4 ways to improve recognition for your customer service team

Customer support is demanding work: You’re on the front line handling queries, issues, and complaints all day. To motivate and retain support agents, companies need to acknowledge their work. Customer service recognition is when the customer service team’s hard work is seen, understood, and valued by the whole organization.


The Customer Support Experience Report 2021

In 2020, Customer Support teams worked harder than ever before. Not only did most have to adapt to new ways of working but for many the pandemic lead to an increase in support requests. Geckoboard customer Ember described a situation where people were more readily available to contact Support but also expected agents to respond faster than usual. So how is the industry faring in 2021?


What Is the Risk Management Framework? RMF Controls Overview

Risk management framework helps you to set up a structured process for information security and risk management activities. Here, we explain what is the risk management framework (RMF), what are RMF controls, and how you can comply with RMF controls. Read along or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most.

Xray & GitLab - How trigger test automation using GitLab

Our project is managed in Jira, including testing with Xray (e.g. using Jira & Xray for single-source of truth of testing results) and our source code (including for automated tests) and CI/CD is managed in GitLab. In this scenario, we want to trigger automation in GitLab from the Xray side and report the results back to Xray and Jira.

18 Customer satisfaction survey questions you should be asking (plus a downloadable template!)

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is one of the most widely used customer service metrics. Companies send short CSAT surveys after a support interaction—but these are tied to your customers’ most recent interaction with your company and can be skewed if they had an issue or poor experience. And because CSAT surveys are kept short to make it easy for customers to respond, they don’t tell you why customers feel the way they do.