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A Spotlight on Effective Digital Marketing Tactics for Legal Professionals

Do you have enough potential clients for your business? The legal profession is competitive. And with the emergence of digital technology, you have more competition than ever. With the use of social media, law firms have established a good reputation. But what about you? Instead of doing nothing, why don't you beat them at their own game? Learn some effective tactics in digital marketing for lawyers and you'll be able to attract more clients. But it's not always easy to know where to start. Don't worry, we're here to help.

A Quick Guide to Key Digital Marketing Terms

The internet is easily accessible today; which is why, the number of internet users keeps escalating. As of April 2023, there are about 5.3 billion internet users globally. This means that over 62% of the total population makes it to the worldwide digital population. In essence, people constantly consume digital content in various forms, such as words, images, and videos. This gives an opportunity to businesses to leverage the availability of their key audience on one platform to deploy the information about the products and services they want to sell.

Microsoft 365 Outage on June 5th, EX571516, MO571683

On Monday morning, June 5th there was a wide scale outage for Microsoft 365. Interestingly, for this one, they first reported it with a barrage of duplicate health status emails (why, we have no idea) but the issue was much more widespread than that – it was affecting most Microsoft Office 365 services: The first incident was Incident EX571516: Some users are unable to access Outlook on the web, and may experience issues with other Exchange Online services.


3 themes from Sapphire 2023

SAPPHIRE 2023 marked another significant milestone, leaving a lasting impression in the books. Returning to the Orlando Convention Center, the event had that ‘SAP energy’ we’re used to as thousands of like minded individuals congregated to exchange experiences, delve into SAP's upcoming plans, and foster valuable connections. Going beyond the walls of the convention center, SAPPHIRE extended its reach into the surrounding areas of Orlando.


Sapphire 2023 - the key 3 imperatives for business leaders

With the 34°C / 104°F heat and a far cry from the 18°C / 64°F I returned home to, it was time to reflect on SAP Sapphire Orlando 2023, the trade show that was the first, in my opinion, post pandemic Sapphire since 2019. Over 13 thousand business leaders, partners and SAP staff descended on the Orange County Convention center in Orlando, Florida to discuss and debate all things SAP. So what were the key takeaways from my side?


OpenTelemetry Collector - architecture and configuration guide

OpenTelemetry Collector is a stand-alone service provided by OpenTelemetry. It can be used as a telemetry-processing system with a lot of flexible configurations to collect and manage telemetry data. Let's do a deep dive on OpenTelemetry Collectors to understand how it works. The first step in setting up observability with OpenTelemetry is instrumentation. The application code is instrumented with OpenTelemetry client libraries that help generate telemetry data like logs, metrics, and traces.

eg innovations

Monitoring AWS End User Computing (EUC) Technologies with eG Enterprise

We are delighted to share that eG Innovations has become one of a very small number of partners to have achieved AWS’s “Digital Workplace Competency” award following a lengthy and rigorous technical audit process. This designation differentiates eG Innovations from other AWS EUC monitoring vendors as having a solution that meets AWS’s own standards for enterprise software.


Monitoring your Nextjs application using OpenTelemetry

Nextjs is a production-ready React framework for building single-page web applications. It enables you to build fast and user-friendly static websites, as well as web applications using Reactjs. Using OpenTelemetry Nextjs libraries, you can set up end-to-end tracing for your Nextjs applications. Nextjs has its own monitoring feature, but it is only limited to measuring the metrics like core web vitals and real-time analytics of the application.