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APM isn't just for Ops: Shifting Left and supercharging your developers

When we were rethinking what an Application Performance Monitoring product could be, we did what we always did. We thought of developers, and the ultimate users that they serve. It’s no surprise then that two years back, we built an all-new take on APM from scratch. One that armed developers with the level of insights that they need to deliver great software. Fortunately, we seemed to be onto something here.


How to protect your IT infrastructure from a Maze ransomware attack

Pitney Bowes, a global package delivery giant, has been hit by a second ransomware attack in less than seven months, according to ZDNet. Those responsible for the attack have released screenshots portraying directory listings from inside the company’s network. What is Maze ransomware and what makes it so special?


Reduce IT monitoring costs while increasing performance

The rush to add new digital solutions is on, but one of the challenges that results is an erosion of observability. The value of using new technology is limited if you don’t have the means to monitor how it is functioning, adjust it when necessary, and see how well it’s working. As more services are added, legacy monitoring tools are becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data coming in, leading to delays in accessing the data, and blind spots in what data is available.


Building Well-Architected Serverless Applications with Thundra (Part 1)

Building your application with serverless technology can save you a lot of time and money. This is because serverless architectures usually come with less of an administrative burden than regular cloud architectures. Less, though, doesn’t mean zero. You can’t just throw a few functions into the cloud and hope that everything will work out okay. There are a few things you still need to consider to keep your system operational, secure, reliable, performant, and reasonably priced.


Essential Guide to API Monitoring: Basics Metrics & Choosing the Best Tools

APIs have become the de-facto standard in building and running modern applications. They are an integral part of the automation workflow of any business and as more users rely on your APIs to power their applications, the need for them to be reliable is important. Any degradation in their health, availability and performance will impact your business, so ensuring its reliability depends on proactively monitoring your APIs.