What's New in ReadyAPI

This blog is part of a monthly series highlighting the updates and happenings of our all-in-one automated API testing platform, ReadyAPI. Hello friends! Our team has been working hard since our last update and we’re excited to deliver ReadyAPI v3.3.0 to our beloved API testers. As all versions, ReadyAPI 3.3.0 is built on our core product principles of user-centric, collaborative, open, balanced, and frictionless.

Intro to Skills | GitHub Integration

The GitHub integration configures GitHub to send Atomist code repository events, things like pushes and changes to issues and pull requests. It also lets the automations (called skills) you enable to do things like merge pull requests, create issues, and lint code. In this video, we'll show you step-by-step how to enable the GitHub integration and connect to your desired repos. By the end, you'll be ready to configure your first skill.

Git is About Communication

An SCM such as Git is more than just a database for source code. It’s not only the thing you need to interact with to get code to production, but also a log of changes on a project. It’s not just the last couple of weeks of commits that are worth looking at. Any commit remains relevant weeks, months and years later. A commit serves multiple purposes. The first one is to explain a change during its review and the second is to explain a change to a future reader.

api fortress

A Bedtime Story about GitHub and the Silly DNS

Last night, I was watching yet another episode of House MD on TV. There’s always a good reason to watch House again, although I know most of the lines by memory. Also, if you want to ruin the show for yourself, at minute 38, the correct diagnosis always happens and it’s not lupus (except for once). So, not paying too close attention, I couldn’t ignore that my phone was begging for me to look at it. It was API Fortress, letting me know that the GitHub tests were failing.


Announcing CI/CD Pipeline Support for GitLab

OverOps partners with GitLab to help enterprises balance speed and reliability in the CI/CD pipeline. Today, we’re excited to launch our new integration with GitLab and announce that we’re joining the GitLab Technology Partner Program! Now, more than ever, it’s not only tech companies who rely on applications for delivering value to their customers.


Announcing the GitKraken Suite

We’ve always been focused on creating tools that make development teams more productive. In 2014, we introduced GitKraken, the legendary cross-platform Git GUI: an intuitive tool to visualize what’s going on under the hood of Git in a way that makes version control less intimidating for individual developers and more scalable for organizations. Next came Glo Boards, a Kanban tool for project managers and developers.