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Event Log Management and Monitoring

Computer networks all around the world generate daily records of events occurring in their system. Some events are routine while others indicate potential security breaches or weak network health. Event log files consist of log information that can help organizations reduce their exposure against malware, intruders, damages and legal obligations.


Best tools in 2021 to do automated testing of your JavaScript apps

It’s no exaggeration to say that today’s internet is built on JavaScript. Around 95% of all websites have been built using the language, according to the latest figures. JavaScript has evolved beyond the client side and is now used to construct entire technology stacks, not to mention support databases like pouchdb and RethinkDB.

super monitoring

Editor X - a Responsive Builder for Your Next Website

Welcome to 2020: the year in which having a business simply can’t happen without having a website. And, in recent years, not just ANY website. Business owners must have THE website: an online virtual space that is so magnificently created and intuitive to use, not to mention flame up emotions we never knew existed that users simply can’t forget. But how do you achieve this in a world with SO MANY WEBSITES without having to spend weeks if not MONTHS creating it?


5 Stars on Gartner for Microsoft 365 Digital Experience Monitoring

IT executives, operators, and administrators can quickly assess end-user availability and performance experience based on Microsoft 365 services’ critical data from end-to-end monitoring. This eases their day-to-day tasks by reliable reporting data, troubleshooting information, and end user experience for their Microsoft 365 services.


Black Friday deal: $350 free Managed Kafka credits

Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. For many of our customers, this is one of the most important periods of the year, with more than 189.6 million U.S. shoppers buying up bargains from Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday last year. For them and for us, it’s crucial that internal systems can handle high traffic volume without downtime or performance degradation.