Eliminate Tool Limitations With the "Test Infrastructure as a Freeway" Approach

Developers and Testers, have you ever had a tool you wanted to use but couldn’t? Managers, Architects, and Support Teams, are you tired of having to support so many tools you can’t keep them all straight? Introducing the “Test Infrastructure as a Freeway” approach - which can bridge this dichotomy and make both end-users and infrastructure support teams feeling valued. We will demonstrate the benefits of leveraging this concept in the both the legacy development environment as well as the Continuous Delivery and containerized pipeline environment by showing how we apply this concept using ReadyAPI at USAA as an example.

Performance Pitfalls to Avoid in 2019 Video

It’s no secret that your digital performance determines success in today’s day and age. It’s our responsibility as testers and ops engineers to ensure that when we deploy into production, we deploy confidently, knowing we’ve tested for all possible points of failure. Then when, inevitably, something goes wrong in production, we’re able to find and fix the issue with as low of an MTTR that we can reasonably achieve.