Jun 26, 2018

Datadog is the essential monitoring platform for cloud applications. We bring together data from servers, containers, databases, and third-party services to make your stack entirely observable. These capabilities help DevOps teams avoid downtime, resolve performance issues, and ensure customers are getting the best user experience.

Jun 15, 2018   |  By Daniel Langer
We are proud to announce that we have enhanced our Microsoft Azure integration to support more than 60 Azure services, including Cosmos DB, Service Bus, and Azure DB for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Jun 14, 2018   |  By Maxim Brown
Oracle Database has long been a mainstay of the business world. Companies use it to handle data sets backing a wide variety of complex applications, including data warehouses or OLTP systems.
Jun 5, 2018   |  By Paul Gottschling
Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), the latest addition to the AWS platform, is a cloud-based Kubernetes service that provides features for automated cluster management and maintenance.
Jun 26, 2018   |  By Datadog
Monitoring Kubernetes requires you to rethink your monitoring strategies, especially if you are used to monitoring traditional hosts such as VMs or physical machines. This guide prepares you to effectively approach Kubernetes monitoring in light of its significant operational differences.
Jun 26, 2018   |  By Datadog
Like a car, Elasticsearch was designed to allow you to get up and running quickly, without having to understand all of its inner workings. However, it’s only a matter of time before you run into engine trouble here or there. This guide explains how to address five common Elasticsearch challenges.
Jun 26, 2018   |  By Datadog
Where does Docker adoption currently stand and how has it changed? With thousands of companies using Datadog to track their infrastructure, we can see software trends emerging in real time. We’re excited to share what we can see about true Docker adoption.
Jun 26, 2018   |  By Datadog
As Docker adoption continues to rise, many organizations have turned to orchestration platforms like ECS and Kubernetes to manage large numbers of ephemeral containers. Thousands of companies use Datadog to monitor millions of containers, which enables us to identify trends in real-world orchestration usage. We’re excited to share 8 key findings of our research.
Jun 26, 2018   |  By Datadog
Build an effective framework for monitoring AWS infrastructure and applications, however large or dynamic they may be. The elasticity and nearly infinite scalability of the AWS cloud have transformed IT infrastructure. Modern infrastructure is now made up of constantly changing, often short-lived components. This has elevated the need for new methods and new tools for monitoring.