ISO 27001 Requirements Checklist: Steps and Tips for Implementation

ISO 27001 enables organizations of any size to manage the security of assets such as employee information, financial information, intellectual property, employee details, and third-party information. ISO 27001 is primarily known for providing requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) and is part of a much larger set of information security standards. An ISMS is a standards-based approach to managing sensitive information to make sure it stays secure.


Understanding the Purpose of Security Controls and the Need for Compliance

What are the brakes on a car designed to do? I have asked this question many times when speaking to customers or organizations who were dipping their toes into the audit space. Invariably, their answer was, “To stop the car.” At this point, I would then ask, “Then how do you get where you want to go?”

Eliminating Misunderstandings Between InfoSec and IT Operations

Speeding remediation reduces the cost of compliance and vulnerability of the IT estate. When looking for issues that slow remediation, notice the hand off from security to IT. Download this free resource to learn how the interaction between IT and Security can be improved to speed compliance.

CFEngine 3.16 - Compliance

Today we announce the newest additions to CFEngine. CFEngine 3.16 brings several improvements, bug fixes, and new features. The theme for this release has been compliance, and it notably includes a new category of reports for proving compliance to regulation and other compliance frameworks in high level, easy to read reports. If you are interested to learn more about CFEngine, schedule training, or hear about pricing options, feel free to reach out to us!


How to Move from Compliance to Risk-Based Security

As technology continues to evolve, so does the potential for cybersecurity risks, and just as the technology industry is showing no signs of slowing down development, neither are cybercriminals. Unfortunately for adopters of advanced technologies, the 2020 Thales Data Threat Report – Global Edition reveals that the more digitally transformed an organization is, the more likely the company is to be breached.