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Jira Git Tips Using Git Integration for Jira

You can integrate Git with Jira using Git Integration for Jira. Git Integration for Jira is an app that allows users to drive Jira with Git. This Jira Git integration tool allows you to spend less time context switching between Jira and Git and more time writing and delivering awesome code. Many development teams use Git and Jira in their regular development process to contribute to and track the progress of a project.

Does Your Team Need a Quality Assurance Engineer?

When you develop software solutions, code quality and security are of top importance, and can often define your success or failure. Some teams may require a specialist constantly checking software for bugs and issues, especially when the project is large and unrevealed bugs can have costly consequences. For small development teams or early project development stages, developers may try to work without a quality assurance engineer and test everything themselves.

Jira GitHub Integration

You can create a Jira GitHub integration through Git Integration for Jira. This tool will allow you to use smart commits, create branches and pull requests on your GitHub repositories directly from Jira, index repositories with webhooks, and more! Developed by Atlassian in 2002, Jira is a project management tool that aims to help software development teams effectively track their projects.

GitLens 12.1 - Richer GitLab Integration and Improved Autolinks

We are proud to introduce the world to the most recent release of GitLens. We have added richer GitLab integration, Gerrit support, the ability to reorder your commits when making an interactive rebase, and more. We can’t wait for you to read all about what’s new in GitLens 12.1!

GitKraken Client v8.6 - Faster Git LFS and beyond!

We know that everyone’s code story may be a little different, but speedier repos are something everyone can get behind. No matter where your developer adventures take you, it is important to keep all your code, configuration, and media assets together, and never leave a file behind. That is why we have been working on a lot of performance improvements for Git LFS users and have added Bitbucket Workspace support for Bitbucket Server users!

Deploying a MkDocs documentation site with GitHub Actions

In the previous post in this series about building documentation sites with MkDocs, I showed you how to host a site on GitHub Pages. We briefly touched upon GitHub Actions, the integrated build and deployment server available on GitHub. In this post, I'll continue the example and get a real deployment pipeline set up.

Git Multi Repo vs Git Mono Repo: Which Should You Choose?

For businesses and organizations that offer any sort of digital experience, code quality and security is of cardinal importance. As such, the architecture of that code – how it is stored, accessed, and built upon – is critically important. In this age of digital transformation, if you’re standing still, you’re moving backward.

5 Advanced Tips for How to Use GitLens in VS Code

GitLens is a Git extension that integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio Code. In fact, with over 14 million installs, it’s one of the most popular Git extensions on the VS Code Marketplace. GitLens earned its popularity because of its ability to unlock valuable authorship information, helping users navigate a project’s revision history, and much more.