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Monitoring Citrix Real Time User Experience: See What Performance Your Users Are Getting

User experience is the biggest and most important factor in determining the success of Citrix rollout in an organization. When end-users are happy with their virtualized applications and desktops, then everything is hunky dory and Citrix admins can focus on operations and maintenance.


See Only What's Required With Instana's Granular Role Based Access Control

At Instana, we’ve spent years democratizing access to Application Performance Monitoring (APM). So when it came time to enhance the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities for our growing enterprise customers, we wanted to do more than just add access control. We wanted to add value for our users, not just limit their access.


Understand Complex Environments Without Being an Expert Using AppOptics for APM

Over the past two decades, two trends have completely reshaped the IT landscape: cloud computing and microservices. With cloud computing, organizations of all sizes can provision infrastructure and run applications on a global scale within minutes. And with microservices, these organizations can deploy highly scalable distributed workloads just as quickly.

Datadog on RocksDB

Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform that ingests trillions of data points per day, coming from more than 8,000 customers. Each of those is associated with metadata, mostly in the form of tags, and it can also be part of streams of related data points, which can then be explored, queried, or aggregated. RocksDB is used by many services at Datadog that are part of that metrics ingestion, aggregation, query, and index pipeline.

Custom Dashboards for Business and IT Metrics by Instana

Putting metrics and charts on custom dashboards has been an important part of IT and business operations from the earliest days of monitoring. That’s not to say nothing has changed in the past 30-40 years. To the contrary, the concept of creating and maintaining hundreds of dashboards is outdated and we know there are much better ways to implement a dashboarding strategy. The key is to create as few dashboards as needed, with as much automation built in for managing those dashboards.

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Application Slowness Troubleshooting:Prove it is not the Network!

This article was originally published on NetworkDataPedia. The one complaint that an IT administrator dreads to receive is one where an end user says, “My application is slow!”. The application in question can be a web application, an enterprise application like SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, or a SaaS application like Salesforce or Office 365.

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Achieving a 12% performance lift migrating Raygun's API to .NET Core 3.1

Here at Raygun, improving performance is baked into our culture. We don't just think about our application performance, but more broadly, we look at our own infrastructure and ask if there's anything we can do to make it more performant for our business and for our customers. Two years ago, we switched our API from Node.js to .NET Core and achieved a 2000% increase in throughput. To continue that story, we recently upgraded .NET Core 2.1 to 3.1 and saw a 12% increase in performance. We enjoy presenting our performance findings, so in this post, we'd like to give some context into why we upgraded and the conditions that helped us achieve the 12% performance lift.