Kubernetes GitOps with Azure Arc and Charmed Kubernetes

This week, Canonical announced the integration of Charmed Kubernetes with Microsoft Azure Arc. This integration provides businesses with a centralised place to manage their Kubernetes clusters and deploy their applications at scale, from cloud to the edge. The Azure Arc dashboard enables management and governance of any Kubernetes, across any substrate.


GitOps with Microsoft Azure Arc and Rancher

The promise of Kubernetes is to empower your organization to quickly deliver applications and services to your customers. Delivering fast cycle time and innovation requires developers and operators to collaborate effectively to ensure safety while moving fast. The GitOps methodology has taken hold in the Kubernetes ecosystem to deliver on this promise. What is GitOps? GitOps provides a mechanism to safely deploy Kubernetes manifests stored in a Git repository.


GitKraken Git GUI v7.0: Jira Integration

Jira users rejoice! We know many project managers rely on Jira, and developers are required to use it for issue tracking. The feedback we get from developers is that they don’t enjoy having to context switch to manage issues. Now, the best way to Jira is not going into Jira at all! You no longer have to leave the GitKraken Git GUI to do any of the following: *Paid features for Jira integration; free for GitKraken Boards integration.


Advanced Git with the Free University of Tbilisi

On Monday, March 16, 2020, I had the privilege to (virtually) join Shota Gvinepadze and his students at the Free University of Tbilisi and speak about “Advanced Git @ Mattermost” for a portion of their class time. The following are my speaking notes from the session, slightly modified from the original slides for this format. Keep in mind that the command line examples are illustrative of my workflow, and not meant to be run in isolation.


Lightstep Brings Observability Automation to GitHub

You’ve finished your pull request, merged it, and deployed the code. Then, your phone starts freaking out. Looks like your service is taking forever to respond, but where’s the bug? Since your change is one of many in this version, there’s no way to understand the impact on production without going live. Why? Because your service is reliant on other services with exponential dependencies whose performance can negatively impact your own.


Coronavirus Software Making a Difference

When the harmful effects of the coronavirus pandemic began to accelerate globally, Axosoft wanted to step in and do what we could to help as an organization. While we have always offered GitKraken Pro license free for students, teachers, and nonprofits, we wanted to extend our offerings in these especially trying times. We recently announced the GitKraken Pro for a Cure Program, offering free GitKraken Pro licenses for teams of up to 25 developers working on a COVID-19 related project.