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Ep. 23 Balancing the Scales Cost, Technology, and FinOps

In this episode of Cloud Control podcast, hosts Sean Harris and Danal Burke are joined by special guest Dvir Mizrahi, Head of Financial Engineering and FinOps at Wix.com. They discuss the transition from DevOps to FinOps and the challenges that come with it. Dvir explains how they took a ground-up approach at Wix, involving the Engineering teams in the FinOps process and aligning it with their existing processes. They also talk about the importance of tools in managing and monitoring cloud costs, and how Wix developed their own in-house tool to suit their specific needs.

15 Best FinOps Tools In 2024

In recent years, cloud financial management has evolved beyond what many cloud stakeholders anticipated. The overwhelm has led too many companies to struggle to accurately monitor, allocate, and optimize their cloud costs. This issue cost companies about 30% of their cloud budgets in 2022 alone, according to Gartner. With FinOps, you can prevent this bleeding without sacrificing innovation. Yet, taking a manual approach to FinOps can be inefficient and error-prone.

The New CloudHealth Experience and the Inform Phase of the FinOps Framework

As announced in June, the VMware Tanzu CloudHealth team has been hard at work reimaging and engineering a brand new CloudHealth user experience. We unveiled this live for the first time at FinOps X in San Diego, and were so encouraged to see the excitement and positive feedback from this first look.

10 Azure FinOps Tools To Consider In 2024

As Azure grows more complex, the need for Azure FinOps tools that simplify financial management increases. In this guide, we’ll explore the best Azure FinOps tools. These tools can turn your cloud spending into a strategic asset and help you tackle the common challenge of rising cloud costs.

How Forcepoint Uses CloudZero To Boost Its FinOps Strategy

Nothing makes us prouder at CloudZero than hearing success stories from our long-term clients. Happily, we have another insightful story to share with you today about a company using the CloudZero platform to achieve their cloud finance goals. In the video below, Erik Peterson, founder and CTO of CloudZero, speaks with Mike Surma, director of cloud cost optimization for Forcepoint, to find out exactly which tools and features helped his company the most in its FinOps journey.

Optimize Your Cloud Resources with Augmented FinOps

Cloud FinOps, Augmented FinOps, or simply FinOps, is rapidly growing in popularity as enterprises sharpen their focus on managing financial operations more effectively. FinOps empowers organizations to track, measure, and optimize their cloud spend with greater visibility and control.

The relationship between cloud FinOps and Security - Expert tips

In this episode, we delve into the relationship between Azure Cost Management and security in cloud computing with FinOps certified practitioner Michael Stephenson and Microsoft MVP for Security Nino Crudele. Learn how security measures impact cloud costs and explore strategies for balancing robust security with cost-effectiveness. Discover the crucial role of governance, policy enforcement, and FinOps in optimizing both cost and security postures.

Shift Left with FinOps

Shift FinOps Left In this FinOps on Azure episode, Mike (A FinOps certified practitioner) joins Michiel (Azure Cost Optimization Specialist) to discuss the concept of Shift left with FinOps - moving cloud financial operations & cost optimization earlier into the app development lifecycle. Michiel explains why most companies struggle with lack of cloud cost awareness and how to get started shifting FinOps left. He covers selecting a proof of concept team, providing FinOps training, tooling for visibility into costs/budgets, anomaly detection, and optimization techniques.

FinOps Automation Tips And Best Practices - Part 3

After watching part one and part two of our FinOps Automation Series, hopefully you’re chomping at the bit to adopt your first automation solution. In part three below, our experts — Erik Peterson (CTO and Founder of CloudZero), Alan Hand (Founder and CEO of Xosphere), Steven O’Dwyer (Senior FinOps Specialist at ProsperOps), and Mike Fuller (CTO of the FinOps Foundation) — are going to walk you through what you need to know before you take any concrete steps.

Azure FinOps: Optimizing Costs and Best Practices

Azure FinOps: Optimizing Costs and Best Practices In episode 4 of "FinOps on Azure," discover expert insights on Azure FinOps along with its best practices featuring Azure MVP - Gregor Suttie Dive deep into cost management best practices, from leveraging Azure Advisor to optimizing resource usage. Discover who to involve in cost reviews, how often to conduct them, and common pitfalls to avoid. Get top tips for Azure cost management and strategies for staying up to date. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, master Azure cost optimization for maximum value from your cloud investments.