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Monitor Azure Container Apps with Datadog

Azure Container Apps is a serverless platform that enables you to deploy containerized applications and microservices—regardless of their code or framework—without managing any underlying cloud infrastructure or orchestrators. By using serverless containers, Azure Container Apps can automatically scale based on HTTP requests or events supported by Kubernetes event-driven autoscaling (KEDA) in order to accommodate peak demand and meet your budgeting goals.


Run Datadog Synthetic tests in Azure Pipelines

Continuous integration (CI) demands continous testing: shifting left helps prevent faulty code from spreading, which is one of the core aims of CI. Datadog’s new Azure DevOps extension enables you to seamlessly incorporate integration and end-to-end tests into existing CI/CD workflows on Azure Pipelines, a dedicated CI/CD service that automatically runs builds, performs tests, and deploys your services and applications via cloud-hosted pipelines.


Why OpManager is the perfect tool to detect and troubleshoot Wi-Fi performance issues

Wi-Fi has untangled humanity, quite literally. Those jumbled Ethernet cables with their confusing ports are banished to backstage. Now, all we need is one connection to a Wi-Fi router and voila! Internet. Wi-Fi networks simplify your IT infrastructure. WLAN networks makes an office look less like a scene from The Matrix and more like a creative workspace, but it can bring an array of difficulties as well. Unlike the sturdy Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi connections fluctuate.


The Future of Ops Is Platform Engineering

Two years ago I wrote a piece in The New Stack about the Future of Ops Careers. Towards the end, I wrote: I described the second category as “operations engineering minus the infrastructure,” dedicated to evaluating and assembling a production stack of third-party platform providers, enabling software engineers to self-serve their services and own their own code in production. I said: That second category I was describing now has a name. We call those teams "platform engineering."

Asset Infinity

How to Manage Medical Inventories through an Inventory Management System

There is a large sum of assets and medical supply of which the healthcare industry has to keep a track of. Check-ups that are regular to surgeries and the supplies used in it, there is a long-list to it and it would lead to an employee investment of time, plus this technique is also open to human error. An organization always wants to keep good track and manage their supplies in a very effective way.


UC Today Deep Dive: Why Microsoft Teams Performance is Critical

UC Today, the leading online publication for Unified Communications and Collaboration technology, recently did a deep dive on Martello’s Microsoft-recommended Vantage DX solution for monitoring Microsoft Teams and found out that delivering exceptional user experiences and avoiding a Microsoft Teams outage can be easy with the right solution in place.


6 Best Network Inventory Documentation Tools

Although network inventory documentation isn’t the most glamorous task, it is essential for the success of any IT department. According to Steady Networks, “Workers spend about 22 minutes each day dealing with some type of IT issue.” An accurate network inventory can greatly reduce the time it takes for internal IT to identify and solve issues.


Migrating to an open-source private cloud platform: key considerations

Private clouds combine the many benefits of cloud computing, like elasticity, scalability and agility, with the security, access control and resource customisation of on-prem infrastructure. Private clouds allow financial institutions to have greater control over hardware and software choices. They make it easier to enforce compliance with regulatory standards.