Product Release


Summer Release: Slow SQL Query Log, Callgraph Profiler, Memory Tracepoints

This Summer Release of Tideways builds on the previous Beta Announcements in May's Spring Release and marks the general availability of This new functionality is fully available by updating the Tideways PHP Extension to version 5.2.4 and the Daemon to version 1.6.18. In addition to rolling out new features, we also renamed the concept of "Application" in Tideways to "Project" and we provide a detailed explanation why at the end of this post.


Introducing, Dashbird Atlas

We’re pleased and honored to be part of the Serverless revolution - continuously innovating to make processes and day-to-day tasks for serverless users more efficient, seamless and enjoyable. So let’s get right into the new and exciting stuff now! Earlier this year, Dashbird launched the very well-received Insights Engine designed to encourage a proactive approach when building and operating serverless applications.


AppSignal Ruby Gem 2.11: Active Job and Friends

We just released Ruby Gem 2.11. We are always making things easier to use for you, so more things work out of the box and more instrumentation and dashboarding is built without you doing any heavy lifting. This release has a big overhaul of Active Job support. The cherry on the stroopwafel cake is the automatically generated dashboard with status per queue, queue throughput and queue times. 2.11 also polishes a lot of other integrations. Let’s dive in.


Website Monitoring with SIGNL4

SIGNL4’s core job is to reliably alert operational teams. However, we’ve been asked a couple of times if SIGNL4 can also monitor a website’s uptime. Well, we developed an app and it is now available in the SIGNL4 app gallery. You can now monitor the availability of websites AND get instantly alerted if is goes down. This can be set up in minutes. The new SIGNL4 app “Website Monitoring” checks the availability of a website and queries its URL in configurable intervals.

squared up

Make sense of SCOM Alerts with SquaredUp 4.7

One of the most common complaints about SCOM is the noisiness of alerts from Management Packs. Getting on top of these alerts can be a huge challenge and often the thing that most gets in the way of an organization getting value out of SCOM. In SquaredUp for SCOM 4.7, our recent feature-packed update, we bring you three new alert-handling super-powers to help you get on top of alerts.


Netdata Agent v1.24: Prometheus/OpenMetrics collector and multi-host database mode

This release broadens our commitment to open standards, interoperability, and extensibility with a new generic Prometheus collector that works seamlessly with any application that makes its metrics available in the Prometheus/OpenMetrics exposition format, including support for Windows 10 via windows_exporter. Netdata will autodetect over 600 Prometheus endpoints and instantly generate charts with all the exposed metrics, meaningfully visualized.


SCOM Connector for ServiceNow - New Features Released

Our SCOM Connector for ServiceNow will enrich your ServiceNow deployment with direct integrations with Microsoft SCOM. Our suite of solutions are fast and easy to deploy, offer seamless integration, and can be fully customized. Streamlining your ServiceNow Incidents, CIs and mapping with SCOM has never been easier, with these new features we’ve just released.