5 benefits of using AI bots in customer service

The rise of the AI bots may sound like a sci-fi horror scenario, but in reality, the growing industry of bots isn’t scary at all—it’s a technology that brings real, tangible benefits to businesses and customers alike. Bots are already a big part of the customer service landscape. In 2018, the bot market was worth $1.274 billion and predictions anticipate it reaching $7.5 billion by 2024.


7 reasons your website needs a chatbot

C hatbots are essentially programs built to simulate human conversations. You can create automated chat scripts that will follow a defined conversation flow with the users. Hence, the bots act as virtual assistants that can be configured to pose as human customer support agents. Bots are being used to provide information to customers, take orders from them, or guide users to relevant sections of the website.

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8 Best Free Resources for Chatbot Development

Want to learn chatbot development and advance your career? Here’s a little warning: You need to read. A lot! After all, keeping up with the fast-paced digital marketing means being able to not just go with the flow, but being able to adapt to the changes and apply it to your business’ marketing strategies.


Four Ways Chatbots Save Time for Your Support Team

If you’re a business that wants to up your customer experience strategy through AI, chatbots are definitely the answer you’re searching for. As customers’ expectations continue to evolve and the need for speed grows, chatbots pave way for quick-fix answers to customer queries. The more questions you receive from customers, the more cost-effective of a solution chatbots can be for your company.


Chatbot Vs. Live Chat: Which Is Winning The Customer Service Game & Why?

Implementing live chat in business websites increased average order value by 14%1 and website pages views per session to 263%. 51%2 customers prefer chatbots in customer support over emails, given they are easy to communicate to. Both these statistics project a very welcoming stance for the respective channels. But which one is preferred over the other? Will live chat benefit your business the most, or will a chatbot do the trick for you?

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Chatfuel - Build Messenger Chatbots the easy way

Companies are always looking for cutting-edge technologies that can revolutionize the ways of doing business. Customer service continues to remain an important element for businesses of all sizes. The latest technology that promises to improve customer service levels by leaps and bounds is automated bots in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.


Can Bots Convey Empathy in Customer Interactions?

Humans have always loved the idea of robots having feelings. Hollywood has cashed in on this affinity in multiple films, from making robots fall in love with each other, to an alternative dystopian future where robots are taught to feel, leading them to overpower humans. But even with such narratives, humans like it better when chatbots are taught more about feelings and made to assist them with empathy1.