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Chaos Engineering

Podcast: Break Things on Purpose | Dan Isla: Astronomical Reliability

It’s time to shoot for the stars with Dan Isla, VP of Product at itopia, to talk about everything from astronomical importance of reliability to time zones on Mars. Dan’s trajectory has been a propulsion of jobs bordering on the science fiction, with a history at NASA, modernizing cloud computing for them, and loads more. Dan discusses the finite room for risk and failure in space travel with an anecdote from his work on Curiosity.

How Gremlin runs a GameDay

You might be familiar with GameDays at this point. From watching our Introduction to GameDay webinar, viewing our Demo video, and reading our tutorial, you’ve probably learned that GameDays were created with the goal of increasing reliability by purposely creating major failures on a regular basis. Better yet, perhaps your own team has run a GameDay and learned something new about their services’ behavior during failure scenarios.

Introduction to GameDay webinar

Learn all about Gremlin's GameDay feature in this webinar presented by Sydney Lesser and Andre Newman. GameDays are organized team events to proactively improve reliability using Chaos Engineering principles. Gremlin makes it easier than ever to prepare, execute, and learn from them. Increase your system’s reliability with safe, secure, and simple GameDays.

The KPIs of improved reliability

Prioritizing reliability can be challenging for businesses. Although reliable systems and services are necessary for building customer trust and growing revenue, businesses also need to focus on initiatives such as developing new products and features. When determining which initiatives to prioritize and which ones to defer, it's understandable for business leaders to choose those that provide an obvious return.

Podcast: Break Things on Purpose | Natalie Conklin: Learning to Embrace Change

Natalie Conklin, tamer of chaos and Head of Engineering here at Gremlin, joins us to talk about embracing change, working alongside each other, and building more reliable systems. Natalie has a talk coming up at DevOpsDays Boise which she has titled “Embracing Change Fearlessly.” Her talk is oriented around enabling teams to take calculated risks and having the guts to take those risks. Natalie spent time working in India, which helped solidify her “fearlessly” philosophy.