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What is platform engineering and when should you invest in it?

As application platforms grow larger, the idea of DevOps teams where developers support the software development lifecycle, but also manage infrastructure and the platform, is beginning to reach the limits of what these teams can support. Rather than taking their best application developers and making them work on infrastructure problems, more organizations are coming to the conclusion that a centralized platform team specialized in that area is a better use of their developers’ skill sets.

The Pocket Guide to Production Readiness (plus bonus framework!)

Faster software development cycles means greater reward, and greater risk. Organizations that lose sight of continuous alignment to standards risk delayed launches, higher risk of churn, and higher costs—not to mention unproductive and unhappy developers. Building a strong production readiness review process can help, but existing tools and frameworks haven’t made it easy to keep up to date with the increased velocity at which software is expected to ship.

Spike in Azure storage costs: troubleshooting and solutions

How to reduce Azure Storage costs? Discover effective strategies for managing sudden spikes in Azure storage costs. This video delves into troubleshooting techniques using Turbo360's Cost Analyzer, highlighting insights on routing preferences and cache purges. Gain valuable lessons and solutions for optimizing costs in your Azure environment. It provides valuable lessons and recommendations for others managing similar Azure environments.

Status Page automation with Playbooks

"🚀 Automate Your Status Pages with Playbooks! 🚀 In this video, we're diving deep into the world of incident response automation. Join us as we explore how you can streamline your status page updates with Spike's powerful Playbooks feature. Learn step-by-step how to create and configure Playbooks to automate your status page notifications, ensuring your stakeholders are always kept in the loop during incidents. With a live demo and practical insights, you'll discover how easy it is to set up automated responses tailored to your organization's needs.

Automating Ephemeral Environments with Kubernetes: A Quick Guide

Ephemeral environments are temporary, isolated, but self-contained deployment environments crucial for development and testing within software projects. While I already discussed the basics and benefits of Ephemeral Environments, today I will go through the practical steps of implementing ephemeral environments in your CI/CD pipeline using Kubernetes. I will start with how you can do it with Kubernetes native tools, and how you can automate the ephemeral environments in your CI/CD.

Why Storage Monitoring and Management is More Important Than Ever

In today's data-driven world, the importance of storage monitoring and management cannot be overstated. With the explosive growth of digital information, effective storage solutions and vigilant monitoring have become imperative for businesses to maintain agility, efficiency, security, and scalability. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why storage monitoring and management are crucial and explore practical methods for effective implementation.

How to Use Kubernetes to Control a Vast Network of Clusters? Insights from Gianluca Mardente

Dive into the world of Kubernetes with Gianluca Mardente, Principal Engineer at Cisco, as he shares insights from managing a vast fleet of Kubernetes clusters within Cisco's App Dynamics business unit. Explore the evolution from managing a handful to scaling up for extensive applications and clusters, leveraging container orchestration to maintain agility in cloud and on-premises environments. Plus, discover the strategic use of tools like Cluster API and Crossplane for automation, handling dependencies, and the dynamic deployment of applications.

10 Popular VS Code Color Themes in 2024

Programming is an art and a science, and while we often focus on things like performance and integrations, there’s something just as crucial that deserves our attention – aesthetics. Okay, maybe not just as crucial. But, how our tools look and feel can enhance productivity and comfort. Customizing Visual Studio Code (VS Code) themes are just one of the many ways you can add some personal flair to your everyday code editor.