Product Release


Icinga for Windows: Hyper-V and Cluster Plugin Release v1.0

After months of developing and testing, we are finally ready to announce the release of our Icinga for Windows Hyper-V and Cluster plugins version v1.0 today! We collected lots of feedback, tested different approaches and re-designed some plugins to ensure we can provide good monitoring basics for these environments, allowing us to improve and extend them in the future.


Sentry Application Monitoring for Next.js

As you could probably tell from the title, we shipped an SDK for Next.js. This means you can capture errors, measure performance, manage releases, configure suspect commits, and automatically upload sourcemaps to view unminified JavaScript and TypeScript with zero(-ish) configuration. Why was Next.js next on our list? Well, it’s one of the fastest-growing React frameworks and developers love it.


HTTP(S) Check Upgrade | HTTP(S) Monitoring Improvements from

Our bread and butter is checking for uptime, and we always recommend users begin their monitoring with the HTTP(S) check. We call it a basic check type, but its functionality is boosted when you start exploring optional parameters. The HTTP(S) check can do a lot more than check for server status 200 OK.


Grafana Tempo is now GA with the release of v1.0

It’s exciting to see a project that you’ve poured so much time into progress at the rate Tempo has. Tempo is not the first piece of software I have shepherded from the very first line of code to a production release, but it is the first large-scale open source project I have led. Working with a community that is able to use and improve your software as a community is a powerful thing.


Automated Falco rule tuning

We recently released the automated Falco rule tuning feature in Sysdig Secure. Out-of-the-box security rules are a double-edged sword. On one side, they allow you to get started right away. On the other, it can take many working hours to learn the technology, configuration, and syntax to be able to customize the rules to fit your applications. Falco’s default security rules are no different.


Splunk Connector for Ivanti Device Control - Now Available!

Ivanti Device Control is all about securing your endpoints while also providing a detailed overview to quickly identify weak links in your environment. The latter has now become much simpler and quicker to perform! Our new Splunk connector enables you to connect directly to your Ivanti Device Control environment, feeding in all reported events and showing you the most important data in a single dashboard.


Dashbird app launches new version

The new Dashbird app is bringing your data together for a faster, more secure, and smoother observability experience with team collaboration in mind. The enhanced version of the Dashbird app is making your account more secure and your app navigation and data exploration faster, more intuitive, and all-around enjoyable. Additionally, you can now enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Dashbird account. Check it out now!


Easily visualize and share real-time log data at scale

Having access to all of your log data, across systems and departments is an important aspect of achieving observability. Humio’s scalable log management platform was purpose-built to allow DevOps, ITOps, and security teams the ability to aggregate, search, alert on, and visualize large volumes of distributed data in real time. The new Humio data source plugin for Grafana allows Humio users to quickly and easily create Grafana dashboards from their data.


Announcing Our Expanded Database Solutions Portfolio - Designed to Improve the Lives of Database Professionals

Today, SolarWinds announced our expanded database performance management portfolio. With the recent acquisition of SentryOne and launch of Database Insights for SQL Server alongside our award-winning Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) and Database Performance Monitor (DPM) solutions, we intend to become the leader in the database performance management market.