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Learn Effective Policy Compliance Management with Restorepoint

In the two previous blogs from this series, we showed you how Restorepoint enables you to minimize MTTR to mitigate the impact of change management and remediate after a network breach. The third and final blog of the series walks you through policy compliance management—demonstrating the value of creating a single pane of glass where you can see all relevant information from a single location.

Puppet and Government: Maintaining compliance in complex hybrid cloud environments

This blog is the third in a four-part series about how Puppet can help government agencies meet compliance and security requirements. Read the second post here. Government agency IT departments know that migrating applications to the cloud can improve efficiency, increase visibility, and reduce costs. They also recognize the value in keeping some operation resources on-premises.

Auditing Capabilities in IT Monitoring Tools for Security and Compliance

It is critical that access to any configuration changes or management actions made to monitoring platforms are logged and traceably audited. In this article, I will help you learn how to discover the auditing capabilities in IT monitoring tools. You will learn how to audit and manage the monitoring platform itself and make sure that it is being used appropriately.

Cybersecurity Compliance and Regulations in South Africa: What Businesses Need to Know

With the Internet's widespread growth, South Africa has become quite dependent on it for economic affairs. This sharing of self-generated data is a boon to all business transactions and even social interactions. The increased dependence on the digital world raises significant concerns about cyber security. Cybercrime is a global problem that has affected South Africa, both in the private sector and in government.