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Using Snowflake MVs in Looker

Snowflake recently announced the general availability of materialized views (MVs). If you aren’t familiar with MVs, they are physical database objects that contain the result of a query, so they lie somewhere between a table, which is a physical object, and a view, which is based on a query but is a logical object. MVs have many uses, including enhancing query performance, encapsulating complex logic, and aggregating data.


Why optimizing your resources is crucial to your agency's success

When you’re in an agency, you have limited resources to play with: limited time, limited money, and limited human power. No matter how great your best people are, they probably still have basic needs they need to take care of, like sleeping, eating, and watching Netflix. These types of limitations are a challenge for any business.

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GripMatix create dashboard pack for monitoring Citrix

Earlier this year, our partner GripMatix released a feature-packed Citrix management pack (MP) that helps improve the monitoring of Citrix environments using SCOM. This was warmly received by our customers who preferred not to shell out for the premium ‘Citrix Platinum’ license, and so don’t have access to SCOM MPs directly from Citrix.


Unleashing the next level of organizational decision-making with the cloud data warehouse

The ability for cloud data warehouses to provide a single platform that enables organizations to analyze data at any scale is a market changing capability. Sure, much has been made of the ability of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to this data to gain insight into new areas, ultimately to increase an organization’s competitiveness. There is however a greater level of impact that this architecture can have that can be independent of AI and ultimately inclusive of AI.


18 Useful Smartsheet Alternatives for Every Team

Smartsheet is a great work execution platform for teams of different sizes to plan, manage, automate and report collaborative work. It combines a familiar spreadsheet format with work management and collaboration capabilities and includes projects and task lists, customer information and sales pipelines, to name a few.


How I added a search bar to my website in 20 minutes with Elastic Site Search

An important part of any great website experience is a powerful search box, as anyone who’s struggled to find something on a site knows. As the owner of a personal website, I want to make sure my site isn’t causing any search-related headaches. But as a non-technical person with a lot on my plate, I don’t have time for complicated solutions that are over my head and require technical expertise or coding