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Monitor Apache Ignite with Datadog

Apache Ignite is a computing platform for storing and processing large datasets in memory. Ignite can leverage hardware RAM as both a caching and storage layer to serve as a distributed, in-memory database or data grid. This allows Ignite to ingest and process complex datasets—such as those from real-time machine learning and analytics systems—in parallel and at faster speeds than traditional databases supported by only disk storage.


Getting started with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

July 06, 2020 The development of container-based microservice architectures is being accelerated in the cloud, as leading cloud service platforms are delivering targeted solutions for these workloads. One such solution is Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), which offers the most popular container orchestration platform–Kubernetes–in a managed-service model.


Approaching Azure Kubernetes Security

The Splunk Security Research Team has been working on Kubernetes security analytic stories mainly focused on AWS and GCP cloud platforms. The turn has come now for some Azure Kubernetes security monitoring analytic stories. As outlined in my "Approaching Kubernetes Security — Detecting Kubernetes Scan with Splunk" blog post, when looking at Kubernetes security, there are certain items within a cluster that must be monitored.


When to Use REST vs. SOAP with Examples

REST vs SOAP are both means of accessing web services. Many different companies use them for a variety of purposes and operations. Despite this, there is considerable confusion between the two and their distinct functions. How can you know when to use REST vs. SOAP? At least 83% of APIs use REST, while another 15% use SOAP. Although REST is by far the most common, SOAP is still a viable option due to certain advantages and possibilities it offers.

How To Deploy Artifactory via Operator in Openshift - John Peterson, Senior Partner Engineer, JFrog

In this lightning talk you will learn the basics of k8s operators and how they work in the Openshift environment. We will also go over the Openshift Operator Lifecycle and explain the stages and steps that take place to get the operator from the OperatorHub and deploy it into your Openshift environment. A demonstration will be done showing Artifactory being deployed into a new Openshift cluster to provide a learning experience on how Artifactory can quickly and easily be deployed into Openshift. Finally we will have a Q&A session to help answer any questions you may have about the integration and how you can use it.

Let's Dive In: JFrog Unified Platform and Splunk - John Peterson, Senior Partner Engineer, JFrog

In our lightning talking will we cover the JFrog Unified Platform integration with Splunk for a wholistic analytics view into the unified platform logs. Combining the two best of breed applications makes tremendous sense for an enterprise without it valuable data insights are lost as well as any action the business might have taken. We will cover how to setup this integration, valuable data insights that can be gained, and how you can extend this integration to discover all new data insights you will wished you always had.


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