Powering Jira Workflows with Real-Time Messaging

Tens of thousands of developers and product teams around the world use Jira for issue tracking and project management. While Jira helps software development teams increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and improve issue prioritization, it does come with its fair share of pain points—just like virtually every other piece of technology.

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Top 10 Web Applications For your Business

Are you an entrepreneur and running a hefty business in today’s cutthroat competition? Do you ever wish to have an app that can solve all your mundane troubles? Well, the time has arrived where we have been using web application every single day for entertainment and business purpose. It is safer, faster and can be accessed from any device. By using applications more and more they help us to simplify a lot of daily tasks.

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FogBugz - Agile Project Management Made Easy

There are a number of agile project management tools on the market but one of the oldest and focused agile project management solutions is FogBugz. Launched in 2001, by legendary software developer Joel Spolsky (Founder of Stack Overflow and Trello) FogBugz was specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses with an audience of developers in mind. The features listed below highlight the functionality FogBugz has to offer…


Are You Taking a Data-driven Approach to Managing Customer Support?

There’s no way around it – in the modern business world, companies need data from all areas of their business to keep up. One industry that hasn’t typically been at the forefront of the data revolution is customer support. However, with many businesses now realizing that support isn’t always a cost center (and can sometimes even pay for itself) the demand for actionable data has been on the rise.


How a Retailer Uses OneDesk to manage their Operations

The retail model is perhaps one of the most commonly adopted business models in existence. From small Mom-and-Pop outlets to the multinational retail chain, each of these businesses must manage their operations well enough to stay in business, and that is often not as easy. Store owners and managers have so much on their plates ranging from chunks of inventory management tasks to bits of customer support issues.


3 ways to mitigate data manipulation risk in drug development

Introduction Developing new drugs is an expensive, time-consuming endeavor. A critical output of the drug development process, besides the compound itself, is data. As you may have read recently, Zolgensma™ re-surfaced in the press because of supposed data manipulation in a specific animal testing procedure. Needless to say, this is a big deal.


Streamline your development workflow with the Teamwork Projects and Visual Studio Code extension

Streamline your development workflow and save more time each day with our new extension. The Teamwork Projects and Visual Studio Code extension allows you to manage your projects and tasks directly from within Visual Studio Code so you can get more work done from one place. When you’re writing code, even a seemingly minor thing like switching between multiple tabs can have major consequences. It can lead to distraction, more errors, and more time stuck in code review limbo.