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Using Distributed Tracing in Microservices Architecture

With the rise of microservices based cloud applications & its corresponding complexities, the need for observability is greater than ever. This blog looks into the what-why of distributed tracing along with few best practices to adopt for the same in microservices architecture. Distributed tracing for Microservices architecture is an emerging concept that is gaining momentum across internet-based business organizations.


What is Microsoft Power Automate Desktop? (Benefits Included)

In order to avoid the repetitive tasks performed over the desktop, Microsoft has developed an extended service, the Power Automate Desktop. It has been recently announced by Microsoft, which has been made available to Windows 10 users. It is a new low-code Robotic process automation that enables business empowerment to automate those tasks that are repetitive and other manual tasks to focus better on higher-value work and to establish more in their corresponding areas of work.