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A CIO's View of Observability: The Key to Balancing Strategic and Operational Needs

IT executives are being invited to play critical, strategic roles in the enterprise. The combination of disruptive threats, transformational momentum, and the pandemic that accelerated both have thrust you into the limelight. But these same drivers have also made your job exponentially more challenging. The need for technology to play a strategic role in every nook and cranny of the enterprise has resulted in a far-flung, ever-more-complex, and dynamic technology stack - that you must operate flawlessly to deliver competitive advantage.

SIEM for SMEs: Five Myths Debunked

Many people, when reviewing their security strategy, ask the question "is SIEM suitable for my organization?" And for a long time, the answer was "no unless you are a large multinational". The price, the complexity and the hard-to-get value made SIEM a category suitable only for the big corporations with large security teams and budgets. While these used to be correct, that's no longer the case. And the problems that SIEM solves, related to reducing cyber risk, preventing insider threats, covering compliance requirements- are all problems that SME/mid-market organizations have as well.

End Your CMDB Saga with AIOps + Automation

The CMDB has been around for decades, creating heartache and misery for the IT people tasked with maintaining it. Originally implemented to help track and manage ever-changing IT assets, more often than not, the CMDB is outdated the moment the last keystrokes are made. This eBook explores the checkered past of the CMDB and how AIOps and IT automation tools are helping it overcome its bad reputation to usher in a new era where the CMDB can finally deliver on its long-awaited promise.

What is Active Directory

The simplest definition of Active Directory is that it is a directory service for Windows operating systems. But what does this actually mean? What is Active Directory used for? How can you manage it? Whether you are a new system administrator who wants to learn Active Directory basics, such as its structure, services, components and essential terminology, or a seasoned administrator looking to find new best practices and improve your skills even further, this eBook has something for you.

Maximize IT Investment with CloudReady Integration

Businesses around the world are striving to accelerate digital transformation and increase IT visibility but tool incompatibility and API integration can be obstacles. This white paper shows how Exoprise CloudReady can be easily integrated into tools such as ServiceNow, Splunk, PagerDuty, MoogSoft, Slack, etc., and streamline incident management.