Oct 1, 2018

CFEngine®, Inc., a pioneer in IT Automation at Web-scale, enables organizations to become more agile and thrive in the Cloud Era by radically simplifying, automating and transforming the way they build, deliver and consume IT infrastructure and applications.

With CFEngine, some of the largest IT organizations provision resources and deploy new applications orders of magnitude faster, while ensuring continuous availability, security and compliance in large-scale, very dynamic and highly complex environments.

Automate large-scale, complex and mission critical IT infrastructure.

  • Speed: Written in C. The leanest and fastest solution in the industry with execution time less than 1 second.
  • Security: The open source configuration solution with the best security record.
  • Stability: The most mature solution in the industry, conducting hundreds of billions of compliance checks in large-scale production environments.
  • Scalability: Deploy a model-based configuration change across 50,000 servers in 5 minutes.

CFEngine has users in more than 100 countries, including many of the world’s largest financial organizations such as JPMC, as well as companies like LinkedIn, Chevron, DirecTV, Locaweb, and Deutsche Telekom.

Sep 20, 2018   |  By Bas Van der Vlies
At SURFsara we use CFEngine on our National Compute Cluster (LISA) and other systems as our configuration management tool. With the release of CFEngine 3.12 I want to highlight 2 new features, namely: missing_ok, multiple augments.
Aug 29, 2018   |  By Ole Herman Elgesem
In some performance critical situations, it makes sense to limit management software to a single CPU (core). We can do this using systemd and cgroups. CFEngine already provides systemd units on relevant platforms, we just need to tweak them.
Jun 28, 2018   |  By Ole Herman Elgesem
Today we are happy to announce the general availability of CFEngine 3.12.0 LTS! This release has a lot of new features, and we are very excited about all the new possibilities you get with CFEngine 3.12.0 LTS.
May 8, 2018   |  By Nils Christian Roscher-Nielsen
Today we are happy to announce the general availability of CFEngine 3.12.0 LTS beta. The release of 3.12.0 beta took longer than expected. As a result we have decided to adjust our release schedule, and we releasing 3.12.0 beta now and later this year 3.12.0 will be the next official LTS release.
Sep 13, 2017   |  By Nick Anderson
We’re happy to announce that CFEngine 3.7.6 is released! With 3.7 being a stable LTS branch, 3.7.6 brings bug fixes and stability enhancements to the CFEngine customers and community.
Feb 3, 2015   |  By CFEngine
CFEngine 3.6 introduces an easy to use inventory reporting UI for the assets in your IT infrastructure.
Oct 1, 2014   |  By CFEngine
In this demo we will show you a CFEngine policy that sends Sumo Logic a timestamp whenever a new policy is being deployed.
Aug 28, 2014   |  By CFEngine
By using CFEngine notification framework it is easy to integrate non-compliant events managed by CFEngine with PagerDuty via emails. This demo will show you how.
Aug 11, 2014   |  By CFEngine
Learn how CFEngine can be used to quickly provision infrastructure in 3'rd party clouds. See how easy it is to provision, configure, manage and report on the infrastructure through its lifecycle in concert with Digital Ocean
Jul 17, 2014   |  By CFEngine
Recording of webinar held July 17, 2014 titled 'Driving Financial Services Innovation Through IT Automation'.