most valuable and critical knowledge about testing and finding the issues in your app, and showcase how to write your test cases and how to run them in CI.


The Future Demands Full Stack DevOps Engineers at the Epicenter

As we wrap up swampUP 2021, I have never felt more excited about being part of the global DevOps community. My greatest takeaway from swampUP 2021, with all of its great presentations and the participation of thousands of our community peers, is that DevOps today finds itself at a historical inflection point. Let me explain.


Automate and scale your CI/CD with CircleCI orbs

For the past two and a half years as a Solutions Engineer at CircleCI, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with some of CircleCI’s largest customers to help them instill healthy CI/CD practices into their development processes. Leading-edge organizations are trying to make sure that their applications are scalable, reliable, and secure. Shipping products to users quickly and reliably is imperative to gaining a competitive edge.

DORA Metrics Explained

DORA metrics, also known as Accelerate metrics, are universally lauded as good metrics for tracking Engineering team productivity and software delivery performance. Learn the whats and whys of the four DORA metrics: Deployment Frequency, Change Lead Time, Change Failure Rate and Mean Time to Recovery, and how to use them the right way. LINKS SLEUTH A deploy-based Accelerate Metrics tracker both managers and developers love.

Bitrise for Indie Developers | A walkthrough by Kevin Toms

If you are an indie developer working on mobile apps, you have plenty of challenges to look out for on top of creating a great app. Bitrise can help with these and other challenges through the Bitrise CI/CD cloud-based platform and its integrations with other systems and tools. Kevin Toms, Developer Advocate is here to guide you through the whole process of using Bitrise if you are an indie developer.

The startup founders' guide to software delivery

Software delivery on a team of 2 people is vastly different from software delivery on a team of 200. Over the growth of a startup, processes and tool choices will evolve naturally - but either optimizing too early or letting them evolve without a picture of where you’re headed can cost you in time and agility later. That’s why I want to talk to you about how to evolve your delivery process with purpose.


Bring your own CI/CD.

As a developer I couldn’t imagine working without one of these three things. For projects on GitHub the built-in actions should do the latter job fine in most cases. But as everything else they have limits. The more PRs, the more different tests per pull request and the longer those tests run, the longer different PRs have to wait for each other for the continuous integration to run.