IDC: Become a Digital Innovation Factory with These 4 Pillars of Modern DevOps

It’s do or die. In today’s brutally competitive digital economy, it is imperative for organizations to transform themselves into software-driven businesses — becoming “digital innovation factories” that can quickly and efficiently create and distribute new digital services. This enables them to be resilient, nimble, and innovative, creating business value and responding to market shifts and to customer needs.


What is YAML? A Beginner's Guide

YAML is a digestible data serialization language that is often utilized to create configuration files and works in concurrence with any programming language. YAML is a data serialization language designed for human interaction. It’s a strict superset of JSON, another data serialization language. But because it’s a strict superset, it can do everything that JSON can and more.

The Road to MobileDevTestOps - Kobiton Odyssey 2021 presentation by Moataz Nabil

Join Moataz Nabil for this explainer on MobileDevTestOps, and a description of the common journey mobile engineering organisations go through to reach this stage of continuous testing. This presentation, watched live by attendees of Kobiton's Odyssey 2021 testing conference, explores the role of QA and testing in mobile DevOps processes. Specifically, it deep-dives into the notion of Mobile DevTestOps, it's challenges and how they're addressed by both large and small mobile product engineering organisations.

Adding IaC security scans to your CI pipeline

The adoption of Infrastructure as Code(IaC) has skyrocketed in recent years as engineers seek ways to deploy cloud infrastructure faster and more efficiently. IaC refers to the technologies and processes that manage and provision infrastructure using machine-readable languages (code) as opposed to inefficient manual operations.


Get Healthy: Pre-Production Tips to Help Developers Thrive

The process of writing code has evolved—is your organization ready for the demands of today’s software development? The individual development steps haven’t changed much. Code is still written, tested, integrated, and released. But the way these steps are accomplished, how code is handed off from one stage to another, and how it is released, is vastly different. The goal today is to get applications out the door faster.