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Driving Efficiency with Custom APM Dashboards

Have you ever struggled to have efficient visibility into your APM and log data? Have you ever been called on to display real-time data to your Sales or Marketing department, only to find yourself fumbling over the numbers without a way to display relevant data? Look no further! Retrace collects huge amounts of data about your application’s health and performance, then provides a customizable display in one place – your customizable APM Dashboards.

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How to Identify Unused, Wasted and Orphaned Azure Resources and Reduce Azure Cost?

Every article you find about reducing Azure cost will invariably mention ensuring any unused (especially PAYG) resources are identified and shut down/deleted. However very few actually will tell you “HOW” to do this. eG Enterprise has added new functionality to enable you to identify unused, wasted and orphaned Azure resources and services without the need to resort to hacking up KQL queries or PowerShell scripts.


Automated Remediation: Fail Fast, Fix Fast

A recurring question that keeps arising in the DevOps community is, “how do you fix the many incidents that happen during or right after a release.” Fast detection of incidents and decrease the time spent on remediation. Rolling our new software can be overwhelming and has been suggested to be the cause of the majority of incidents at most companies. But while developers are working on new quick release cycles, the SRE focus is to ensure the stability and availability of your application.

Investigate critical alerts on the go with the Datadog mobile app

The Datadog mobile app provides real-time visibility into critical alerts, incidents, and application performance metrics across your entire environment, helping you troubleshoot directly from your mobile device. On-call engineers can quickly evaluate the conditions that triggered an alert, determine its urgency, and decide the next course of action—anywhere, anytime.
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How to Monitor Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

One question many administrators are asking is: How can I effectively and efficiently monitor Azure Virtual Desktop technology? There are several options for monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop technology and this blog will cover some of the most popular ones. In this blog, we will focus on multi-session, native Azure virtual desktops.


An Open Source Observability Platform | SigNoz

Cloud computing and containerization have brought many benefits to IT systems, like speed to market and on-demand scaling. But it has also increased operational complexity. Applications built on dynamic and distributed infrastructure are challenging to operate and maintain. A robust observability framework can help application owners stay on top of their software systems. In this article, we will introduce SigNoz - an open source observability platform.


What is Distributed Tracing and How to implement it with Open Source?

Distributed tracing helps you track requests across services and understand issues affecting your application performance. In distributed cloud architecture, debugging performance issues is complicated. Distributed tracing gives visibility to teams on how a user request performs across different services, protocols, and cloud infrastructure. Let’s start with a brief overview of distributed tracing.

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Digital Experience Management (DEM) and Your Salesforce.com: Everything You Need To Know

The post-pandemic world is more digital. Covid-19 fundamentally impacted how we live, work, interact, and shop. And while some of the structural trends (such as the rise in remote work or shifting consumer preferences) were already underway, the pandemic accelerated them by a significant number of years. The competitive landscape is digital, and the winners and losers are defined through the customer experience they provide.