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VMware Tanzu Service Mesh Advanced to Improve Multi-Cloud Operations for Developers and DevOps Teams

The VMware Tanzu Service Mesh team is showing previews of upcoming multi-cloud operations capabilities focused on improving productivity for developers and operation teams. Here's a sneak peek of the features that were showcased this week at VMware Explore 2022 Europe.


What is Istio Service Mesh, and Do I Need It?

Development teams build modern applications using microservice architectures. Individual services are built and maintained by separate teams, and then these services are combined using container-based orchestrators to comprise a complete product offering. Microservices are a standard development method because they allow teams to iterate releases, providing ongoing new customer-facing features and bug fixes without needing to redeploy an entire platform or app.


How to monitor Istio with Sysdig

In this previous article, we talked about how to monitor the Istio service mesh in Kubernetes with the out-of-the-box observability stack. This time, we will walk you through monitoring the Istio service mesh with Sysdig Monitor and how to troubleshoot issues. Istio service mesh provides special characteristics and functionalities for microservices running on Kubernetes.


What is a service mesh?

The rise of the containerized software environment has left archaic, monolithic application structures behind. Cloud-native applications running via a range of containers, or individual, self-contained software packages, are now the norm. Platforms and tools like Kubernetes and Docker allow developers to create apps that work irrespective of device or operating systems, vastly reducing time to market and increasing potential user base numbers.


Using LM Envision to Monitor Istio-Managed Microservices

LM Envision is a unified observability platform from LogicMonitor that unites comprehensive monitoring and observability capabilities. In this blog post, we’ll show how to integrate Istio service mesh with a LogicMonitor APM so that application traces can be used within LM Envision to better understand, optimize, and troubleshoot application performance.

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Announcing Stronger Istio Support with Istio Mode for VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

Today, Google submitted Istio to be considered as an incubating project with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), starting the process of handing off management of the project to the CNCF. In tandem with this announcement, we are introducing Istio Mode for VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, reinforcing our support and commitment to open source Istio.

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Using Global Namespaces and Zero-Trust Policies with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh delivers a federated Istio service that brings significant value for enterprise customers beyond the core open source project, improving application security, resiliency, and multi-cloud operations.