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SRE vs. DevOps [Understanding Differences & Similarities]

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps share a goal of building a bridge between development and operations. We'll explore and compare both approaches. Wondering to yourself, which is better for your company, SRE or DevOps? Neither SRE or DevOps is “better,” exactly, since they’re similar yet different in a few key ways: SRE, or site reliability engineering, is a methodology developed by Google engineer Ben Treynor Sloss in 2003.


Colonial Pipeline Hacking and Vikings - A History Lesson

It was all over the news, with millions in the eastern US experiencing gas shortages not seen since the 1974 oil crisis. Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid a $5 million ransom to the hackers in an attempt to restore its services. It’s never an easy decision, to pay or to refuse; as paying may invite further attacks on similar services, however refusing means having to live with hardships and suffer serious losses. This ransom demand and hacking may seem like a recent phenomenon, but it is not.


Best scriptless testing tools for angular based applications

A long time ago, we started building software, basic calculator stuff. Small, uncluttered, and light software. Then we increased the size, complexity, and dependencies. As the complexities of the software applications increased, the need for software testing became more and more apparent. That was when Manual testing of software applications came into being. Soon, when the software was big and hefty, manual testing became a hectic and time-consuming job too.


The report is out: We made the Gartner Magic Quadrant again!

Enhancing digital performance has become a major priority for organizations today. Limited in-person interactions have forced people to depend on applications for their day-to-day needs. This is why an optimal digital experience has become synonymous with an organization’s ability to thrive. At ManageEngine, we are constantly focused on evolving and adapting to shifting technology trends.


Monitor JMeter test results with Datadog

Apache JMeter is an open source tool for load testing Java applications in both development and CI environments in order to ensure that sudden spikes in traffic won’t cause latency in production. But because load testing involves sending thousands of requests per minute in order to simulate real traffic, it can be difficult to parse outcomes and read patterns—especially for large organizations that test and deploy new code several times a day.


Five Tips for Optimizing Hyper V

Introduced in 2008, Microsoft’s virtualization platform Hyper-V has become a well-known tool for administrators. Hyper V offers users with a wide range of management options. It includes GUI-based Hyper V tools such as Hyper V Manager, and command-line tools like Windows Powershell. Hyper V versions have been released ever since with Windows Server.


12 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools & Software [2021 Reviews]

Uptime is the metric that measures perhaps the most critical aspect of your business, its availability. If you think about it, having a website that does many really cool things, paying tons of money on ads to bring people to it, and even spending all that hours on making your website look great won’t amount to anything if it doesn’t work. Furthermore, according to a study made by Google, even a one-second delay in loading your site can cause conversions to go down by 20 percent.


Enhance NOC Alerts With Incident Management and Alert Automation

In a network operations center (NOC), alerts originating from hundreds of servers, application monitoring systems, emails and ticketing services compete to catch a NOC analyst’s attention. NOCs face many challenges in parsing through alerts to identify actionable notifications and mobilize the right response team into action.