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R Vs Python: Which is the best data visualization language?

Data has gone from scarce, expensive, and hard to find and collect to rich and cheap, hard to process and understand with the digital age. In data science solutions, traditional software was used to capture, store, understand and analyze, but not all verticals of data science are essential for individuals and businesses. So Data visualization comes into play to make your tasks easy.


Connect your AKS cluster to Ocean using Terraform

Spot by NetApp serves hundreds of customers across industries, with different systems, environments, processes and tools. With this in mind, Spot aims to develop our products with flexibility so that whatever the use case, companies can get the full benefits of the cloud. Spot easily plugs into many tools that DevOps teams are already using, from CI/CD to infrastructure as code, including Terraform.


Lightning-fast scale-out with Ocean for container workloads

Spot Ocean offers best-in-class container-driven autoscaling that continuously monitors your environment, reacting to and remedying any infrastructure gap between the desired and actual running containers. The way this typically plays out is that when there are more containers than underlying cloud infrastructure, Ocean immediately starts provisioning additional nodes to the cluster so the container’s infrastructure requirements will be satisfied.


Kong-plement Your ServiceHub With a Developer Portal

Two of the best (in my opinion) features in Konnect are the ServiceHub and Developer Portal. However, they’re also two of the most misunderstood. Aren’t they the same thing? Why would you need a ServiceHub vs. Developer Portal? Well, I’m glad you asked! The really quick version is that ServiceHub is like your warehouse, where all your products are stored. It’s a comprehensive collection of everything that you have. Your Developer Portal is more like your storefront.


A Policy Change To Prevent Abuse on JFrog Cloud

As of August 5, 2021, JFrog will require newly created free JFrog cloud subscription users to provide valid credit or debit card information in order to activate Pipelines CI/CD. In the months since offering Pipelines CI/CD as part of a free JFrog cloud subscription, we have unfortunately experienced a rapid growth in abuse of the free compute resources from some accounts.

Compliance in your Database DevOps pipeline - continuous classification with SQL Data Catalog

Keeping classifications up to date across a constantly evolving structured data landscape is a difficult task, however it can become part of your DevOps process instead of simply offering further red tape to your development teams. Join Chris Unwin, a solution engineer at Redgate Software, to see how you can include SQL Data Catalog within your upstream DevOps process so that nothing in your Production environments is ever without classification.

Secure your infrastructure in real time with Datadog Cloud Workload Security

From containerized workloads to microservice architectures, developers are rapidly adopting new technology to scale their products at unprecedented rates. To manage these complex deployments, many teams are increasingly moving their applications to third party–managed services and infrastructure, trading full-stack visibility for simplified operations.