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Monitor Apache Ignite with Datadog

Apache Ignite is a computing platform for storing and processing large datasets in memory. Ignite can leverage hardware RAM as both a caching and storage layer to serve as a distributed, in-memory database or data grid. This allows Ignite to ingest and process complex datasets—such as those from real-time machine learning and analytics systems—in parallel and at faster speeds than traditional databases supported by only disk storage.


Leverage advanced analytics to secure your endpoint devices

With the new normal adding several more challenges and variables to the security layer, how do you ensure your data is safeguarded without increasing the workload or the headcount of your security team? Using advanced analytics, in tandem with endpoint monitoring applications such as ManageEngine’s Mobile Device Manager Plus and Desktop Central, will help you better visualize and analyze your endpoint data, identify patterns, and establish correlations.

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Has your company reached digital maturity?

Do you know what digital maturity is? Do you understand how achieving it can affect your company? Do you know how to detect if you already reached it? Knowing what digital maturity is and the ability to assess it can be essential for a company. In this article we will find out what digital maturity is and see some clues that can indicate the degree of digital maturity a company has. Shall we get started?


WayKonect Uses InfluxDB to Improve Fleet Management

The fleet management industry has been quick to embrace technology. They want to understand the current state of vehicles and drivers to improve operations and safety. Data privacy laws are especially important as fleet managers expand their reach into new territories. WayKonnect is using InfluxDB Enterprise to improve the fleet management industry.


DaemonSets in OpenShift and Kubernetes

There are times when running the same application on every node in a specific set of nodes in a cluster, or even the entire cluster is required. These are usually applications that provide some kind of system management functionality. Examples include storage processes which use local storage devices attached to the nodes, and log consolidation and diagnostic services which often feed data into an AIOps solution.

Distributed Tracing Tools and New Industry Standards

Metrics and logs have been around for a long time, yet we haven’t adopted common standards for them. Sure, there have been attempts on the metric side with OpenMetrics. Similarly, tracing only got a standardization effort with OpenTracing just a few years ago. There was no effort in a unified approach to standardize all observability signals until OpenTelemetry began a little less than two years ago. And there has been a need.


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