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Using the REST API Monitoring Support in WhatsUp Gold

With the REST API Monitoring in WhatsUp Gold's Application Performance Monitoring (APM), you can monitor applications by creating components in a custom Application Profile. For example, if you need to monitor PAS for OpenEdge, you can use the integrated Application Profile to query its OEManager and HealthCheck APIs. Our team of engineers has developed a comprehensive technical guide detailing exactly how to set up this kind of functionality in WhatsUp Gold.

Network Monitoring for Dummies

Network Monitoring For Dummies helps you recognize best practices for monitoring and managing your organization's network, how to grasp network monitoring fundamentals, define alerts and actions, and much more. In this special edition, you'll learn best practices and key concepts for network monitoring from WhatsUp Gold's Product Expert Mark Towler and author and editor Doug Barney.

Azure Migration Toolbox - Quick-start Guide to Moving Workloads to Azure

As more and more enterprises move to Microsoft Azure for their cloud services, there are many considerations they'll need to assess, and challenges to consider. This includes, for example, moving applications to a new region or seeking better coverage for highly available (HA) deployment. This easy to read guide will both give you tips on overcoming the challenges ahead, as well as a list of resources to help you get started.

How to Assemble the Ultimate Network Management Toolset

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research determined that network infrastructure teams are challenged to monitor infrastructures that include hybrid public and private clouds. Their findings are that teams need to be more strategic in building their network management toolset. Based on this latest research from EMA, this white paper offers a guide to building the ultimate network management toolset.

What is Network Log Management?

It's no secret: if you manage a network, every device connected generates a log. These logs tell an extremely important story about events that have happened on your network and are a vital part of helping you easily understand network activities, user actions and more. With WhatsUp Gold's Log Management you can monitor, filter, search, and alert on logs for every device in your network while also watching for meta trends like log volume changes.