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.NET Core support is here for Raygun APM

Today, we’re proud to announce the next chapter for Raygun APM – support for .NET Core. Raygun is a breath of fresh air for modern development teams needing an APM solution, and our latest language support is no different. In this release, we’re harnessing the power of .NET Core for Windows to bring exciting new features like multithreading and source code integration, so you can offer flawless digital experiences for your customers.

Inventory Monitoring for Your Cloud Infrastructure

Managing agile software deployment for cloud infrastructure can be challenging. Deployments should be automated whenever possible to ensure consistent version management. Nevertheless, it can happen that identical software versions are not deployed to all servers. Such imperfect version management is a potential time-bomb. Distributed systems and microservices often rely on the deployment of the exact same software version installed on every cluster node.


Community Spotlight: BigQuery Plugin

The Grafana community comes up with some pretty cool stuff, and we’re hoping to spotlight some of it from time to time. Today, we’re starting with the BigQuery datasource plugin developed by the team at DoiT International. DoiT is a reseller of Google Cloud and AWS that helps companies either move from on premise to cloud or move from one cloud provider to another.


Answer These 3 Questions to Help Find Your MSP Niche

One of the common pieces of advice I hear given to managed service providers (MSPs) is to “go narrow”—find a niche and become a specialist. This is generally sound advice. Specialization typically means your MSP faces less competition and becomes much easier to find in an otherwise crowded marketplace. But finding an area to specialize in is easier said than done. So how do you find a great niche for your MSP?


Index-Free Logging: Are Indexes Necessary, or Simply Overhead

The world of log management is ridden with woes because most solutions are based on a classical database technology: the index. Indexing has been an accepted and useful approach to collecting and analyzing log data for well over a decade. But its time has passed. Based on index-free architectures, modern log management systems like Humio, Loki, and Scalyr provide faster service at a much lower cost.


Monitoring Kubernetes, part 4: the Sensu-native approach

At this point in our series, you’re likely quite familiar with the many opportunities and challenges that Kubernetes presents (especially when it comes to monitoring!). The last couple of posts take at a look at Prometheus for monitoring Kubernetes, with a side-by-side comparison with Sensu, and illustrate how they work in tandem.


Troubleshoot Faster with Anomaly Visualization

LogicMonitor is proud to announce anomaly visualization as an addition to our growing AIOps capabilities! With this new functionality, users are able to visualize anomalies that occur for a monitored resource and compare that anomaly to key historical signals, such as the past 24hrs, 7 days, or 30 days. Anomaly visualization complements LogicMonitor’s existing forecasting functionality and provides another layer of intelligence to better understand resource health.