ngDesk - one of the Most Customizable Helpdesks

A re you looking for a perfectly customizable helpdesk? Customer relationship is the foundation for effective business performance. And, the best way to build strong customer relationship is to improve your support services. Yes, outstanding customer support services translate to increased customer satisfaction while also improving the credibility of your product or service.

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7 Essential Tools Remote Workers Need to Communicate with Their Peers

Remote working is a dream job for most people, especially millennials. Forbes revealed that 92% of millennials want to work remotely, while 87% of them want more flexibility in work hours, unlike the current 9-to-5 system. In the next few years, millennials will be a major force in the workspace, making 75% of the global workforce and 36% of the U.S workforce by 2025. This fact alone means that the demand for remote working will only get stronger in the years to come.