Product Release

Get Started with Playbooks Permissions

The goal of Mattermost Playbooks is to help teams consistently orchestrate any and all recurring workflows. A Playbook is a prescribed, repeatable process that a team has agreed on and formalized as a collaborative checklist saved on their Mattermost server. We at Mattermost use Playbooks for incident collaboration, customer onboarding, and product releases, along with many other complex processes.

Diving Under the Hood With Our New 'Node Status' Feature

More than anything else, Kubernetes troubleshooting relies on the ability to quickly contextualize the problem with what’s happening in the rest of the cluster. As complicated as this may sound, SPEED is really the name of the game. After all, more often than not, you will be conducting your investigation under the glow of fires burning bright in production. Getting relevant context quickly and seeing things holistically is exactly what Komodor was created for.

Announcing lockc: Improving Container Security

The lockc project provides mandatory access controls (MAC) for container workloads. Its goal is to improve the current state of container/host isolation. The lockc team believes that container engines and runtimes do not provide enough isolation from the host, which I describe later in the “Why do we need it?” Section. In this blog post, I’ll provide an introduction to lockc, discuss why you need it and show you how to try it out for yourself. Launch New & Improved Alerting Features

We are pleased to announce that we’ve recently launched new and improved alerting features which have been rolled out to users across all of’s operating regions. As part of these improvements, we have sought to improve platform usability and have now included a new menu from which users can readily configure a number of popular alert types straight from our pre-configured templates.

Presenting Role-Based Access Control for Squadcast users

Role-Based Access Control is an effective means to enable authentication and ensure only the authorized personnel have access to sensitive data within the platform. This blog explains how to implement RBAC in your organization's Squadcast account to achieve maximum security and confidentiality during Incident Management. We recently released this new functionality into Squadcast (called RBAC) that helps organizations fine-grain the access control provided to users within our platform.

Path To Rancher Desktop 1.0.0

Rancher Desktop has been in development for just over a year with the open question: when do we have a 1.0.0 stable release? Along the way the scope has expanded, it was ported to run in more places and the development team has grown. All of this happened as we worked out if Rancher Desktop would be useful for people, what features people want to use and what are good ways to build it. We are finally ready to answer that 1.0.0 question.

LogicMonitor's Verified HashiCorp Terraform Integration Allows You To Do More With Less

Here at LogicMonitor, we’re really big on extensibility and automation. We’re constantly adding to our catalog of monitoring coverage and ensuring that setup is as simple as possible. We also monitor almost any data you can expose on a network. People have done way more with LogicMonitor than we would have ever imagined, and I’m extremely excited to announce our next step in that commitment to extensibility and automation.

Enterprise Alert 9.2 Update Brings Great Flood Protection Enhancements

We have released another update for Enterprise Alert 9 (version 9.2) which enhances the flood protection mechanism. This will help you to setup scenarios where you do not want the flood protection to be active for every notification channel. Read all details in this article.