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You need these 5 features in your ITSM chatbot

With advances in AI, the obvious discussion arises, how to make work-life easier? How to minimize time spent on mundane tasks? How to save time and money while ensuring that your IT team is functioning as efficiently as possible? Now enter… the chatbot. The virtual assistant or the chatbot is a significant AI-powered development with various use cases. It is an integral part of self-service today. In fact, you can even say that the chatbot has re-defined self-service.

Intro to Torq: Chatbots

The challenges and workloads facing today’s security teams are not getting easier, but the response methods of security teams are still manual, utilizing a patchwork of security tools that are not connected nor communicating with each other. What if you could utilize your organization’s most common communication tool (i.e. Slack) to bring security communications and operations into every part of your organization?

Ways to Secure Your Chatbot Against Attacks

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants (VAs) are becoming increasingly popular as businesses accommodate the diverse needs of the digital industry. These tools give companies, no matter how small, the ability to answer their audiences, provide assistance, and solve problems, driving traffic during off-hours and with minimal staff. As a result, chatbots are one of the most effective features you can add to your website. And yet, chatbots present a risk.

5 Challenges in Chatbot Optimization and Maintenance

Chatbots can be like double-edged swords. It can either boost your customer service or turn customers away. Hence, you must make sure that you research and prepare properly before committing to it. This way, you will know how to optimize and maintain your chatbots to ensure its effectiveness. There are many chatbot benefits for business. In fact, 78% of businesses have started integrating such technology into their customer service in the past months.

Conversational AI Chatbots- The Best Solution for Your Customer Engagement

Conversational AI chatbots are a new vector of artificial intelligence use case that makes the user experience satisfactory, providing immediate response. This technology enables users to converse with applications through various means, such as via text, voice, touch, or gesture, which are closely the same as humans. Users find it much more impressive as they can communicate with their vocabulary and terminologies.

Aternity and Chatbots in Service Desk Operations for Improving KPIs

Providing a world-class employee experience is a top priority for the modern service desk. It’s not just about solving problems. It is also about how quick, efficient and useful the service is. Calling the service desk and waiting on the line for someone to help can be a very frustrating experience.

Tanzu Tuesdays - Let's Build a Twitch Bot! with Spring Boot and Project Reactor with Brian McClain

You may have seen it in your favorite streamers channel: A bot reminding you of an upcoming event, showing their uptime, and offering unique features to improve the experience for the viewer. Behind the scenes you might assume code watching every line of code, ready to respond to pre-programmed commands. But what happens when the channel has 1k views? 10k? 100k? All chatting and interacting, exchanging thousands of messages a second.

How to Create NLP Chatbots Using Dialogflow with Landbot

Did you hear about chatbots and would like to get in on the benefits? Would you like to create an assistant that helps you increase your conversion rate? Are you new to the virtual assistant scene and not sure how to choose the best platform for building an intelligent chatbot that converts? You landed on the right page. While more and more businesses are becoming aware of the power and potential of chatbots, many hesitate with adoption struggling with concerns about the cost and complexity.