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What's the state of Database DevOps in 2021?

In 2017, Redgate published the first State of Database DevOps report, based on a survey of IT and database professionals from around the world. Every year since then, it has provided insights into the adoption, usage, challenges and benefits of DevOps and database DevOps. We’ve just launched the fifth edition of the report, which has had over 8,000 responses to date.

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Everything You Need To Know About Data Centre Interconnection

Getting data centre interconnection right is essential for scalable growth and agility. Whether you’re a global enterprise with operations in multiple markets around the world or a SaaS provider looking to roll out in new geographies, data centre interconnection is a key building block for connecting to customers and ecosystem partners. Read on to find out more about.


Why is Ubuntu Linux the leading choice to replace CentOS for Finserv infrastructure?

Operating systems are the foundation blocks of technology stacks in organisations. When considering an open source operating system for Finserv infrastructure, there are four factors that are key to any enterprise using it – maintainability, continuity, stability and security.

How to Use Kong Gateway OAuth2 Plugin

Learn how to add OAuth 2.0 authorization and authentication to your service by integrating Kong Gateway and its OAuth 2.0 plugin. What Does the Kong Gateway OAuth2 Plugin Do? As Kong Gateway sits in front of a resource server, the OAuth 2.0 plugin adds authorization server functionality to that resource server — handling authorization requests, inspecting and refreshing tokens, and permitting or forbidding access to resources.

The Future of Qovery - Week #1

During the next ten weeks, our team will work to improve the overall experience of Qovery. We gathered all your feedback (thank you to our wonderful community 🙏), and we decided to make significant changes to make Qovery a better place to deploy and manage your apps. This series will reveal all the changes and features you will get in the next major release of Qovery. Let's go!

6 Automations to Accelerate IT Operations

The role of IT teams continues to expand and evolve as digital transformation accelerates. Technologies such as cloud, virtualization, edge computing, microservices, and containers have now entered a phase of mass adoption and are being implemented at unprecedented rates while staffing has remained flat for most IT teams. Overburdened IT organizations are struggling to keep up with the scale of their infrastructure and the diversity of the technologies they support.

Lyft, Netflix, Expedia, Slack, and Segment: Comparing the DIY Cloud Cost Management Tools at the World's Top Tech Companies

Breakthroughs in engineering best practices often stem from a handful of top tech companies. Many of them share their behind-the-scenes stories at conferences, in blogs, and slide decks — or open source code. These companies invest millions of dollars and dedicated headcount in optimizing everything from uptime to engineering velocity — so why wouldn’t you look to them for inspiration?


The HAProxy Enterprise WAF

The HAProxy Enterprise WAF with support for ModSecurity rulesets protects your web applications from sophisticated, Layer 7 threats left unhandled by network firewalls. Data breaches. Loss of consumer confidence. An endless cycle of companies being compromised. Not just fly-by-night, sketchy websites either. Large companies—companies that you’d think would do better—are being caught without reliable security measures in place.