10 Marketplace Apps to Help You Fire on All Cylinders Even as You Adjust to the New Normal

With the staggered re-opening of businesses following the shutdown, it’s time for customer support teams to up the ante on customer experience. After all, customers have also had to endure the ordeal and the last thing they want is a heated argument on the phone with a support agent over a refund. We believe the following apps will help you become more customer-centric in your approach and provide pre-COVID levels of service to all your customers.


New All-in-one Bitrix24 Desktop App

Our team is constantly working on improving and upgrading Bitrix24 platform and its services. We are now glad to present the new Bitrix24 all-in-one Desktop app that combines your Bitrix24 account and Bitrix24 messenger. Voice and video calls, chats, groups and projects, CRM, Webmail, Analytics, Bitrix24.Drive - all these cool Bitrix24 features can now be accessed from the Desktop app.


Part 1: Ouch! Solve the pain caused by your current B2B customer support software.

Has your Inbox has screamed, “Enough!” because of all of the e-mails related to support tickets piled up? This is one of the top pain points reported by B2B customer support professionals, and this four-part blog series will explore how the right B2B customer support software will help you solve for all of them.


Zoom and ServiceNow partner to make the best work-anywhere experiences even better

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and ServiceNow today announced a commitment to each other’s technology solutions to make work-anywhere experiences work even better. With the ongoing pandemic and shelter in place orders Zoom’s usage rocketed to 300 million daily meeting participants in April 2020. Zoom deployed ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) to scale its customer service operations and enable critical communications capabilities for its global community.


Layered store and struct embedding in Go

One of the most important parts of the Mattermost source code is the one responsible for accessing the Mattermost database: the store. Every single database access is handled by the store, so we needed to find a way to extend its functionality while introducing as little complexity as possible. This is the reason behind the current layered approach using struct embedding.


10 tips for setting engineering goals from Asana Head of Engineering, Prashant Pandey

As an engineering leader, one of the greatest gifts you can give your team is clarity of purpose, plan, and responsibility. Recently, Asana Head of Engineering, Prashant Pandey sat down with Plato to discuss why clarity is so important and how it impacts goals. Here are some of his insights and advice for setting engineering goals that are transparent and empowering to team members, no matter where in the world they’re working.