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ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio Demo

ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio combines the network and internet performance metrics from ThousandEyes into AppDynamics Dash Studio, AppDynamics’ next generation dashboarding experience. This video shows how the solution provides a common operating language for network, application, and cloud teams to quickly isolate and resolve issues across the entire application delivery ecosystem, enabling them to deliver world-class digital experiences.
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What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft released its desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering, WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop), to the general public in September 2019. The service runs on Azure and provides a multi-user version of Windows 10, a feature unavailable for on-premises deployments of Hyper-V. WVD is a free service for Microsoft customers with most types of Windows 10 Enterprise license, however, the subscription or PAYG Azure costs are additional, as are many components you may wish to add.

Nuxeo: Developing resilient services and delivering outstanding customer experiences with Datadog

Joe Quinto and Stephen Bouzan, of Nuxeo, a content services platform, talk about how Datadog helps them stay one or two steps ahead of their customers in identifying and responding to issues–so their customers can focus on building smarter content applications and getting to market faster.
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9 Things We Learned From the Digital Workspace Survey

The Digital Workspace Survey conducted by eG Innovations and xenappblog is one of the largest surveys of its kind, generating over 1,050 responses from IT professionals around the world. 62% of the respondents worked for organizations using digital workspaces for their employees. The remainder came from various types of organizations providing support for digital workspaces. Below are just a few highlights from the report which is packed with insights.

Cisco Secure Application: from the engineers who built it

Today, protecting your digital business starts with the application. Discover why runtime application self protection solutions (RASP), like Cisco Secure Application, is a game changer for application and security teams. Learn how you can simplify vulnerability management, block attacks in real-time, and save time.

Leveraging APM to Conquer Custom App Management Troubles

Though you might use custom-made apps for many reasons, there’s only one reason you deploy them: off-the-shelf solutions just can’t get the job done. Whenever operations are too complex for a commercial application already in place or whenever a new kind of digital business is launched, a custom app is necessary. This is true no matter what the business model is.