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Top 10 Bug Bounty Programs for Software Developers

Bug bounty programs set up by software companies that incentivize white-hat hackers, developers, and engineers alike to identify and report bugs in a specified software. Many large tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Atlassian, and others host these programs to ensure that their code is secure.

How to Implement a Knowledge Management System in Your Organization

What is knowledge management? Every business often struggles with answering this question; it isn't rare for a company to need help educating and making their management more knowledgeable. The benefits of a knowledgeable system in an organization increase service quality, productivity rates, and other advantages that help with a company's success.

How to deploy a React app to Kubernetes using Docker

The concept of containerization helps you run applications as lightweight virtual machines. As a web developer, setting up local development environments can be tiresome. However, using tools like Docker and Kubernetes gives developers an upper hand to quickly set up and deploy applications. This guide uses Docker to deploy a React app to Kubernetes.


Best Git Gui's Compared 2022

Git is a version control system (VCS) that allows you to track the development of a project over time. At the time of Git’s inception in 2005, developers had to use the command line interface (CLI) to manage Git. Learning and using the command line however is often an extremely difficult task for many developers and in some cases represents a significant barrier of entry for those seeking to leverage the power of Git. Enter the graphical user interface (GUI), also referred to as a Git Client.


How to Get Started with Husky and Git Hooks

Git hooks are an accommodating solution for organizations that seek to implement consistent policies and procedures across their teams. First and foremost, they enable teams to run custom scripts according to certain Git operations. Building automation into your Git client helps remove the possibility of human error and improves workflows with little effort. Here we will explore how Husky works with Git hooks in JS projects. First, let’s start with the basics.