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Digital Operations Strategy: A How-To Guide for Digital Transformation

Every enterprise has its own unique blueprint for digital operations, meaning some businesses are further along in their integration and automation than others. Enterprises should weave a unique digital fabric by investing in the right set of frameworks matching their current tech investments. Here is iOPEX's detailed guide on how to prepare for a true transformation with operational resilience.

Augment your Digital Transformation with a Cloud-Wise Strategy

In this digital economy, every enterprise allocates a significant chunk of IT spend towards digital transformation, and the cloud plays a good part in it. Vertical cloud environments are becoming the norm across industries. Leading cloud technology platforms will empower businesses to assemble their operations entirely around the customers and attain business continuity alongside efficiency.

Better Together: Combine Real User Monitoring with Synthetics

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and Real-User Monitoring (RUM) are two different approaches for monitoring end-user experiences with SaaS, Desktop, and networked applications. But in today's digital world, response time, availability, and work-from-anywhere initiatives are becoming closely aligned. Employees need the flexibility to collaborate from any location without disruption. Organizations must look towards a holistic monitoring strategy to make this feasible every day.

Designing A Customer Support Strategy

Customer support, if managed well, can lead to prolonged customer loyalty, customer advocacy, and additional revenue opportunities. This whitepaper will help you to - Fine-tune your customer support initiatives, Build a robust strategy that boosts customer lifetime value, Drive profits through additional sources of revenue, Minimize customer support costs, Make support your true competitive differentiator.