Product Release


Introducing the Employee Experience and Digital Employee Experience Market Maps

Employee experience is one of the fastest growing IT markets today, and adoption of EX solutions is exploding. Every organization is competing on the strength of its workforce, which brings new urgency to questions like: These questions are at the heart of the employee experience market. But the market itself can be confusing. What is employee experience? What is an EX solution? There’s no standard definition and the term is often used in very different ways.


Yellowfin 9.5 release highlights

With 9.5, we've focused on providing new capabilities and enhancements for everyone involved in the data to design workflow - analysts, developers, users - that streamline processes, introduce functional improvements and enrich the analytic experience for all. For the full list of updates, please read the release notes and check out our release highlights video below to see some of these new enhancements in action for yourself.

Teams: Efficiently Manage Your Remote Team on Rocket.Chat

One minute you’re on cloud nine, productively working on your collaboration tool until… A new member joins the team, and you must add them to every relevant channel of your platform. You include that new user and have to repeat the manual process over and over. Suddenly you’re worried about how you’ve been using your time. Wouldn’t it be easier if your collaboration platform had a faster way to manage and deal with users?


Secure coding with Snyk's new JetBrains IDE plugin

We’re pleased to announce our new plugin for JetBrains IDEs, making it easier for developers to find and fix security issues as they code! Snyk’s new free JetBrains IDE plugin enables developers using IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm to easily find and fix known vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies as well as any security issues and bugs in their own code.


Epsagon Adds Support for Scala and Unlimited Trace Retention

With the recent release, Epsagon has added support for Scala, unlimited trace retention, and adding untraced functions to a trace. Epsagon’s latest release includes support for Scala. Scala is an object-oriented and functional programming language based on JVM. Scala was supposed to be a “better” version of Java and is less verbose than Java. With Scala, Epsagon now supports the most commonly used languages in cloud computing including Node.js, Python, Java, .NET, and Go.


Announcing Relay's General Availability Launch

Today we’re proud to announce the general availability of Relay, a cloud-native workflow automation platform. We launched our public beta of Relay last June, and we’re now officially out of beta and open for business! We’ve been pretty busy during the beta period - early users have executed thousands of workflows, processed tons of events, and given us incredibly helpful feedback.