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PODCAST: AIOpsology 101, A Discussion with Ali Siddiqui, Head of AIOps at Broadcom

Ali Siddiqui is head of the AIOps and monitoring segment for the Enterprise Software Division at Broadcom driving DX APM, DX NetOps, and AIOps solutions. Responsibilities include R&D, product marketing, and the CSA team which drives adoption of our solutions for customers.


Highlights from the Raygun and AWS tech leaders' panel: Closing the gap between code and customer

The Tech Leader’s Tour is a series of events bringing tech leaders together to learn from each other about improving software quality and customer experience. The next stop for the tour is Wellington, followed by Sydney, Melbourne, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. Intrigued? Good news! Be the first to know by expressing your interest here.


Wavefront Adds New Relic Integration for Full-Stack Analytics and Long-Term Metrics Retention

Wavefront has added a New Relic integration to its portfolio of over 200 pre-built integrations. With this integration, Wavefront customers can easily ingest all or selected metrics from their existing New Relic APM tool. From Wavefront, customers can easily correlate application metrics from New Relic with full-stack metrics from the rest of their environment – e.g. multicloud, Kubernetes, infrastructure – to accelerate incident detection and troubleshooting.


'Monitoring is your lateral line', and more from the new book 'Achieving DevOps'

The following article is an excerpt from the book Achieving DevOps, a novel about delivering the best Agile, DevOps and Microservices, written by Dave Harrison and Knox Lively. This article is published with the author’s permission. A lateral line is how a fish monitors the surrounding water for changes in pressure, allowing it to understand the environment. This is how fish can survive in a very harsh, always-changing environment; without it, the fish is ‘blind’ and cannot survive.

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.NET Core support is here for Raygun APM

Today, we’re proud to announce the next chapter for Raygun APM – support for .NET Core. Raygun is a breath of fresh air for modern development teams needing an APM solution, and our latest language support is no different. In this release, we’re harnessing the power of .NET Core for Windows to bring exciting new features like multithreading and source code integration, so you can offer flawless digital experiences for your customers.
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It's Time to Take APM Up To 11

Those of us who have been in the APM industry for a while have seen APM solutions evolve to meet the growing demands of IT Organizations and Application Developers. APM solutions started as simply understanding the performance and health of applications through basic metric collection and quickly evolved to collecting transaction performance through byte-code instrumentation.