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Using the Elastic APM Java Agent on Kubernetes

Elasticsearch and the rest of the Elastic Stack are commonly used for log and metric aggregation in various environments, including Kubernetes. In addition, the Elastic Stack is frequently being used for uptime tracking, with Heartbeat, as well as Application Performance Monitoring (APM), with agents supporting common programming languages, including Java.


Okta: Atlassian product suite most popular app of the year

Atlassian and Opsgenie are among the most popular apps in the Okta network this year, according to a new report from the security company. From the report: Okta’s Business @ Work 2020 Report takes an in-depth look at how organizations and people work, exploring industries and customers, and the applications and services they use to harness productivity.


What is NIST SP 800-171? Tips for NIST SP 800-171 Compliance

NIST Special Publication 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations (NIST SP 800-171 or NIST 800-171), provides federal agencies with a set of guidelines designed to ensure that Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) remains confidential and unchanged in nonfederal systems and organizations.


DevOps Incident Management: A Guide With Best Practices

This is the one post I hope you’ll never need. However, should you ever need it, this is your one-stop shop for understanding how to proceed with DevOps incident management. Have you just been attacked? Did the commit go wrong? A CI pipeline went haywire? Don’t worry. I got you.


Serverless Cost Optimization: Kinesis Streams vs Firehose

Serverless development opens lots of new opportunities, and if you’re invested in serverless (or you’ve been following the hype) you’ll know that cost efficiency is principal among those benefits. Simply put, we can save money by choosing the right tool for the right task. Since a distributed microservices architecture is made up of many managed services it’s a simple task to change out the building blocks of a particular application flow.


Do you need certifications to get an InfoSec job?

I’ve seen Tweets and heard many discussions about certifications, like CISSP, CEH, OSCP and so on, in InfoSec. No doubt certifications have value – in many situations hiring managers are quickly going through resumes and certifications are symbolic of at least book-learning, and some degree of dedication to InfoSec. Certifications can be expensive and time consuming so having them clears the bar of at least slightly dedicated.


How Grafana Enterprise Helped 84.51 Centralize Its Metrics and Tell a Holistic Story

84.51°, the data analytics and marketing company owned by The Kroger Company, found out it needed centralized metrics the hard way. When Erin O’Brien was brought into the company in the spring of 2019 as a Lead Service Manager, she was tasked with evaluating and seeking ways to continuously improve how the Technology and Product teams worked together.


A Step Towards Observability with Lambda Destinations

If we are to loosely extrapolate the well-known Chinese proverb, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, we can build the story of how AWS Lambda Functions has matured on its journey to an ideal serverless solution. The absolute optimization of serverless, where all known barriers are overcome, may still be far, but AWS has been industriously taking the steps to this goal. One of the latest being AWS Lambda Destinations.