How to Build a Customer Service Operations Team that Elevates your Support

To deliver the perfect customer experience, activities such as creating efficient processes and workflows, quality management, planning shift schedules, etc. are absolutely critical. These come under the umbrella of customer service operations, a core capability that helps scale and improve the level of customer support offered by your company. So who ensures support operation tasks are ideated and executed well so that your customer service standards do not drop?


Working Remotely During Quarantine: How Not to Lose Your Sanity and Restore Faith in Humanity

A major factor contributing to this neverending buildup of anxiety is the fact that many workers all around the world have been sent to work from home by their companies. In some territories where the virus has hit particularly hard, people were simply told to stay home in an act that’s quite aptly named “self-isolation.” So now, here you are - working from home, self-isolated and probably clueless about what’s going to happen next.


How we're making remote IT work

One day you’re grabbing your to-go latte, responding to Slack messages on your subway commute, and arriving at work to find a coworker waiting by your desk with a broken computer… and the next, you find yourself at home, sipping on plain old drip coffee while making huge decisions about remote work that will affect your entire organization – all with only a day’s notice.


How to Motivate Your Remote Teams

Have you ever wondered what keeps you motivated at work? Is it a word of appreciation from a colleague? Healthy competition between you and your teammates? Or a coffee-break that you spend catching up on a game or just getting a breather? Motivating factors like these work best in an office environment. However, things are different when you’re working from home.


Status Page Monitoring in Microsoft Teams

Exactly two years ago, Microsoft announced Teams at an elaborate launch event in New York City. Hailed by many as a “Slack killer“, Teams was positioned by Microsoft as a group messaging platform. It was clear from the start that they took aim directly at Slack and its numerous competitors. Slack even acknowledged the encroachment of Microsoft in a full page ad in the New York Times.


11 Tips to Select the Best Field Service Management Software

When you order something on e-commerce sites like Amazon or order food online, tracking your delivery is very seamless. It shows they have a field service management software in place, enabling you to track everything within your app. Reaching out to field service technicians like electricians and plumbers also involves managing and planning field service.


The 3 Secrets to a Great B2B Customer Support Team

Creating a great support team isn’t something that happens in a day, a week, or even a month. It’s a long-term goal for many companies, and even when they get there, it’s important to sustain that excellence over time, particularly as the company grows. The pressure to maintain a high level of support exists because of the impact the support team has on their business’ reputation.