Product Release


Egnyte Rolls Out New Governance and Compliance Tools for the Remote-work Era

From the beginning, Egnyte was architected so that your content would not have to be “boxed in” to any one single environment, but rather can flow seamlessly up, down, side to side across multiple clouds. There are good reasons for this. Sometimes it makes sense for data to be miles away, while other times it needs to be closer to where users actually are (at the edge), or offline altogether.


Session Control for SSH and Kubernetes in Teleport 4.4

Teleport 4.4 is here! The major innovation we’re introducing in this version is much improved control over interactive sessions for SSH and Kubernetes protocols. We’ll do a deeper dive into session control later, but for those who aren’t familiar with it, Teleport is an open source project. It provides access to SSH servers and Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure, on any cloud, or any IoT device, anywhere, even behind NAT.


Elasticsearch Release: Roundup of Changes in 7.9.2

The latest Elasticsearch release version was made available on September 24, 2020 and contains several bug fixes and new features from the previous minor version released this past August. This article highlights some of the crucial bug fixes and enhancements made, discusses issues common to upgrading to this new minor version and introduces some of the new features released with 7.9 and its subsequent patches. A complete list of release notes can be found on the elastic website.


October 2020 Update: Mute overwrite for iPhone (Critical Alerts), undo and more

Our October update brings the long-awaited mute-overwrite on iPhone (‘critical alerts’). We also introduce an undo action for Signl acknowledgements or closures. And in the web app you can now batch-ack and close to multiple Signls at once. All new features are introduced below – enjoy.


Exciting new features of Coralogix STA

We at Coralogix, believe that cloud security is not a “nice-to-have” feature – something that only large organizations can benefit from or are entitled to have. We believe it’s a basic need that should be solved for organizations of any shape and size. This is why we built the Coralogix Security Traffic Analyzer (STA) tool for packet sniffing and automated analysis. Today we’re announcing several new features to our security product you’ll find interesting.


Iguazio Releases Version 2.8 Including Enterprise-Grade Automated Pipeline Management, Model Monitoring & Drift Detection

We’re delighted to announce the release of the Iguazio Data Science Platform version 2.8. The new version takes another leap forward in solving the operational challenge of deploying machine and deep learning applications in real business environments. It provides a robust set of tools to streamline MLOps and a new set of features that address diverse MLOps challenges.


Icinga for Windows: MSSQL Plugin Release v1.0.0

Today we are happy to announce that our MSSQL plugins for Icinga for Windows are enhancing the series of Icinga plugins and become released as version 1.0. With this first release we are sharing four plugins to check the current health of MSSQL itself but also internal metrics. In addition we provide a plugin to fetch MSSQL specific Performance Counters from within the database, similar to our Windows Performance Counter plugin and a backup check plugin.


Enhancing the data-sharing experience with the latest Looker Slack integration

Everyone today, regardless of role, department, or technical skill, needs access to data. But perhaps more importantly, they need data in the places they’re already working. Our product and engineering teams are making it faster and easier for everyone to get value from their data when and where they need it. We’ve approached this with a focus on three main themes: Part of delivering on that third pillar has included reimagining our Slack integration.