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Reducing Toil with Developer Collaboration Tools

Ask any engineer what they’d like to eliminate from their daily to-do list, and the answer will almost certainly be some version of reducing toil. Engineering organizations can burn hours and hours of work time on repetitive, manual tasks that reduce bandwidth for high-impact projects. That being the case, it’s no surprise that reducing toil helps your team work more productively and experience better job satisfaction in the long run.

All things you should know to be a Meeting Master

While meetings are part of today's organizations, they can also bring some frustration preventing one from scratching its TODO list. It can be a good idea to try to promote asynchronous mediums such as Notion pages, Slack channels, etc. This page aims to bring some insights regarding WHEN / WHY holding or not a meeting.

How to Set up a Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline for Your Golang App

Bringing the best software solutions to market as quickly as possible requires using automation to facilitate repetitive tasks (e.g., testing) so you can spend more time writing high-quality code. This is one of the main reasons why today’s top-performing dev teams build continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CD) pipelines, which enable them to ship new releases faster.

Building a SaaS Architecture with a Single Tenant Application

Most products that run as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are built to be multi-tenant, meaning that a single instance or deployment is meant to be used by multiple organizations. There’s a good reason for this: it’s generally easier to scale and operate multi-tenant applications. But in this new age of containers, orchestration, infrastructure-as-code, and Kubernetes, where it’s cheaper, faster, and simpler to deploy a new instance of an application, that may no longer be the case.

Bitbucket Cloud and Data Center Feature Comparison | Cloud Migration Demo | Atlassian

Start your Cloud journey today with the Atlassian Migration Program . We’ve distilled the most critical resources and learnings for our customers into a single one-stop-shop giving you the tools, support, guidance, and promotions you need to migrate with confidence. Get started on your migration now to start taking advantage of the best Atlassian has to offer and to ensure a smooth, successful move.

Open Source Hacktivism, Open Source Gains Traction in the Enterprise, and More: Open Source Matters

Welcome to the 8th edition of Open Source Matters: our regular publication about the latest happenings in open source! Dive into OSS news and projects to watch with Mattermost's Ben Lloyd Pearson.

Everything You Need to Know About Golang App Testing

Oftentimes, people starting their journey in the field of software development don’t understand the importance of testing, including Golang app testing, until late in their careers. It’s essential to think about testing as an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) not only in theory but in practice, too. When building cutting-edge software, you need to make sure that the version being upgraded is error-free and that almost all of the failure cases have been considered.

Collaboratively author retrospectives with our new Google Docs integration

When it comes to learning from incidents, your tools should adapt to the way your organization works. Many of you conduct your retrospectives in rich-text document editing tools, like Google Docs. That’s why we’ve introduced the option to export your retrospectives to Google Docs. Retrospective export to Google Docs can be automated as part of your incident management process with a Runbook step.

Testing Python: Understanding Doctest and Unittest

Testing is crucial in the software development phase. It helps ensure easy debugging, agile code, and enhanced reusability. Performing tests that cover all use cases helps prevent a codebase from breaking — minimizing exposure to vulnerabilities. Python has two main testing frameworks that developers can use, doctest and unittest.